Rudy #3 Fox Red Labrador Retriever Male 7 Months Old ID # 3011

July 1, 2022

Rudy continues to thrive in his foster home! Although, he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in his left hip, he isn’t letting that get in his way! He does great on walks & is now walking about 4 miles a day. The vet recommends Rudy be on a joint supplement & even though he shouldn’t run long distances, thinks he will make a great family dog!

This week Rudy went in the creek for the first time & he had a blast! He loved to splash in the water & wasn’t scared at all!

Rudy is truly a super sweet boy who adores everyone he meets. Now he is just waiting for his forever family to come along!

June 14, 2022yellow Labrador Retriever

Rudy continues to adjust to life in a foster home. He LOVES to go for walks. Rudy walks very well on leash and enjoys taking in new sights, sounds, and smells. However, he gets overly excited and starts to jump in the air when he sees another dog so we are working on that. I think he misses having his brother to play with so he just gets so happy when another dog passes by.

Rudy is also doing great with house breaking. He has not had any accidents in the house. However, he does seem to struggle with submissive urination when he gets scared so we are working on confidence building to help eliminate that. He has already shown improvement over the last week & things that used to prompt it, such as having his harness put on, no longer bother him.

Rudy likes to have all of the attention!! He wants to be wherever the people are. He is the best cuddle bug & loves to snuggle up with me on the couch. Rudy is also starting to grasp playing with toys! He likes fetch & will bring the ball back…most of the time. Sometimes he gets distracted & will pick up a stick instead. Rudy lets me take sticks and anything else he shouldn’t have out of his mouth without an issue.

Next up for Rudy will be improving his basic obedience!

June 6, 2022

Rudy’s personality continues to emerge more each day. He is a very goofy boy who is eager to please. Rudy got some new toys yesterday & he was thrilled. yellow Labrador RetrieverHe couldn’t decide which toy he wanted to play with so he kept switching back and forth. Today Rudy played his first game of fetch! Previously when I would throw a ball or toy for him, he would just ignore it. However, today he chased right after it and picked it up. He started to catch on to how fun it can be. Rudy has also mastered the steps on my back deck. He now confidently goes up & down during the day or at night. Rudy has yet to go up the stairs inside my house. They are hardwood so I think he is a bit intimidated. He will go up about 3 steps, but then turn around & come down. Rudy also did very well in his crate while I was at work today. I took him for a long walk before leaving for work so hopefully that helped tire him out.yellow Labrador Retriever Overall, he has adjusted really well over the past 3 days.

June 5, 2022

Rudy is proving to be the ultimate sweetheart!! He loves to cuddle & just wants to be wherever I am. yellow Labrador RetrieverWhen he gets excited, he does this cute hoppy jump & wiggles his entire body. Although he has not had much experience on leash, Rudy is doing great on walks. He tends to zig zag so we are working on walking by my side. Rudy got super excited when he noticed a handful of squirrels but responded well to redirection & did not chase after them. He has a bundle of energy, but he isn’t quite sure how to express it. Rudy is intrigued and confused by toys. It’s pretty clear he hasn’t had toys to play with before. He’s starting to get the idea though & like a typical retriever he loves to carry his “chuck-it” ball around in his mouth.

Rudy is not a huge fan of going into the crate. However, once he is in the crate he settles and relaxes. The most endearing thing about Rudy is his facial expressions. His eyebrows perk up & give him the ultimate “puppy eyes”. I did notice that his back legs tend to “bunny hop” when he runs so, he will get checked out further by a vet to make sure he is in tip top shape!

June 4, 2022yellow Labrador Retriever

Rudy is all tail wags & sunshine! He is the sweetest boy & is accepting of all the love. He did well his first night in the crate. He was unsure the first 10 or so minutes but quickly settled & slept through the night. Rudy is adjusting to being inside a house & all of the new sounds, sights, and smells that come with it. yellow Labrador RetrieverAt first, he was hesitant to use the stairs on my deck, but he is becoming more comfortable with them. He loved going for a walk this morning & is doing well on a leash so far. He loves attention & is content following me around the house. He is eating well, but does not have the typical voracious lab food motivation. I am curious to see if that will kick in as he becomes more comfortable.

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