Sadie #12 Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 1.5 Years Old ID #3021

March 13, 2022

Sadie is still doing amazing and stealing the hearts of everybody she meets! A few days ago, she went to the vet. She was the happiest girl while there, even though she had ear infections in both ears. No worries though, because Sadie is an all-star patient and does super well getting her ears cleaned and having meds put in them. All of the techs loved on her and said how much of a good girl she was. She loved meeting everyone! She however was not pleased when the vet said she needed to lose some weight. She’s currently at 85lbs, but should be closer to 70/75lbs. We’re sure with more walks and healthy treats, it’ll be no problem getting the extra pounds off.yellow Labrador Retriever

Sadie has been great with kids so far. She greets them gently, but sometimes gets carried away with kisses. She can easily be redirected though.

She’s the same with the other dogs, she loves to groom them and cuddle, but if the other dog is uncomfortable, she usually gets the hint. She’s a very sweet & sensitive girl. Her absolute favorite thing to do is cuddle, whether it’s with a person or a dog. She’s loves being a part of our pack and will whine if the dogs go anywhere without her. She definitely would love to have a furry sibling in her new home!

March 8, 2022

Sadie has been settling in very nicely! She loves hanging out with her foster siblings, but usually just sleeps and cuddles with them on the couch. She’s very much a couch potato and doesn’t care much about toys or playing when she’s inside. When she’s outside, she knows it’s play time and will start engaging with the other dogs more. She doesn’t care much for fetch, but she loves to stand by and watch the other dogs chase the ball. Sometimes she’ll join in and just chase the other dogs around. We’ve been taking lots of walks, which seem to make her super happy. She loves sniffing around and checking out all the new sites and scenes. She absolutely loves meeting our neighbors while out and about.  She sometimes jumps when first greeting someone, but she has getting much better with that already. Her only other slightly bad habit is trying to bolt out the door when you open it, but we’re working on boundaries and waiting, which she’s learning very fast. At night, she sleeps in the crate quietly and hasn’t had any accidents in the house at all. She doesn’t chew or take anything she shouldn’t. She’s been a great house guest so far! She’s the sweetest and most mellow girl.

March 7, 2022

Sadie is a 1.5 years old female weighing in at, 85lbs,

yellow Labrador Retriever

Sadie has had quite a hectic couple of days! She made her way up from Mississippi with her sister, Leia yesterday. While in the car, she was observant but quiet. She loved snuggling her sister while sleeping in the back seat.chocolate and yellow Labrador Retriever

Once we got home, we all went for a walk. Sadie was more interested in playing than walking at first, but quickly got the hang of it. She’s been walking well on just a martingale collar, and only pulls if she sees someone, she wants to say hi to. She is pretty well mannered for being a young pup and doesn’t have a ton of energy, although that could change once, she loses some weight and starts to get more exercise.yellow Labrador RetrieverSadie loved meeting her new foster siblings and trying to snuggle with them.  She’s very affectionate toward them, but not too pushy.

Her favorite thing to do is take naps, she’s always snoozing if she’s not following us around the house. She is sweet as can be!

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