Reese #4 Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 4 Years Old ID#3079

yellow labrador retrieverMeet Reese! She is a 4-year-old yellow labrador who was a breeder mom. Reese came to Brookline from a farm after the breeder decided to surrender her as she was done having puppies.  Please read her blog from the bottom up.

October 17, 2022

yellow labrador retrieverSo, another week here doing more of the same.  Long walks in the morning, then home to eat, and let foster mom get started with her day. I live for the weekends when we get to go get Pupcups and visit new places.  I have even been enjoying going for walks with another former Brookline girl – Daisy.  You should see Daisy, Duke (foster dog brother), and I coming.  We take up the entire path.yellow labrador retrieverFoster mom says she wishes the cats and I could get along as she thinks I would be much happier to nap on her bed or under her desk while she works, but the cats like to do that too.  I think she should kick them out and let me hang out with her.  I don’t mind the crate, but I just prefer being with people all the time. But foster mom had a few days off work this week, so I have been super content to chill on the couch while she does chores. I did try to help her cook dinner the other night, but I was not at all helpful she said.  She banished me out of the kitchen when I camped out right behind her so close that when she backed up she went flying over me onto the tile floor.  It was quite funny to watch and she should have known to be more careful, but out I had to go.  So, obviously, I want a family who appreciates my need to be close all the time, because she doesn’t seem to like my brand of helping.  Maybe I will put her up for adoption instead!

October 9, 2022

Reese here checking in!  Things are going good.  I am loving this fall weather to go outside…so much easier to keep cool.  I don’t even mind the rain.  We did a really long walk in the rain earlier in the week and I didn’t miss a beat.  I especially appreciated the wind blowing down some nice sticks to pick up along my walks.
yellow labrador retrieverMy foster mom banished my foster dog brother and I the other because we were being TOO WILD.  We kept wrestling into her while she was trying to get a baby quilt made and kept taking the fabric to play tug of war, so she confined us to another room.  But, at least we could still see her and supervise her progress.  As you can see, I was better at just watching that the other guy…
yellow labrador retrieverMy foster human brother just got his driver’s license, which I don’t like. It means he leaves for school without me and I just have to watch him go.  It does mean I have more time to wrestle in the morning before foster mom starts work, but I am not sure I like the tradeoff.  I wish I could go to school too!  Farewell until next week.

October 1, 2022

My foster mom says I am already for adoption.  I keep trying to convince her that I should stay with her, but she says that isn’t fair to the kitties. So, I am just waiting for my perfect furever family!

Now that I am fully recovered from surgery, I am happy to be a crazy girl.  We start foster mom’s workdays with a nice long walk in the dark – 3 or 4 miles.  She even got me my own light up collar to help people and cars be able to see us.  One of our neighbors says we look like a walking Christmas tree!  I do love walks and all the things to sniff along the way. I will sometimes even decide I need a special stick to take along on my walk. yellow labrador retrieverAfter our walk, I love to come back and wrestle with my foster dog brother.  Just make sure you aren’t in our path as sometimes we run into things and that is like 150 lbs crashing into you.  And don’t worry, I am totally game for this craziness and often start the chaosyellow labrador retrieverFoster mom says I am really getting hang of our daily routine and when it is time for her to start work, I run to the crate and wait for my Milk Bone and settle in after about 5 minutes for a morning nap.  But once work is done, I gotta go play some more!  My foster brother will also take me with him to study and I will happily sit next to him on the couch while he studies away.  So, while I do love playing, I am also very happy to just sit next to people!yellow labrador retriever

September 22, 2022

Tomorrow is my freedom day! I am excited to finally get my stitches out tomorrow as I am done being told to calm down and not wresting with my foster dog brother.  I feel great and now that I learned I like playing, I don’t want to be told no!  The nice thing is I have been getting come cone breaks when I am being supervised closely and I am doing good about not licking my stitches when they watch me.  But I will be very happy to be cone-less and ready to wrestle. yellow labrador retrieverDue to my activity restrictions, the rest of the week has been boring.  We did get to go have breakfast outside and I was happy to say “hi” and get petted by anyone who wanted to sop for a minute.  I LOVE being petted and I have nice long soft ears and soulful eyes, at least so I am told.  My foster mom says it is hard to get a good picture of me because the second she pulls out the camera, I feel the need to nuzzle her and give kisses, so this week we don’t have many good shots showing off my beauty!yellow labrador retrieverMy foster mom says that if everything goes well at the appointment tomorrow, then I will be ready to be adopted.  I really like my foster family, but they promise me they will help me find my fur-ever home.

