Rubble Yellow Labrador Retriever Male 4 Years Old ID #2902

June 27, 2021

Rubble has had a busy two weeks! We were out of town for almost a week and he had an exciting stay with another foster home. Rubble and their foster pup Jedd really hit it off and were best buds by the end of his stay. Here is a picture of them playing. 2 yellow Labrador RetrieverRubble was sad to leave, but he had an important vet visit that he had to get back for.

On Thursday, Rubble had his final vet appointment for his ACL recovery. The vet examined him and took another set of x-rays. She said everything looks great! His range of motion and strength have improved and the pictures showed everything has healed properly. He is off of restrictions and can happily run around our yard now. He had the zoomies last night and was doing laps around our ottoman. It only lasted 2 minutes, but he was super proud of himself when he was done! He also had some fun with the resident dog playing chase in the backyard (we limited it somewhat just to be on the safe side). Rubble seems very happy to have his freedom back!yellow Labrador Retriever

Since he is all cleared by the vet, he will be available for adoption soon. We are going to be so sad to say goodbye to this sweet boy, but we are sure he will make some lucky family very happy.

If you are interested in adopting, please look for his posting!

June 18, 2021

Rubble is nearing the end of his recovery. He has his last vet visit to re-check his ACL next week. This boy has come a long way! He is still taking two 20-30 min walks each day, but we are focusing more and more on behavior rather than stamina. He isn’t fast, we call him the pokey puppy, but if he sees another dog, he gets overexcited and is hard to handle. When we see a dog approaching, I put him on a sit facing me and give him a treat after the other pup walks by. He is good with that half of the time, but improving!

He has lost a total of 18 pounds as of this week. He is down to a slim 86 pounds! I spoke with the vet and she said he can start to transition to a regular low calorie dog food instead of the Science Diet Metabolic prescription that he has been on. He is also able to decrease his Apoquel dosage just a little. We are so proud of him! His activity level is definitely increasing and he really wants to fetch and rough house with his foster brother in the backyard. Hoping he gets clearance next week at his appointment.

Rubble’s favorite activity is still just hanging out with us. Here he is reading with me on the back deck

and hanging out with his foster brother in the living room.yellow Labrador Retriever

June 17, 2021

Rubble playing with Jedd while visiting.

June 2, 2021

Rubble continues to progress well. He is increasing the length and difficulty of his walks and doing his exercises. Rubble’s big news since the last update is that he is able to go up and down the stairs with ease! After exploring the entire second floor at length, he found his favorite spot – a mat in our daughter’s room. He follows her upstairs and sleeps with her every night. She is happy to have him, but has to wear earplugs because he snores so loud!

We can’t say enough about how sweet Mr. Rubble is 😊

May 15, 2021

Mr. Rubble is doing great!  This week he had his 6-week post-operative recheck of his ACL. The vet was very pleased with his progress. His physical exam and imaging looked good – he is progressing well and on schedule. He is allowed to continue to increase his walks and can now add controlled steps.  We also have some sit to stand exercises to try. He will have his last appointment in 6 weeks assuming all continues to go well. I think it is important to mention that, according to the vet, there is a 40-50% chance that he will tear his other ACL within 2 years.

Around the house, he is still the sweet, easy going boy that he has been. He absolutely loves everyone and is such a happy guy. He enjoys sunning himself on the back porch, going on walks and riding in the car.

His favorite activity is just hanging out with the family including his best friend Tucker the resident dog. They are allowed to play just a little now (inside only) and couldn’t be happier!

Here is a picture of him with his new Flintstones bandanna (including Barney Rubble).yellow Labrador Retriever

May 6, 2021

Rubble has been working hard at his rehab these past 2 weeks. He has increased his time walking from one short walk daily to two walks daily of increasing length. We are working on leash manners – he is really very good unless we pass another dog, then he gets super excited. He is limping a lot less and just generally more active. More exciting news – he has also lost 10 pounds so far! His has a vet visit next week, so I will send an update after that.

This sweet boy is really making progress!

April 22, 2021

Just a quick update on Rubble. He started short walks this week and is so excited to be out exploring! He is pretty good on the leash, but does stop to sniff a lot (which is fine for now because he is supposed to be taking it easy.) He is very curious about the neighborhood and very happy to meet my neighbors. He gets pretty excited about small dogs in particular so we keep our distance for now. He is also much more active in general and I am finding it difficult to keep the pups from playing.  I feel like such the mean mom when I have to keep saying “boys, settle!” and stop their fun. 😂

Rubble is down a few more pounds to 97 and continues to be a big love.

