Rex #5 Silver Labrador Retriever Male 5.5 Months Old ID#3332

Rex is a 5 1/2 month old silver lab puppy who is as sweet as can be. He came to Brookline with his littermate Ronald when the farmer/breeder was unable to sell them and boy are we glad he did! This pup is a wonderful companion!


September 10, 2023

Well it is hard to believe the Rex who arrived here, a terrified statue of a dog is now a playful, fun-loving, go-anywhere pup.

Rex conquered two major fears this week. One is the leash – he now walks nicely on the leash (he pulls a bit but only because he’s sniffing – generally, he walks by our side. The other are the stairs to our deck. He had been very afraid of these, never going up more than 3 stairs. Suddenly, he decided it was time to stop being fearful and now he goes up and down like an old pro.

One thing we really love about Rex is how much he loves to play fetch. He’s the quintessential lab in this respect. He does enjoy an occasional nap but show him a ball, and he is down for a good time.

Rex counter surfs like it’s his job and he performs this job flawlessly. We have lost many an apple, sandwich, slice of cheese (and more) to Rex‘s finely tuned surfing skills. This is something we will need to continue to work on. He is also a bit too interested in one of our cats so when he becomes available, we would recommend only dog savvy cats. One of ours is happy to whack him when needed. The other…not so much. She runs and so does he.

Rex is sleeping through the night and does not have accidents in the house at night. He is still working on potty training though and is inconsistent in how successful he is at going ONLY outside. When inside, he does use a puppy pad so that is progress. I think this may have something to do with the fact that until just a few weeks ago, he could go where he wants when he wants. Rex is highly trainable and adaptable in other areas I am confident he will be potty trained in his forever home if not here before he goes.

Rex loves being with his people and is a true joy to be around. He is growing into an absolutely beautiful silver who positively glows when the light hits him just right.

August 27, 2023

Hey Folks, Rex here.

I’m sending out my Day 3 update early because frankly, these people have me tuckered out. I’ve gone from lonely days on a farm with a calf and my brother to a family and all the fun and excitement that that entails.

I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with myself. Why? Because I bested my arch nemesis “The Crate” on Night 2. FM outlasted me on Night One and I slept in the Crate on Night One but on Night Two, I wasn’t having it and after some serious kvetching, she relented and let me out to sleep on my bed next to hers. I was surrounded by things to keep me safe which is good and I am pretty pleased with myself. So, Rex 1. Crate: 0.

I did amazing today when it comes to going potty. First of all, I have never gone potty in the house. I’m not that kind of guy. I have manners. But, I am feeling much more comfortable and so when they take me out, I don’t wait as long to do my business. I am getting faster at going and when I do go, my FPs say “potty potty potty” over and over again. I guess they are trying to train me.

Also, I noticed that FM gently shakes a container of kibble when she wants me to follow her outside or down the steps. See, I’m still a bit unsure and I don’t always want to go. I think she wants me to know that when I hear that sound, something good is going to happen and I’ll come more readily. We’ll see.

Sometimes I forget that I’m nervous and uncertain and I just bound down the steps without hesitation. My FPs like it when I do that. I’m getting there.

I DID stay nicely in the crate for an hour while my FPs went out. I was okay. That’s a good thing for me to remember. And when I got out, there was a NEW lady here! They call her “grammy.” She was nice. I didn’t hesitate at all. I ran right over and gave her a kiss. She laughed so I kissed her again. I sat next to her and she patted me on the head. I wasn’t obnoxious or poorly behaved when I ran over to her. I was just the right mix of energy and manners. I’m telling you, I am a real catch.

FPs spent more time in that thing called “pool” and while they were in there I found a ball and played by myself. They laughed. I threw the ball up in the air and where ever it would land, I would chase it and then I would do that again. Balls are fun. FM says “that’s a very labby thing to do.” Whatever labby is.

FM said I was showing signs of getting the zoomies. I don’t know what the zoomies are but I think I want them. I would start silly running really fast and she’d say, “He’s getting the zoomies!” I might do more of this some other day.

I also went to the patio door twice and knocked on the door which FM thought was a “good sign”. I think she thinks that shows that I might be smart enough to “signal” when I want to go in or out. I’m not so sure about this. Time will tell.