September 13, 2022

It’s been an eventful week for me.  Last Thursday I went to get spayed.  No more puppies for this girl! The good news is that my recovery is going very well.  My incision is healing, and my medicine is helping me not have too much pain.  Foster mom says I take meds like a champ.  She just puts them inside a bit of wet food, and I take them right from her hand like a lady.  I need to teach my foster dog brother some of my manners.  The downside all this is that my long walks and adventures are on hold until my stitches are out.  I have been mostly okay with that, but I was just starting to love to wrestle with my foster dog brother and now foster mom won’t let us. yellow labrador retrieverFoster mom says I am extra velcro-y since surgery, but that has gotten a little better.  I also must wear this ridiculous cone of shame.  I am a SERIOUS licker, so they say the cone is very needed to keep me from licking my incision.  The cone, however, comes in very handy as a battering ram.  Nothing in my path is safe when I have my cone on – baby gates crumble, doors are easily pushed open, and even my foster’ mom’s legs go out.  Despite its superpowers, I miss trying to lick the family to death, so I will be happy to see it gone. yellow labrador retrieverMy foster mom has noticed in the past week how much I take cues from other dogs – my foster dog brother in particular.  He taught me some of his bad habits, so now we both try and raid the recycling together to chew up cardboard! We also unstuff all stuffy toys!  But, when out of the house, I follow his lead too.  If he barks at something, I do.  If he wags his tail to greet someone, I realize they must be nice and do the same. He thinks most people and animals are nice, so I do too!

September 5, 2022

Hard to believe I have been a month with my foster family.  I really love being part of a family and loving on everyone. We start every day with a walk, and I adore walks.  As soon as my foster mom gets out the leashes, I run for the door.  We walk for an hour or so every day and I walk like a nice young lady.  Last week we met some puppies at the park and my foster dog brother was excited to play with them.  I said “hi”, but I don’t love puppy energy, so I just stood back and watched while he played. yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retrieverOur schedule changed this week since my foster human brother went back to school.  So, after our walk, we hop in the car and take him to school.  I LOVE car rides – they put me right to sleep.  When we come home, it’s time for breakfast.  I happily eat kibble if my foster mom puts just a teensy bit of wet food in it and I also take my medicine well in wet food. When breakfast is over, my foster dog brother and I play for a bit.  We play tug and bitey face and wrestle.  Hard to believe that a month ago, I barely wanted anything to do with him, but I sure do enjoy playing with him now.  When we are done playing it is time for naps.yellow labrador retrieverI happily go into the crate when I am told “crate cookie”. I like milk bones and I get one when I settle into the crate for a nap.  I do whimper and cry for a minute or two if I am left alone in the crate.  My foster mom works upstairs, and I am not allowed up there as I go after the cats, so I have to hang out downstairs in the crate.  But I quickly settle in and don’t make a peep until its time to go out for a walk at lunch time.  And then I happily settle back in the crate until she gets off work.  When work is over, we go get my foster human brother from the gym and all go for another walk. Evenings are spent hanging out with the family, playing, eating dinner, and snuggling.  Before bed, I do one last little walk and then settle in for bedtime. yellow labrador retriever

August 28, 2022

Week three is in the books with my new foster family.  I am a happy, sweet girl and every day I seem a little more comfortable in my new environment.  This week, I worked a lot on building up my endurance for walks.  It is paying off because now that I don’t get tired as easy, we get to go on more fun walks.  Most mornings we walk up to a local park for a 3 mile adventure.  There are woods to sniff through and people and dogs to see along the way.  I am mainly curious about other dogs and people as long as the dogs are friendly.  I don’t like it when other dogs bark or growl at me and I will bark or growl back.  But, if they are friendly, so am I.  My foster dog brother and I come back from our walk and like to play a bit before breakfast and a long morning nap.yellow labrador retrieveryellow labrador retrieverI went to the vet this week to get ready for my surgery (foster mom says it is so I don’t have more puppies) and got a clean bill of health other than needing to take some medicine to help with worms. But the vet says those should be gone once I finish my medicine.  They were really happy to hear I was eating well and getting more exercise, and that has paid off since I am down two pounds.  But even better is that I just have more energy to go on adventures.yellow labrador retrieverThis weekend we went to a new park and I really wanted to go check out the lake but foster mom says that lake isn’t safe for swimming.  Hopefully, there is some water near my new home as I think I would really like to check it out. After our walk in the park we went into town to have breakfast al fresco.  I love being with humans and happily sat under the table while they ate – I even fell asleep! A few people came to say “hi” and I am happy to accept pets from everyone.yellow labrador retrieverThings at home are going well. As far as training goes, I am not really good with commands as mainly I like to just fall over and get tummy rubs.  Who needs to learn to sit when you can get a tummy rub instead? My foster mom says she is the only lab she has ever met that isn’t food motivated, so I am keeping her on her toes.  I am doing better and better with potty training as long as people are patient on our walks. I like to take my time to find the right place to take care of business.  During the day I mainly hang out on the couch with my human foster brother, but he is going back to school this week, so I think I might really miss him while he is gone.  However, I really do like chilling in the crate and can normally be left outside the crate as the only thing I get into is the dog toy bin.

