Rocky #21 Black Labrador Retriever Mix Male 2 Months Old ID #3193

March 2, 2023

Time for an update on Rocky.  This little guy continues to grow and learn every day.  He is really getting the hang of “potty” and comes when called.  He tires himself out every day trying to keep up with the big pups. labrador retriever

But his favorite thing is still chasing leaves.  He is so proud when he finally catches one!  He just loves spending time in the yard, exploring whatever he can.  On nice days, he just loves to lay in the sun like every other lab! labrador retriever

Rocky is a cutey.  Those eyes still get me every time! labrador retriever Rocky will be available soon and will make some lucky family very happy with his adorable puppy ways.

February 19, 2023

It’s been a week that Rocky has been with us and each day still brings something new!  He pleasantly surprises me in so many ways.  Rocky has been really making progress in housebreaking.  He is happy to show you that he can “potty” outside and hopefully get a treat.  Sometimes, he reverts to the pee pad inside but that’s still good in my book.  Baby steps.  He now eats two meals a day, instead of 3 smaller meals.  He seems pretty content with this.  Although he really doesn’t like the crate, he does go into it willingly.  In fact, since I leave the door open all the time, he goes in when he feels like it.  It’s just when the door is closed that he complains.  I do think he would be just fine if a baby gate kept him in a room.  Rocky doesn’t grab stuff he shouldn’t – the worst he does is pick up sticks like every other dog.  He hasn’t touched furniture, clothes, or the rugs.  In just a week’s time, he has really found his legs and plays chase in the yard with his fur sibs.  Of course, he’s not quite as fast, but he really tries!

Today, I brought him to a small party, just to see how he would be in a strange place with a number of people.  Once again, Rocky surprised me.  He was confident and calm, taking pets from everyone and exploring nicely.  He met their resident lab, all 85 lbs. of her, and played nicely with her, too.  two Labrador RetrieversDespite the strange place and the noise, he didn’t jump at anyone, run away or even flinch.  He is mature beyond his age.

While Rocky hasn’t met really small children (the youngest is 7), he would most likely do well with any age.  He just loves people and snuggling.  He is bright and eager to please.  We will keep working with Rocky although he is awesome just the way he is.

February 16, 2023

Today Rocky and I got to spend some real one-on-one time.  I really thought he’s be lost without the resident dogs, but he was completely confident and calm.  He walked well without the pack and really doesn’t pull on the leash.  We spent time outside where he loved chasing balls and even bringing them back to me.  Of course, once the fur sibs were back, he was right back in the pack.  Even though Dolly is 3 times his size, he loves to play tug with labrador mix  One of his new, sneaky things is to grab my sneaker or slipper and steal it.  He doesn’t chew on it; he just lays with it.

black labrador mix By the time the day is done, the three of them are hogging up the couch again!  black labrador mixRocky really is a sweet little guy.

February 14, 2023

This little guy is a total love bug!  He is never far from wherever I am.  Even while I am working, he is sitting under the desk or nearby.Black Labrador Mix  He loves to sit on the couch and snuggle with one of the resident dogs or me (if there’s ever any room left).  He can’t get enough walks or time investigating the back yard.  Rocky’s favorite pastime is watching the leaves blowing around and trying to catch them. He has discovered soup bones and tries to carry them in his mouth, even though they seem a bit too big for him.  Black Labrador MixRocky is an adorable little guy and I just can’t resist his puppy dog eyes!Black Labrador Mix

February 12, 2023

Rocky did pretty well on his first night here.  He’s not a fan of the crate, but he did get used to it.  He is settling into the “pack” mentality and walks well with his fur siblings, although he does need to double time to keep up.  Even so, he was perfectly fine heading outside on his own.  Between the walks and finding every stick in the labrador mix Rocky napped a good labrador mix  My niece and nephew (8 & 7) came over today and he was wonderful with them.  He definitely loves the attention and snuggling with anyone who is around.  Rocky is also a bright little guy.  In one day, he has learned where the food and treats are kept and also caught on that ringing the bells on the doors means go outside.  I’m sure tomorrow will show us more of his perky personality.

February 11, 2023

Rocky is an 18lb. male Black lab mix, ID labrador mix

This morning, before the sun came up, Rocky rolled into town.  After a quick trot, he was ready to roll.  Since we live close, the ride was short and he was great in the car.  Rocky couldn’t wait to explore the backyard and of course, meet the resident labrador mix  He settled in quickly and really is amazing.  Although he’s just a little guy, he can certainly hold his own.  It’s adorable to see him try to keep up with the other dogs on his short puppy legs.  No doubt he will be gaining on them soon!  Three walks around the neighborhood and a bath didn’t slow him down at all.  He was good meeting the neighbors and getting pats from everyone.  He has settled nicely, finding his bed as well as his toys. black labrador mix He is finally getting tired, making himself right at home on the couch with his new brother! black labrador mix More tomorrow!

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