Rigby Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 10 Months Old ID #2804

September 9, 2021

Yesterday was Rigby’s visit to the veterinarian’s office. She was a hit with the vet and the office staff. They all commented on what a sweet girl she is.

She got a glowing report on her health. Her weight is 51 pounds and the vet said she doesn’t want this petite girl to weigh much more. I think she lost a pound or two with all of the exercise she is getting now. She continues to do well with our routine and adapting to the house rules.yellow Labrador Retriever

She had one accident in the house recently, but I take the blame for that as I was in the shower. She startles when the garbage trucks drive past us while we are on a walk. I have been reassuring her and giving her treats when we see the trucks. This is the only loud noise that seems to upset her. Her barking for attention continues but has decreased a bit. She will also bark when she wants to play with our resident dog. This can be a bit problematic if she starts to bark during a teleconference (for all of us telecommuters). She does make us a laugh on a daily basis. She is such a silly pup. She is one part lap dog and one part slinky. She will curl up on your lap while on the couch or will stretch out fully and sort of “pour” herself off the couch. She will occasionally lie half on the floor and half on the couch!

September 2, 2021

Rigby was unfazed by the big storm and tornado warnings we had last evening. She was non-plussed by the loud rain and wind or the phones screeching warning alarms and she didn’t mind spending an hour or so with us in the basement.yellow Labrador Retriever

She has caught on to the house rules pretty quickly and she is getting better at waiting for her meals. We’ve worked our way up to a 15 second wait time. She also knows that she has to sit at the door before we go in or out and only needs a reminder about half the time.yellow Labrador Retriever

Her attention seeking barking has lessened as well. As far as her and the cats go, she still wants to play with them but she is doing it less. I think with continued reinforcement, she will begin to ignore them and live-in harmony.

August 31, 2021

Day 2 with miss Rigby and she continues to be a doll. I took her on a walk this morning with our resident dog; one person two dogs. I was expecting it to be a little chaotic since she is only 10 months. I was pleasantly surprised and quite frankly a little shocked at how well it went. She walked so nicely on the walk, staying by my side 90% of the time with slack in the leash. The other 10% she walked right next to Bodhi and had a taught leash but with no pulling. We encountered some dogs on our walk and Rigby was non-reactive to all of them. I’m sure she would have loved to go and say “hi” though.

All of her positive behavior continues and we are seeing some things she needs some work on.

She has gotten a little bit friskier with our cats. When she sees them, she gets excited and starts to play bark and jump and wiggle all over. The cats are telling her to back off, but Rigby doesn’t speak cat. She doesn’t want to hurt them; she wants to play. We are working on this excitable behavior and hope to lessen her cat response. Luckily Rigby is easily distracted and we can focus her attention on something else.

Occasionally, Rigby has started barking, mostly at me, Foster Mom, if I am not giving her my undivided attention. I’ve noticed that it happens when I pick up my phone or when I sit at the computer. Rigby will look at me and start barking as if to say “Hey, all eyes on me”. We are working on the “quiet” command to settle her.

August 30, 2021yellow Labrador Retriever

Rigby is a 10-month-old 55 lbs. female (non spayed) lab who was surrendered to Brookline because her owners couldn’t keep up with her puppy energy. She is a petite girl with very light yellow (almost white) fur. She exudes the typical lovable lab personality. She adores everyone, is a big cuddle bug and could win a “Wiggliest Butt” contest. She is completely potty trained, loves her ball and playing fetch, is a dream in the car, and knows some basic commands. She slept through the night in her crate without a peep and went outside to do her business first thing in the morning. We played a little fetch and then went in for breakfast. I have been teaching her to sit and “wait” for her food which she quickly figured out after one meal. She is a smart girl! She is getting along nicely with our resident lab and they enjoy playing together in the backyard.

She has seen our cats but has only shown a curiosity toward them and has given them their space.  Her first night with us went really well, and we found out she likes to watch TV!yellow Labrador Retriever

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