August 21, 2022

I just finished my second full week with my foster family.  I am settling in well and learning to live in a home as part of a family.  Every day I feel like I have more energy – I play longer with my foster dog brother and go on longer walks.  I even prompted him to play over the weekend a few times.  He is reminding me that I am only 4 and have plenty of puppy-life left in me.  I even started to share toys a bit.  He is still of a crazy boy, but we have fun together.yellow labrador retrieverI really enjoy going on walks and this week we are planning to do a few longer ones to build up my endurance.  I am good at going potty outside, but still need to work on getting it all out while outside.  Sometimes I go outside and then inside as well.yellow labrador retrieverMy new medicine is helping with my separation anxiety.  I happily go into the new crate for naps (unprompted) and can be left for a few hours to rest without issues. I also learned to get on the couch and beds and happily sleep there.  I can be out of the crate at night on a couch or bed without an accident. yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retrieverI am a very sweet girl and love being part of a family – cuddling, playing, and going on walks.yellow labrador retriever

August 14, 2022yellow Labrador Retriever

I have now been in my foster home for a week.  I really love the humans in the house, especially my oldest foster human brother.  We spend all day together and I get to sleep with him at night.  I sleep well in both a crate and on a human’s bed (but I don’t give any personal space).yellow Labrador Retriever I am doing well with potty training. I don’t yet go to the door to let the humans know I have to go, but I do well as long as I go out every 4 hours or so and I can make it through the night without an accident. I am also eating well.  It was hit or miss at first but we figured out that I don’t like crunchy dog food, but I happily eat it once it has been soaked in water for a bit.

I really love going on walks with the humans and my foster dog brother. Sometimes I won’t go far unless my foster human brother comes with me, but foster mom is working on that. My endurance is a lot better on walks and we are going a half mile at a time several times a day.  But I do walk really slow…there is just so much to sniff along my walks.  I don’t pull on a leash, but I walk better with a harness than a regular collar.  I am mostly friendly to the humans we encounter on walks, but once and a while we come across one who scares me.  I am interested in other dogs along my walks, but also scared of the ones that bark at me.

When we aren’t out on walks, I am at a human’s foot and love to give lots and lots of kisses.  If you pet me, I sit down and fall over for more petting.  My foster dog brother is very playful and he is beginning to show me that it is fun to play.  We mainly just wrestle as I don’t like to share when I play with toys.  I don’t like to play for very long however and will let him know when I am done. yellow Labrador Retriever I continue to despise cats, so the cats and I must be kept on different floors of the house.  I also am pretty protective of the house and bark at the door and any visitors.  But I do well with a slow introduction, especially if I can tell they are dog people.yellow Labrador Retriever

My biggest issue is that I don’t like to be left alone, not even for 15 minutes.  So, yesterday my foster mom went and got a special crate as I figured out how to get out of the one she has.  She also talked to my vet and they started me on some medicine to help me not get so anxious. And my foster human brother even gave me one of his shirts to sleep with.  Hopefully this all helps as my foster mom says she does have to leave the house occasionally without me.  But the good news is that I do love a good car ride too, so I am happy to accompany her in the car if she has to pick one of the humans up.

