Sadie #11 Black Labrador Retriever Female 3.5 Years Old ID #2903

July 12, 2021

Well, this week we got caught in a downpour, and Sadie absolutely LOVED it. She was in no hurry to come inside, and to my amazement she has a quick dry coat. After a few minutes of drying her with a towel (which she loved) she was almost completely dry. And no wet dog smell. She was so happy to be wet the next day we played a few games with the hose.

Sadie continues to get along well with the other dogs, and has been sharing the sofa with resident dog Nelson.  As you will see from the picture, she like to sit all the way back with her legs extended. 2 black Labrador Retriever And no issues getting into the elevator with the rest of the pack. 5 dogs on an elevatorBut her favorite pastime is sitting next to Foster Dad’s chair to get her chest scratched.

June 26, 2021

Sadie continues to learn from the other dogs.

She is still uncomfortable walking near traffic. Today as we reached the end of the block and approached a busier street, she slowed her pace. As soon as we turned around, she went back to normal speed.

She loves playing, and of course Sadie and Shamrock play bitey-face on the one part of the sofa that doesn’t have a cover.

June 16 2021

Sweet Sadie is coming along nicely with her training. She will now sit nicely at the door and wait for a release command before following me outside.  She has also mastered down, provided it follows the sit command. We continue to work on “leave-it”, as Sadie loves to pick up shoes and papers. She doesn’t chew shoes; she just likes to carry them. Fortunately, if you offer a reasonable trade, she will “leave-it”, and if you walk to the treat jar she will run ahead and drop any item at your feet. She just loves treats!

She also loves paper, and yesterday she figured out how to open the lid on my office trash can so she could retrieve the envelopes she watched me put in there.  It’s a step on Simple Human trashcan with a hinged lid, but Sadie can get her nose under the rim. I put a 5-pound barbell style weight on the lid, and within 30 minutes she had picked up the barbell and was back shopping for the envelopes. The trash can is as good a tool as any for practicing “leave-it”, so we will continue our work today. black Labrador Retriever

Sadie’s morning routine includes a morning walk, about 45 minutes of crazy playtime with our 2.5-year-old male lab, then sleeping in my office right next to my chair. The afternoon routine is similar. Evenings include more playtime and some napping on the Labrador Retriever

The first few weeks that Sadie was with us she would not come up the inside stairs to the 2nd floor, but one day she just decided to follow our other lab up.  Now she runs up and down all Labrador Retriever

We have discovered that Sadie likes peace and quiet, and does get nervous if there is too much activity going on in the house. While on walks she is uncomfortable when she hears loud noises, such as motorcycles. She cowers when a large truck goes by.  These are things that Sadie was never exposed to, so her adopter will need to be very slow and patient introducing her to new environments.

May 14, 2021

Miss Sadie is continuing to settle in after a whirlwind week.  A busy day, with a trip to the vet in the morning.  And in the afternoon, she finally discovered the couch,  and realized the big blue mattress on the floor was in fact a dog bed!  She is currently snoozing on that following a nice long evening walk.  She seems to more be relaxed overall and settling into the routine of the house too, which is nice to see.


She was good at the vets.  Ignored the barking hound in the lobby, and was happy to get pets (and treats) from the vet and the tech.  She checked out fine.  They said she was beautiful, and in overall great shape.  They recommended some OTC supplements (Glucosomin and fish oil) to keep her joints lubricated, but otherwise good to go.  She weighed in at 84 pounds, but does have a waist, so the vet said she might want to lose about 4 pounds to get down to a svelte 80.

She has improved nicely with walking.  Doesn’t really pull (at least not ahead!) but does get very interested in all the new smells so stopping to sniff is more her thing.  She is excited to see other dogs, but we have avoided the ones barking away and she seems OK to move on (and hasn’t barked back once.)  She happily takes pets from the people we meet.

Overall she is sweet, and just loves attention.  Still working on convincing her to stick with the many toys in the toy box instead of picking up slippers or random papers.  So training on drop and leave is on the table!  She has slept wonderfully at night in her crate, and waits quietly until we get up in the morning to let her out.

This sweet girl will be available soon, and some family is going to be lucky to get her and watch her blossom.



May 12, 2021

Sadie met one of the neighbors on our walk and could not wait to say hello. A visitor came to the house and she ran to the door to great him like an old friend. She’s a sweetheart and can’t get enough pets.

She loves to have something in her mouth.  Sometimes papers she finds in the house (we are working on that!) but she really loves stuffies. She even figured out that carrying 2 is better than 1!

Sadie should be available for adoption soon, and is going to make her new family very lucky!

April 24, 2021

Sadie, a beautiful and super friendly 3.5-year-old female black lab is available soon for adoption.

This happy girl is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative and Lyme negative. She has been with the same couple since she was a puppy, and has consistently been on heartworm preventative. Sadie is crate trained and LOVES going into her crate for some alone time, and she sleeps in her crate at night. This girl has a wonderful temperament, likes everyone, loves to be petted, loves her treats and likes to play. She will get into the trash and counter surf if given the opportunity, and she needs to work on her leash skills, recall, and basic commands. Sadie is very food motivated, so she should catch on to training quickly.

This girl is a real diamond in the Labrador Retriever


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