Rebecca and Rosie, 3 and 9 yr old labs, chocolate, bonded pair

October 23, 2018

Rosie and Rebecca are a bonded pair of farm dogs that have settled into home life nicely with our 3 resident female labs.  They both were spayed before we received them, so they mostly isolated themselves to recover and adjust to their new environment.  Since then they continue to spend more time with us and our dogs, Rebecca is learning to play fetch since she became interested by watching our other labs but both are also equally happy to cuddle up next to you. Momma Rosie is also becoming more social as well and is one of the sweetest old girls you will ever meet and shows some short bursts of excitement with the other girls from time to time.

We were told by the vet that Rosie is about 9-10 years old and had many many litters of pups over the years. She was probably shown little attention since because she lived outside in the barn, she is certainly loving human attention and definitely would like to enjoy the good life in her retirement…she definitely deserves it! And she is a already a wonderful companion.

Rebecca is a young 3 year old lab who is clearly attached to her mom. We were told they lived together and were probably never apart. When she first arrived she wouldn’t leave moms side but slowly she has ventured out and now will lay with us without mom for a bit but will eventually go check on her mommy.  She came to us not understanding manners but has already made some progress…counter surfer, shoe thief at the moment…hahaha.  She is happy to learn and is motivated by food, we are confident she will continue to progress. Her leash skills are a work in progress, but as she becomes more independent we believe her leash skills will as well. Rebecca has young 3 year old lab energy and strength and loves the play attention but she is not pushy for constant exercise like other labs her age and build. She loves to sprint outside to chase squirrels up the tree, so she would do best in a fenced in yard so she can stretch her legs and run.  She has initial nervous tendencies but is coming out of her shell, her comfort level is increasing and is making steady progress.

This chocolate bonded pair are opposites in age, strength and stamina, but identically love snuggling, relaxing and demonstrating loyalty with their human company.
The picture of the 3 dogs, our resident dog is the chocolate in front, Rosie (left) and Rebecca (right) in background. The other picture is is just Rosie (left) and Rebecca (right).

October 2, 2018

Rosie is a super sweet, 8 year ole Momma farm dog.  She is very loving and very affectionate – she just wants to spend her days resting near her people.  She is a real cuddle buddy!

Rebecca is her 2 yr. old daughter, who was also used for breeding, but is very dependent on her Momma – we don’t think she has ever been away from her.  She is very sweet, but also nervous.  She is starting to come out of  her shell, and will come lay with you without Mom being there for a bit, but always goes back to check on Mom.

Rebecca does need some training – she wants to please and is easily corrected – but she needs consistency and reminders to make it stick.  She is very food motivated, which helps a lot (except with her bad habit of counter surfing)!  Rosie will steal some things like pillows, shoes and toys and take them to her bed. She doesn’t chew them, but if left long enough, Rebecca will!

Rebecca wants to play, but is unsure how to.  Rosie is happy to be a couch potato!

The ideal adopter will have the time and patience for this bonded pair, and give Rebecca the time she needs to settle in.  They will be rewarded with 2 very sweet, very loving girls!

September 22, 2018

two chocolate labrador retrievers
Rebecca has the blue leash; Rosie has the blue one

Rosie and Rebecca are settling in to their new foster home and with our resident pack very nicely.  Momma, Rosie, started off keeping to herself the first few days we think because her spay was a MAJOR surgery and her body was in a vulnerable state.  As the week progressed she starting venturing in to other rooms of the house and hanging out with our pack a little bit, but still continues to enjoy her independence and will sit in another room when relaxing.  Baby, Rebecca, is MUCH more active and wants to explore a lot but still checks back in with her mommy every few minutes.  She will lay with her mommy when we are all relaxing.  two chocolate labrador retrieversBOTH Rosie and Rebecca have bit of kleptomania in them…hahaha…so there definitely have been shoes, clothing, and other random items in their possession.  Even when they are catch them in the act and we say, “NO” and “DROP IT” they will speed up in the opposite direction.  We enjoy the humor of this but are also trying to break them of the habit.

These two are the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS, where you get the older dog pace from Momma Rosie and the young spunky energy of Baby Rebecca.  They are the SWEETEST and DEFINITELY make great loving companions!


Angie and Tim

8 year old Rosie and 2 year old Rebecca two chocolate labrador retrievers
Freedom ride
two chocolate labrador retrievers
Hanging out in their foster home
bonded pair of chocolate labs
The girls chilling outside

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