August 8, 2022

Today was third day in my new foster home.  My foster mom had to work today, so it was a pretty relaxing day. We went out for a morning walk and I am going a bit further each day. I walk nicely on a leash, though I tend to drag behind. We tried a harness (rather than a collar) today, which seemed to help.  Then after my walk, my foster mom offered me breakfast, but I wasn’t interested.  You see, I tricked her into thinking it was because I was nervous.  But the truth is I was just holding out for human food. So, when my foster brother made his lunch of chicken and rice, I decided to make him share with me and I jumped on the counter to help myself!  But everyone is on to my sneaky ways and the gate into the kitchen is now closed.yellow labrador retrieverThis afternoon I went to the vet for my checkup.  Everything looks good, but they agreed I need to work towards a more svelte figure. We got all the routine stuff out of the way and I am scheduled to be spayed (whatever that means) next month.   The rest of the day was uneventful.  I am learning to tolerate my foster dog brother a bit more each day.  We did play a bit more, but I normally have to cut him off as he has enough energy for 10 dogs.  My foster mom got me to eat actual dog food by adding a bit of wet food and water.  She is sneaky like me, but that is fine since I did enjoy dinner.  I will head out for a last walk before bed.  Potty training is going really well as I get to go out frequently and get pets when I go outside.  I happily sleep in my crate all night next to my foster brothers (both dog and human).

August 7, 2022

Today was my second day in my new foster home.  I slept all night in a crate without making a peep. It helped because my human foster brother slept right next to me as I really like him and I cry when he leaves the room.  In the morning, we got up and walked around the neighborhood to get some more sniffing in and take care of business.  Once home, my foster mom offered me breakfast, but my tummy is still a bit nervous so I didn’t feel like eating. I hung out with my foster dog brother for a bit and we both napped.  I am not so sure I like him, but at least we can both rest in the same room and play with toys. I love soft plushy toys and like to hold them in my mouth, but I don’t like to share or play tug with them – they are my prized possessions.yellow labrador retrieverAfter our morning naps, we went on an adventure.  I got a bath (everyone at home said it was necessary as I was very stinky from the farm).  I do NOT like baths, but after a few minutes, I realized it wasn’t so scary and now I smell nice.  Then I got to go for a walk in town to get my first pupcup, which I LOVED!   The humans drank their coffee outside while my foster dog brother and I got lots of attention from people in town. I love all people and accept all the petting they will give me.  I give everyone kisses and actually think I like people better than other four-legged creatures (I definitely don’t like kitties and other doggies are on a case-by-case situation).  yellow labrador retrieverAfter all the adventures, I was happy to return home for another nap in the cool home.  My foster mom says I am a Velcro pup as I must be at someone’s feet at all times.  If they get up, I get up.  When they sit down, I sit down.  And she says, I am pretty lazy.  I am happy to just lay at a human’s feet for hours. I ate a bit of dinner tonight…one piece at a time and then went out for a walk before I settle into my crate for the night.

August 6, 2022

Some nice people picked me up today. We drove for a bit before we stopped and I got in another car with my new foster mom.  We drove for a while more before we arrived at my foster home. When we got home, my new human foster brother helped me get out of the car and we walked for a bit before my foster mom and my foster dog brother met us.  yellow labrador retrieverWe sniffed and made general introductions and walked around the block to get a good smell of the neighborhood.  It was hot out, so we all went inside and had some water and cooled off. It took me a while to relax.  I don’t think I have spent a ton of time in a house, so everything was new to me.  yellow labrador retrieverMy foster mom has to help teach me to go to the bathroom outside, but I think I will get the hang of it quickly.  After a bit of pacing and wandering, I laid down on my foster human brother’s feet (he is such a nice boy) and watched TV, which was, at first, kind of scary.  But, after a while, I realized it was pretend, so I took a good nap.  After my nap we went in and out a few times and played with some toys.  I don’t like to share toys and I let my foster dog brother know. He is okay, but he is very playful and I am a little bit more of a chill gal. He reminds me a bit of my puppies and I am done being a mama! Thankfully, he took the cue and went to help my mom make dinner.  yellow labrador retrieverI also met one of my foster kitty sisters.  We sniffed, but then I barked and tried to chase her, so mom put her behind a gate. After some more naps and trips outside, I got to have dinner.  My foster mom says I am a bit chunky and losing weight might help make my walks outside easier. She still gave me a yummy dinner and I earned my nickname “Reese’s Pieces” as I eat food one piece at a time.  We enjoyed the evening in the nice cool house and I won’t let my foster human brother out of my sight.  At bedtime, they said I get to sleep in a cozy crate, which will be new, but after my busy day, I think I might like having my own space to have sweet dreams.. yellow labrador retriever


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