River #2 Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Female 2 Years Old ID #3315

April 8, 2024

It can be really hard to blog about a dog who has limited activity or interaction with other dogs due to being heartworm positive. River also has hookworms, but that shouldn’t require anything more than a dose of Simparica Trio.  We are looking forward to the day that we hear River is free and clear to live her best life!  Until then, we continue to keep her as calm as possible.  River’s days are spent keeping an eye on foster mom and dad. She makes sure that we are safe by staying by our sides!  When the chores are done and it’s time to relax for the evening, River is right next to us ready to snuggle. Yellow Labrador Retriever mix She is the sweetest little girl who will roll over for a belly rub and nudge her human’s arm when she wants more attention. River eagerly goes outside for short walks and barks at any dog who gets close to us. I can’t wait for her to get to know other dogs so she can see that they are her friends! Recently, we had so much rain!  River was OK going out in the rain and allowing us to wipe her paws before coming back inside. River receives some medication 2 times a day. She is a champ at licking the pills right off a spoon filled with peanut butter!  She is comfortable with meeting new people while outside on a walk or when friends come to the house to visit.

This cutie is great in the car!  We took a road trip to the beach this weekend and she did something pretty funny. Her mat was in the back of the van (with plenty of room for her to spread out).Yellow Labrador Retriever mix The next thing we know we see her head pop under the console between the two front seats.

She then proceeded to squish herself under foster dads’ legs to take a nap while he was driving!  Luckily we were still in our development when she did this!  She went back to her mat without a fuss and napped there for the remainder of the drive to the beach.  What a funny girl!  We love her so much!  She is going to bring a lot of joy to a lucky family!Yellow Labrador Retriever mix

March 27, 2024Yellow Labrador Retriever mix

River had a busy day.  She went to the vet for her initial checkup and her next heartworm treatment.  Today’s treatment included a shot into the muscle of her leg. The vet said it’s painful but River didn’t complain!  She stayed at the vet for the day so they could monitor her.  She was also given some pain meds..  She’s tired and has been sleeping for the past 4 hours! Yellow Labrador Retriever mix Her next treatment will be back to back shots at the end of April. In the meantime, the vet wants River to remain very calm.  Going up and down steps, long walks, playing inside and playing with other dogs are all off limits. This helps to ensure there are no complications as she goes through her treatment protocol.  Aside from being heartworm positive, River was given a clean bill of health!

We used to give River her dinner in a slow feeder bowl to keep her busy.  After about two weeks of using that bowl, River stopped eating. I was starting to worry that she ate something she shouldn’t have or that she was ill!  I fed her by hand and a funny thing happened – she ate all of the food!  As soon as I switched back to a regular bowl that little stinker began eating again without the assistance from my hand!Yellow Labrador Retriever mix

River likes to chew on a squeaky ball and she loves to chew on marrow bones!  We get them from the grocery store and cook them to perfection apparently!  She can’t get enough!

River has the sweetest personality.  She eagerly receives belly rubs and is always happy to see us after we have been away.  She loves being with her people but she isn’t clingy!  We just love fostering this beautiful girl!  Send a lot of good thoughts and best wishes to her as she fights those pesky heartworms!  We’ll keep loving her!

March 12, 2024Yellow Labrador Retriever mix

River has been with us for two weeks!  She has grown quite attached to me.  She gets along well with my husband but when I’m around it’s like he’s chopped liver! I’ve never actually eaten chopped liver but I’m going to assume it’s not very tasty! We’re finding that River is so loving. She wants nothing more than to snuggle on the sofa and get belly rubs.  She loves to chew on cooked marrow bones and her hard rubber toys with treats hidden inside!

River is quite strong willed.  She doesn’t enjoy going for a walk in the rain or in the snow.  She’s quick to do her business and then she heads right to the door!  River has a strong reaction to other dogs which surprised me since she lived in a kennel for a month.  When we are on a short walk and she sees a dog from a distance, she will bark and stand up on her back legs!  She reacts in a similar manner to strangers too.

