Russell Yellow Labrador Retriever Male 11 Years Old

yellow labrador retriever eyes up yellow labrador retriever laying down


After a long journey and many vet visits, surgeries, and water therapy (thank you Brookline Lab Rescue) we feel Russ is ready to find his fur-ever home. Russell is a 11 year old neutered yellow male who has happily adapted to living inside, loving warm beds and toys instead of a cold concrete filthy barn stall.
Russ walks slowly and probably will never run, but don’t be fooled he is the first one of 4 dogs out the door when a car ride or fun is in the making! He has learned treats are awesome and pushed his way to the front of the pack to get his. He is very smart and demanding for his share of love and pets. Russell sleeps in a dog bed at the foot of our bed and loves to be covered by warm blankets! He hates the crate. He will bark and have to be lifted in, he only weighs in at 64 pounds so that is not difficult but it must remind him of his prior life and he lets us know he does not like it. I crate him when I leave because my resident dog is sometimes not good with male dogs.
Russell requires meds for the rest of his life due to the horrid neglect he suffered. He is on Gallaprant, a muscle relaxer and tramadol. The vet feels that slow walks each day will keep his legs strong and healthy.
Russ also has a small polyp in his rectum that we have managed to shrink with a anti immune drug. At his age surgery is not suggested, he already had two removed and they were benign, so no worries there. Russ is good with dogs, unknown with cats but I doubt he could catch a cat 🙂
We have watched him learn to trust, thrive and love being a family member and this is what we want for a new home.


A note from his Foster Mom:

Russell lived in a barn stall on cold concrete for years. He was rolled up in the waste trying to keep warm when we picked him up.
His legs are bowed in the front and his back had no muscle tone, we have been doing water therapy since October and now he almost runs with my dogs and can get up on the couch for snuggles and love.
His teeth were so bad both vets he saw, one in PA and one in NJ said it was the worse they had ever seen. They were rotted down to the bone, had smelly hair wrapped around them from him licking and some were actually dangling and falling out. Out of 45 teeth, only 12 were saved. He eats fine though now.
 The farmer said his kids used to tease this sweet boy, I don’t know how, but when I was picking up sticks in the yard, Russell dropped to the ground and cowered like he was ready to be beat. Broke our hearts that anyone could hurt this sweet dog. After all he has been thru he is sweet, gentle and makes us laugh when he rolls on his back in his dog bed and moans and groans like he is in heaven!yellow labrador retriever laying down belly up
He “talks” when you stop rubbing his belly or petting him for more attention. He has no needs just love and a warm dog bed, I cover him up with a soft blanket because when I think of the years he must have shivered in that barn I just want him to know he will never be cold again.
I’m crying as I write this as we do love him so. He has freckles on his nose I love to kiss!yellow labrador retriever laying down
I’m happy to answer any questions or send pictures and video too!

Happy New Year!

This sweet sweet boy continues his journey with us. We are on a another round of water therapy to make his legs stronger. Russell no longer sleeps in a crate, he has joined our pack and snuggles happily on a dog bed in our room. He does all the steps up and down no problem and follows me around the house all day. While we were on vacation, Russell visited another foster home and made friends with those dogs too! Whoever adopts this love bug will have a best bud!yellow Labrador Retriever faceyellow labrador retriever laying on dog bed with boneYellow and black Labrador Retriever sharing dog bed




Russell has been with us 4 weeks tomorrow and he continues to melt our hearts!  This pup is so sweet all he wants is belly rubs and companionship. He will happily lay at your feet and nudge your hands for more pets. yellow labrador retriever laying down
yellow Labrador Retriever laying down
 Russ started water therapy last week and after only three visits he is now doing my steps up and down! His legs are getting stronger and he is moving faster, especially when he sees the other dogs going inside, there is no way he will be left behind.
We are now getting accustomed to squeaky noise all day. Russell has chewed every toy in our house and is so happy doing it I don’t have the heart to take them away. Hopefully Santa will bring my pups new toys this year.
Russell says he is thankful for Brookline this Thanksgiving… he is  warm, safe  and loved this year.
 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


yellow labrador retriever laying on dog bed with bone yellow labrador retriever in water therapyToday Russell went back for stitch removal and he was the King of the office. All the girls came out to see him and the Vet said he is doing amazing!
We started Water PT to build muscle in the back legs and after that he will be ready for a new family. Dr HouseSmith laid on the floor with him and said he has the gentlest eyes.
Want to adopt?😍 yellow labrador retriever

I love squeakers! russell squeaks

yellow Labrador Retriever face eyes upHello everyone!

yellow Labrador Retriever getting a bath This is Russell checking in from FM’s Computer. I’m doing great! I have now been in my foster home for 6 days and I love ❤ being a Brookline dog. Packages arrived for me from the Aunt Carolyn with toys, treats and a new leash and collar too. I even got a package from Aunt Maija for my gums. You see… I did not have any vet care on the farm, so Brookline Lab Rescue had my teeth fixed and Maija says this will be good for my gums!
chocolate and yellow Labradore retriever and black dog in yardYesterday I met two of the other dogs who live here. I’m was so excited and wagged and wiggled and wanted to play! I did not get to meet Moose, apparently he is not nice and is grouchy with male dogs like me, but the ladies ooh la la…Stella and Harley were CUTE and let me sniff them.

I’m not a big eater so FM is disguising my pills in peanut butter, who knew that stuff tasted so good!  I LOVE peanut butter!
I’m sleeping thru the night in my crate and don’t tell but I I was caught sleeping with all 4 legs in the air. FM was near tears and she said I must be loving the comfortable beds compared to the cold wet concrete.

yellow Labrador Retriever face  FM also said I was getting too attached to her so I have to now spend time alone everyday🤔 so I do not develop separation anxiety. I just love ❤ the attention for gosh sake, I never had any love and comfort before 🙁

I go back on November 13th for a recheck with Dr. HoweSmith and then will start some water therapy to build up my leg muscles.
Keep following my blog because FM says I’m going to make someone a awesome buddy soon.
Love Russell/Russ

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