I’ve been doing a lot of napping. I like to nap inside when my FP are quiet and relaxing. I haven’t been busy or too energetic inside at all. FM says, “If this is his regular energy, he’s going to be an amazing dog.” She’s waiting to see what I’m like in a few weeks when I really settle in, but right now, she says I’m very calm inside and both playful and calm outside. She said she will “keep everyone posted” as I continue to come out of my shell.

My FPs are sure I’m a really nice dog though. They call me loving and friendly and sweet and I do give lots of kisses and I like to snuggle without getting all up in your business so they are right about me.

Well….I did get up in my FMs business once this a.m. …. when I was ready to get the day started. She included a photo.Silver Labrador RetrieverShe is also including a photo today of me taking a nap with my lambie. I sure do love my lambie. Silver Labrador Retriever
It’s been a great couple of days. I like being a family dog. I hope your day has been as good as mine.


August 26, 2023

Rex here,

My FM is posting about me twice in one day which seems weird but this morning’s post was about yesterday (mostly) and today’s post is about today. But it was a good day, and I really want to share my accomplishments with everyone.

We went to the vet for some shots. I was really good but the BIG news is that I walked on a leash while we were at the vet. FM and FD had to carry me from the car to the vet but when I saw other dogs there, I was like, “I can totally do this.” So I walked the rest of the time. They say, “video or it didn’t happen.” Well, video included! Boom!

I rode really nicely in the car too. I didn’t shake or shiver. I didn’t cry or whine. I just sat nicely and when it was time to get out, I got out on my own nice and gently.

We spent a lot of time in the yard today. It was hot but I enjoyed exploring. My FPs have this thing called a “pool” and I walked round and round and while I was VERY interested, I wasn’t ready to take a dip yet.

As for stairs, I made a lot of progress here too. I went up down up down up down many times today. (These people have an excessive number of stairs if you ask me.) I still need to take my time and do it when I’m ready but I do it and my FPs think that is great.

I really like my people and I follow them around. I have a really sweet, friendly personality and I can’t wait to come out of my shell more. I respond to a firm “no” or “leave it” and I am learning to recognize my name.

This is my lambie and I really love her. I also like my bed. We are having “family time” now so I will say goodnight. More tomorrow! Rex #5


August 26, 2023

While Rex is still super shy, he is already showing signs of being able to gain confidence and trust. When he arrived at our house, he was afraid to cross the threshold of our front door, but within just a few hours, he made huge strides including playing fetch with us in the back yard, showering us with kisses, and even coming up the steps (thanks to little piles of kibble that Rex followed to the top). Entering doors, walking with the leash on, going down stairs are all things Rex will be working on. Right now, he’s very uncertain about these things and we have had to carry him from our front door into our fenced yard. When we put him on the leash, he freezes completely and he won’t go down stairs … those are the only two ways to get to our fenced yard so we’re carrying him … alot!

When Rex first got here, he was so tired, I am pretty sure he fell asleep standing up. At least he had his head resting on the coffee table on our deck!After we had a bath, which he tolerated really well, Rex became a completely different dog. He gave tons of kisses, played with some balls in the back yard, and really explored. He likes to be near people but will still freeze if he thinks you are going to introduce him to something new. We move slowly with Rex which has helped him gain trust. He is already his foster mom’s shadow!Rex took to his dog bed quickly (and is napping there now) and although he made a racket about sleeping in the crate, he made it just fine and slept all night through. In the morning, when we let him out of the crate he decided he needed to get in bed with his foster mom and dad. FM gave him a lift up and before we knew it, he was out like a light again!Rex will need to gain confidence but he promises to be an excellent family dog or companion. He does not bother our cats (no matter how nastily our bossy cat stares at him) and he loves bones and dog toys.

Today, he is sleeping a lot though we played a few rounds of light fetch in the living room with Rex’s new lambie. When I toss the lamb, he is always looking at me… and he slowly turns around, sees the lamb and is like, “now how did that get there?” He has also been chewing on an antler or napping at my feet. We can’t wait to see what is next for Rex!

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