Rosie #12 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 7 Years Old ID #2975

March 7, 2022

Rosie is picking up commands quickly. We continue to work on leash training and she continues to improve. She barks and whines due to excitement when she sees other dogs when on walks but is easily redirected and this is happening less frequently. Rosie is showing signs of separation anxiety when FM goes into work for a full day. She barks and doesn’t settle in her crate but hasn’t chewed up anything. When given trazadone she calms down and manages just fine. We are hopeful that this is something that she will get past but she should be adopted by a family that is home more than not.  Rosie had a chew bone yesterday and loved it. Rosie continues to blossom and is such a happy girl.

February 23, 2022chocolate labrador retriever

After getting used to each other through a baby gate, on Saturday Rosie had her formal introduction to Brookline alumni, Misty. Everything went very well and the ladies are getting along great.

We also discovered that Rosie is in heat so we went to the pet store to buy some diapers. When at the store we walked Rosie over to the cats and she seemed to have no interest. She was more interested in the customers in the store. She is definitely a people dog. Rosie is getting better with sit and with walking on a leash. She is still getting used to the suburbs and was startled by a fire hydrant and mailbox but quickly got over it. She wants to greet everyone she meets and seems to love kids. She will jump up in her excitement but we are working on it.  She has shown no real interest in toys. She will run after a ball but still needs to learn the retriever part.

February 17, 2022chocolate labrador retriever

Yesterday was a long day for Rosie and FM. In the morning we went to the vet and Rosie got poked and prodded but was introduced to the wonders of peanut butter so that made everything better.  Bad news is that Rosie has a double ear infection and she tested positive for Lyme. Good news is that she is overall very healthy.  In the evening we went and got Rosie her microchip. On both outings she was great in the car and she was happy as could be and just wanted to meet everyone. After FM slept on the couch the night before because Rosie didn’t like sleeping in the den on her own FM put her crate in the bedroom and she slept through the night along with everyone else.

February 16, 2022

Rosie is getting more comfortable in the house. chocolate labrador retrieverShe has explored every room but will quickly come find me. She loves to be around people. She is very excited at first but will quickly settle. She was a great office manager and slept by my feet all morning while I worked. chocolate labrador retrieverLike most labs she loves her food but the slow feeder dish seems to help slow her down. She slept great in her crate the first night but last night was a different story. She barked a few times through the night. She doesn’t mind her crate other times of the day so I think she just wants to be with FM and the resident dogs.   She is such a sweet girl and a quick learner.

February 14, 2022chocolate labrador retriever

Happy Valentine’s Day sweet Rosie!  Rosie is a 60-65lb beautiful female pure bred chocolate lab who came to Brookline from a breeder.  I picked up Rosie late yesterday afternoon and she rode great in the car.  She is your typical goofy, outgoing lab and is very sweet.  She lived life in an indoor/outdoor kennel so is learning the ins and outs of a home.  She has no problem with stairs but will put her paws on the counter to see what you are up to.  We are starting to work on her basic manners.  She has had no accidents in the house and goes right in her crate.  She slept in her crate all night and didn’t make a peep.  She has made friends with the resident male beagle but we are taking it slow with the resident female lab.   She hasn’t shown any interest in any toys yet and is just seeking lots of affection.

More updates to come as she makes herself at home!

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