Last night my college kids came home with friends.  We had dinner at our house with 11 people.  I was a little worried about how River would react with so many strangers in the house.  I proactively met each guest out in the driveway with some treats for them to give River before they came into “her house.”  We also put the calming collar on her.  This little girl greeted our guests so nicely.  She was friendly to everyone and enjoyed the extra attention.  She still liked to be near me during the party but I was so proud of how she used her manners and great behavior and got along with her new friends so well! Yellow Labrador Retriever mix

We think River is mixed with a Rhodesian Ridgeback. She has cute ridges down her back that look like wrinkled skin.  I’ll confirm with the vet when she goes in for her next heartworm treatment at the end of the month. She’s staying healthy and we just love sharing our home with her!

March 1, 2024

I just returned from a mini walk with River and I am laughing so hard right now.  While we were walking under a light post she crouched down and then moved to the side. She did this several times. I think little River was afraid of her own shadow (or mine)! There was nobody else around us!

River met my oldest daughter when she stopped over for dinner. River sniffed her and happily accepted belly rubs. (She’s a very friendly girl). We tried to take some glamour shots of River but she was more interested in getting additional belly rubs. River has found her voice and she occasionally barks at things that she hears outside.

Thank you for the tips about River’s sensitive belly. We gave her some ground turkey with rice and so far it has been agreeing with her. I gave River an Everlasting Treat Wheeler and it has been keeping her busy for the past 3 hours!  Many thanks to everyone who made it possible for River to receive a treat box full of goodies to keep her busy and happy!

I got estimates back from our vet today for River’s future visits. If approved, she will have her initial vet check and next treatment for heartworm on 3/26.  Stay tuned for future updates about this beautiful girl!Yellow Labrador Retriever mix


February 29, 2024

River learned a new trick. In only 2 days she knows to “sit” before I put on her leash for our walks – and get this… I didn’t even give her treats to reinforce this behavior.  She just got a lot of “good girl” praise and scratches! She’s a smart girl!  Walks for River are short and sweet since she is supposed to have very little activity while she is heartworm positive.  We live on a corner so we walk on the sidewalks in the front and on the side of our house. Today while on our little walk River spotted two dogs coming down the street.  Oh boy did they interest her!  She barked at them and started to pull a lot! Luckily, their owner turned the other way and we scooted into the house.  River was looking out our patio door and saw a cat who is the head of our neighborhood crime patrol.  This cat interested River a lot too.  She barked at him but he wasn’t intimidated one bit!  He stayed on his beat.

River didn’t have any accidents in the house today. One thing that I’m keeping my eye on is that it’s been hard for her to keep food down.  She doesn’t eat a lot but when she does eat, a little bit comes back up.  I’ve been spreading her food out on her bed so she can’t eat fast and feeding her in small quantities.  Now that we received a beautiful handmade snuffle mat and snuffle ball from Dee, we’re going to teach her how to use that. Yellow Labrador Retriever If things don’t improve I’ll be calling the vet for some advice.  River is in her 1 month “rest period” between heartworm treatments.  We’re so lucky to be fostering this beauty!  She has a pretty red coat that is so soft you never want to stop petting her!

February 28, 2024Yellow Labrador Retriever

River was picked up by Foster Dad from a shelter in Reading.  They took very good care of her and we are so appreciative to them. River is heartworm positive and they gave her the first 30 days of meds. that she will need on her journey to being heartworm free.  Thank goodness for a community that works together to save dogs!

River cooperated for her first bath and afterward she soaked up the sun shining through the kitchen door.  Yellow Labrador RetrieverShe is surprisingly calm for a 2 year old dog who isn’t allowed to have a lot of exercise due to being heartworm positive.

River enjoys belly rubs and walking around in the yard.  She willingly went into her crate at bedtime and slept through the night.  She didn’t make a peep when foster mom got ready for work in the morning.  She waited patiently for her turn to go outside and have breakfast.

River likes to get on her back legs and jump up to look you in the eye. Cute trick, but we will work to stop that behavior.  River doesn’t seem to know many commands, so we will have fun keeping her busy learning to sit, stay, shake etc…

River has a super sweet personality and we are enjoying getting to know her!  She’s a beauty!

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