Rudy #3 (FKA Santa) Chocolate Labrador Retriever Male 9 – 12 Years Old ID #2677

March 11, 2020

Rudy really needs a home of his own.


Meet Rudy. Rudy is looking for a foster, foster to adopt or furever home. Rudy is a senior lab (thought to be between 9-11 yrs old). Rudy’s is a sad story, but we’re trying to give this guy the happiest of endings. Brookline was contacted by a shelter where Rudy had been turned in by the police as a stray pickup. It was later learned that in fact Rudy has been abandoned and kicked out by his owner and left to fend for himself in the dead of winter. By the time Rudy was apprehended, he was one stressed pup and he wasn’t doing well in the shelter environment. That’s when the shelter contacted Brookline to see if we could help, and we sprang to action.

Rudy is currently in foster care and that’s where we discovered that he really likes his people around and is stressed when they are not there. When his foster mom is home, he is happy and content and loves nothing more than to snuggle and play with his stuffies- he is one of those labs that is happiest when he is carrying one around. But Rudy’s foster works full time, and Rudy wasn’t doing well left alone (he’s had enough of that in his life), so he is now going to doggie day care when she can’t be home.

So we are looking for an experienced and patient, loving home for Rudy, one where he can continue to decompress and re-build his trust in people and where his people are home more than not (and ideally all the time until he settles in). This boy needs a companion and TLC. And he will reward you with his sweetness.

Rudy would really prefer to be your one and only, but he is OK with other dogs as long as they are not dominant or in his face, and he prefers female dogs. While he does better with women than men (his owner who didn’t care for him and abandoned him was a man) he is fine with everyone once he warms up to them and learns to trust them.

Rudy does have hip dysplasia, but it’s being managed with meds and keeping him at a good weight, and he loves going for walks and can go up and down stairs and getting in and out of cars (he loves the car) with no problem.

March 8, 2020

It’s me, the Rudy dog. I am still waiting for my someone. Foster Mom learned more about my life before I was abandoned. I had someone who loved me. He was sick and stayed at home. A nurse would come help until he flew up with the angels. So, I am not used to being alone. It’s hard for a dog like me, but I am learning. I hope my forever someone comes soon. Where is my “someone” who needs me too?


While I wait, Foster Mom and my friends at What A Good Dog take care of me. I like cuddling in the sun with my peeps at daycare. I am meeting more strangers and doing well.chocolate labrador retriever and man laying in yard

Foster Mom has been giving me mani-pedi’s. I like her close, so I don’t mind so much. Stuff that scared me isn’t as scary. I saw the special lady and she said I had trauma. She was nice and gave me cheese. She did lots to help me too. Here’s a picture of a day in the life of me, Rudy.chocolate labrador retriever and duck

March 1, 2020 

A Foster Mom took me home. I go on walks and love the all the petting. She says I am a great little cuddle spoon. I get nervous when Foster Mom leaves for a long time, so I spend my days at a place with good dogs. The humans at “What A Good Dog” are teaching me the world is a safe place. They are showing me they will come back after they walk away. Foster Mom comes back for me too. This must be heaven.

I am an older fellow, between nine and twelve years young. Foster Mom calls me Rudy, short for the reindeer. She also says Rudy is a special name for an underdog that triumphs. I neutered and have all my shots. The scale told me; I am “75 pounds”. My hips are a bit worn but I take a pill that helps. I can still trample up and down stairs and do little zoomies in the yard. The doggie doctor gave me a pill if I feel nervous too. That makes me happy. I love my crate for shorter periods of time and always find yummy surprises in there. I love to spend time in my fenced in yard smelling the air and watching the birds. I love being with my people. I love carrying my toys and shaking them when I am happy. I am working on saying hello to strangers. I practice every morning and night on my walks. I have lots of love to give a special someone. I am looking for someone who spends most of their time hanging out at home and wants a best buddy to be by their side. This would be my heaven. Just me and my human watching the world go by.

February 18, 2020

Some new training for me at daycare today.

chocolate Labrador Retriever and two men


February 16, 2020

I asked Foster Mom today, “Do you think a family will want me?” She reminded me of all the great things I do. She told me that I am kind to chickens, cats and doggies too. She said that I am very brave to face new situations and people. She says there is someone out there who needs the company of a sweet ol’ guy like me. Someone to watch me carry my toys and shake ‘um around happily. Someone who wants to stroke my thick chocolate fur and soft ears. Someone that recognizes the sweetness in my eyes and will let me be their very close companion.


chocolate labrador retriever


Here’s me at daycare enjoying the day. I love to be outside. I don’t bark when I am out with the other doggies. I am really quiet and just take everything in, watching. Foster Mom says I am going to see a special lady this week who will help me feel more relaxed. She is also going to talk about what my perfect family would look like. I’ll check in after. ~Rudy

February 15, 2020

The humans in blue said I was running at large for four days until I was taken to the shelter on Christmas Eve. chocolate labrador retrieverWhile beloved pets were rummaging through their stockings, filled with treats and toys, I was cowering, tail tucked and trembling in the shelter. It was Christmas Day and I had been abandoned. I was left alone and afraid. The humans at the shelter could see I was terrified so they placed me in my own room. They said I was sweet and handsome.  I stayed at the shelter for days and days. Humans came to meet me and my many canine friends. One by one my friends said goodbye and were off to their forever homes. Nobody picked me. I told the humans, I am shy. I need time to warm up. Please, just give me a chance! But the humans came and went.

A nice lady said she would take me home. I named her Foster Mom. I was unsure at first but quickly knew it would be okay. She takes me walks and spends time petting and loving on me. I get nervous when Foster Mom leaves for long periods of time, so I spend my days at a place with good dogs. The humans at “What A Good Dog” take good care of me. They are showing me a lot of things I have never seen. They are teaching me that the world is a safe place. They even had me put my paws in a pool. I like the dog friends there and I especially enjoy hanging outside. I like to watch my daycare human and be playful with her.chocolate labrador retriever


I am an older fellow, about nine years young. My name at the shelter was Santa but they call me Rudy, short for Rudolf. Foster Mom also says Rudy is a special name for an underdog. My hips are a bit worn but I take a pill that helps. The doggie doctor also gave me a pill to help when it’s scary. That helps too. Foster Mom has me in my crate for shorter periods of time. I don’t mind it so much because I always find yummy surprises in there. I love to spend time in my fenced in yard smelling the air and watching the birds. I love being with people after I am given a chance to sniff them out. I am working on saying hello to strangers when they come in my foster home. I have lots of love in me and am looking for my forever people.

I am 77 pounds, Up to Date on shots.

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