Roman Black Labrador Retriever Mix 2 Years Old ID #2795

February 20, 2021

Roman has found his furever home.   I’ve fostered with different rescues for years, have been a “failure” only once before, Roman has now made it two times.

My intention was to only foster, but this sweetheart had other plans!  He turned on the charm and won my heart.

He still has to get treated for heartworms, but he doesn’t care, as long as he has a bed and a human to snuggle with.

He’s come a long way from Tennessee and a lot of changes – new humans, new house, lost his buddy, and SNOW….  but he’s still a lover.

Thank you Roman for picking me on National Pet Day!

February 2, 2021

A few new and reinforced Roman behaviors 🙂

  • he’s still perfect
  • if the deer, fox, squirrels run, he will chase
  • he DOES like peanut butter!
  • he is still a bed hog
  • he likes his toys and prefers you play tug of war instead of by himself
  • he can get jealous
  • he is trying so hard to learn some tricks and recall commands
  • he plays well with others (unless they get in his face growling/barking)
  • he will sit in the car nicely, but is nervous until he settles down
  • waits at the window from the time you leave until you get home (3 hours so far). hoping this will slowly stop

Roman is a gem and loves to be LOVED.  Everyone falls in love with him and comments on how sweet he is.  And sooooo gentle.

Roman should start his heartworm treatment in 4 weeks (first shot).  I misspoke in my last blog – sorry, thought it was sooner.

January 23, 2021

2 weeks and Roman is enjoying life!

Roman is 100% lapdog.  He steals all the bed covers, and will race you to get in bed just so he can get his spot!  He has discovered the squirrels in the backyard and in enjoys a good chase.

Ignoring the deer so far 🙂

On leash Roman is a gem.  Loud noises still startle him a bit, but I think he’s getting better with waving flags and trash cans being banged, all new things to him 🙂 I did put a sweater on him today as it’s so cold!  He stood patiently while I put it on and ignored it for the most part.  He did find it awkward when we were in the yard and he wanted to roam, he kept focusing on this thing on his back!  Should get use to it as we wear it more.

He is eating well, but is not an inhaler.  We have discovered that chicken flavored treats are his favorite!  He’s starting to show interest in toys and bones, so maybe just needed to learn or relax, but either way it’s nice to see him come out of his shell. Roman did find my sneaker to be a good toy, fortunately I noticed before he did too much damage.  Shoes are now in the closet off the floor and trying to teach Roman that toys come from the toy box.

Roman greets other dogs nicely while on leash and doesn’t seem to react if they speak back to him.

Roman is still a bit stressed when left alone.  He does not damage anything but he’s not settling down.  Going to continue to monitor to see if this eases up as he gets more comfortable.

Hoping to start his Heartworm treatment in the next 2 weeks so we can get this boy on his way to a clean bill of health!  Have a great weekend everyone, Roman says hi!

January 16, 2021

Happy Saturday everyone!  Roman has been officially with me now for a week and what an amazing dog!

In the past few days, he’s definitely coming out of his shell and I’m seeing his relaxed personality 🙂

He LOVES to chase his tennis ball, although due to HW we are holding off on that play for now.  But good to know that he enjoys it and becomes animated when it’s time.

He dislikes peanut butter but likes cream cheese.  So new way to give him his pills.  Not sure I’d fill a Kong ball with it though, lol, He has also enjoyed a bone or two now, but ignores the elk antler.

Roman has been by himself a couple of times in my house while I run errands and he has been an angel.  I am not seeing any separation anxiety.

Roman has met several neighbor dogs and is very gentle when meeting on leash and does not get excited.  I haven’t seen him play with any dogs, so not sure how animated/playful he will get. He also has discovered squirrels, and will chase if in the yard. On leash I can redirect, but if given the opportunity, he will pursue.

I’m attaching a video to show how beautiful and sweet he is.

January 13, 2021

Hi Everyone, time to meet Roman!black Labrador Retriever Mix

Roman has been with me for 4 days and he’s definitely a beauty and heart stealer. Roman came from Tennessee and due to family circumstances, he and his 4-legged brother had to be re-homed.  I am lucky to be his Foster Mom! He is a black Lab/Great Dane mix, but I see all Lab.  He’s two years old and weighs about 73lbs. Roman is incredibly gentle and well mannered.  He walks great on a leash, doesn’t pull at all!  He passes other dogs with a turn of the head, but no interest beyond that. He is still coming out of his shell, but I can see that he’s a charmer. He loves to chase his tennis ball, but he Loves more sitting on your lap.  He has no idea what size he really is 🙂 He definitely wants your attention for bits of time throughout the day, but he’s polite about it.  He will take a nap or curl up by your feet after his short attention need is satisfied.

Loud noise startle him, but I do think some of that may dissipate once he’s a bit more settled in. Roman is heart worm positive, but do not let that deter you from considering this boy, a part of your life.  Anyone who gets to have Roman in their family will feel like they won the lottery. He is expected to start his treatments in the next few weeks. Otherwise,

Roman is in great Labrador Retriever Mix

More later…. for now, Roman is looking for some TLC and ear scratches.