Here are a few pictures of him enjoying a walk.

April 15, 2021

It has been two weeks since Rubble had surgery and he had his first re-check with the vet today. She is very happy with his progress. His incision has healed nicely and he is allowed to stop wearing the dreaded cone.yellow Labrador Retriever He is also allowed to start venturing out into the neighborhood on short walks which we will lengthen as he builds tolerance. In a week or so we will start some other exercises to practice turning, backing up and building more strength.

Unfortunately, he is still not permitted to rough-house with the resident dog (which is something that he really wants to do!) so they just hang out in the living room and enjoy each other’s company while chewing on their bones.yellow Labrador Retriever

He continues to be an excellent patient and a very good boy. He is happy to be adding some excitement to his life exploring the neighborhood and making new friends.

I hope to have more frequent updates now that he is in phase two of his recovery!

April 2, 2021

Another update on Rubble – he was discharged this afternoon and is back home! Everyone at the vets’ office loved him and fussed over him. He was the perfect patient and may have gotten a little spoiled on his overnight stay. I have attached two pictures – the first is of Rubble at Smoketown this morning showing off his good looks and bunny ears. yellow Labrador RetrieverThe second photo is of him at our house relaxing on his favorite mat. He is tired but seems happy to be home. He tolerates having his leg iced and we will start some range of motion exercises tomorrow.yellow Labrador Retriever

The resident dog is happy to have his buddy back, but disappointed he can’t play. We have the resident dog signed up for extra doggie daycare next week so Rubble can have some alone time 😉

Happy Easter everyone!

April 1, 2021

I just wanted to let everyone know that the vet just called to say that Rubble’s surgery went well. He did have a full tear of his ACL, which is what she expected, but his meniscus was intact.

He will spend the night at the vet and I will pick him up tomorrow.
I will update everyone again once I have the sweet boy home.
Thank you again to all who donated to help with his surgery. What a wonderful outpouring of support and generosity!

March 23, 2021

Rubble had an exciting week! He had an Ortho consult last Thursday where the doctor confirmed that he will need an ACL repair (TPLO). He was a great patient according to the vet. The surgery is scheduled for April 1st and recovery will be 12 weeks. He is excited to get the surgery and regain his mobility as he would love to play with the resident dog and find out what is at the top of the stairs he is not allowed to climb!  He also lost 2 pounds which is good news.

After his consult, he headed down to stay with another volunteer for the weekend. He was a good car rider according to (his taxi service). He was also a good visitor and had fun hanging out with her pups. Much to my surprise, she let me bring him home!   When we got home on Monday, there was nice box of goodies waiting for him. Thank you so much for his welcome package! yellow Labrador Retriever

He is restricted to our main floor and only allowed out on leash but is the happiest guy you’ll ever meet. He is snoring contently as I write this and seems comfortable in our home.yellow Labrador Retriever

March 13, 2021

Rubble is settling in beautifully! Couldn’t ask for a better boy.

March 11, 2021

Rubble just joined our family yesterday. He is a male yellow lab, age 4, his weight is 100 pounds! yellow Labrador Retriever

Day 1

Rubble had quite a day of travel on Wednesday. Four car rides before he finally made it to our house. He was the perfect passenger – he slept the entire trip. Not a sound. He has been a good house guest so far too. He greeted our daughter with excitement when she got home from track and he met our resident dog on leash down the street and then we walked to our backyard where they remained on leash and semi interested in each other but more interested in sniffing around. They are in house together but I have them separated since both are probably tired from long days. (Mine was at daycare all day for the first time.)

The first sound we heard out of him was a little bark when my husband came home from work at 9pm. Rubble greeted him happily and snuggled with him on the floor.

He is definitely a happy boy. His tail is constantly wagging!

Day 2

Rubble slept through the night without making a sound. He is a wonderful dog, good manners, obedient, house trained and just loves attention. He is getting along fine with the resident dog and initiated play today. Unfortunately, we had to put a stop to it because of his torn ACL. Rubble will be seeing a specialist next week for an evaluation.

Today my daughter had school virtually and Rubble was such good company. She did classes outside since the weather was so nice and he was sleeping by her the entire school day. As I write this, he is asleep on my foot. He is a very good boy.yellow Labrador Retriever

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