Sadie #13 Black Labrador Retriever Female 3 Months Old ID#3243

Black + Chocolate Labrador RetrieversMeet Sadie!  Sadie is an adorable 3 month old black Labrador who arrived into Brookline’s care along with her 6 littermates from a breeding farm after her farmer wasn’t able to sell them.  Please read her blog from the bottom up.

October 16, 2023

If you are looking for a super cute, smart, playful, feisty, snuggle bug then Sadie is the girl for you!Black Labrador RetrieverSadie is a loving, playful, happy, and confident dog. She is looking for a family that has the time, knowledge and dedication to continue her basic training since she is still learning and encountering new things since she is only an almost 4 month puppy.  Any adopter needs to be patient and consistent and use positive reinforcement to solidify good dog behaviors and keep on top of and redirect any unwanted behaviors.Black Labrador RetrieverPotty training is going really well and she hasn’t had any accidents since her last update.  I do bring her out every hour on the hour, immediately after a long nap and a meal.   Sadie is super food motivated so she’s a fast learner.  She has “sit” already and “come” is pretty good too!Black Labrador RetrieverSadie loves her people and likes to stay close.  After living in a confined space without much human contact, Sadie does not like to be crated or left alone and makes her feelings known so she is looking for an adopter that is home all or most of the time and has a puppy safe gated space for her to hang out in when needed until she grows out of her puppy curiosity.Black Labrador RetrieverSadie likes playing fetch with balls and squeaky toys, playing chase, tug and keep away with furry friends, going for walks, and snuggling in bed or on the couch with her people.

Sadie loves to play with other dogs and would probably adjust better to time without her people if she has a confident companion dog to teach her the ropes and who can also tolerate an active,  “I want what you’ve got” puppy.Black Labrador Retriever Black Labrador Retriever

Though Sadie still has more to learn, she is super sweet, funny, velcro dog who will pay your time back with laughs, loyalty and licks!

October 8, 2023

Hi!  It’s me again.  I know I should have checked in earlier but FM and FD took me on a trip to this place called NH and they don’t have a computer in the cottage.  We got up really early, it was still dark out!  They said it was a pretty long trip but my foster brother, Will sat in the back seat with me.  I sleep with him at night so I figured I’d just go back to sleep.  The ride didn’t seem that long at all and we stopped 1/2 way for a quick potty stop.  Will said that I was a really good car rider but I was happy when we finally arrived!There was a lot of fun things to do.  We went for hikes around the lake and I went swimming!  I only went out deep when FM, FD and Will were out in the water taking out the dock.  The rest of the time, I just splashed around with Sammy and Max and they had this duck that I had to keep bringing back after FD kept trying to throw it away in the water.

There was also this cool couch where I could watch FM in the kitchen!Black Labrador RetrieverI’ve been having fun with Sammy.  Every morning, we go for a walk around the yard with FM.

I like licking all the water off the grass when I’m sniffing it.  It makes my nose all cold and tickley.
My friend, Jessie told me about all the spots where the mice like to hide, so I make sure to check them while I’m walking around.Black Labrador RetrieverSammy and I like going in the woods in the yard looking for rabbits too. We haven’t found any outside yet but I have this crinkly rabbit inside that I love to play with so I bet the real ones are fun too!Black Labrador Retriever

Sammy always seems to have something fun or tasty.  I tell him that I want it, sometimes he shares, then other times I just try to steal it!  I usually always seem to get what I wanted in the end.Black Labrador Retriever Black Labrador Retriever

We like to play tug. FM says I’m really strong because I can pull Sammy and his bed across the wood floor.Black Labrador Retriever

I’m also starting to play bitey face with Sammy.  He used to scare me when he would play growl at me but now I know he is just talking to me.

He likes to play chase too and lets me run after him especially when he is chasing a ball.  We also like big sticks that we can share.Black Labrador Retriever Black Labrador RetrieverFM says that sometimes I can be too curious!  FM just doesn’t understand that the only way I can figure out what something is, is to just taste it but Will says there are some things that I shouldn’t taste like that small rectangle thing he puts in his pocket, everything they put on their feet, and the long things attached to the lights, and computers.Black Labrador Retriever Black Labrador Retriever Black Labrador RetrieverI really like my foster brother, Will.  I like to take my naps during the day on his bed.  FM says it’s cute that I put myself to bed up there when he’s home when I’m tired.  He even put some stairs in his room so I can get in the bed myself.Black Labrador RetrieverMy favorite place to nap is right next to him. I’m so happy he lets me sleep all night with him.  When he’s not around, FM is okay to take a nap with too!

Black Labrador RetrieverFM says I have been really brave with the crate.  I’ve been going in by my self because FM always gives me some yummy treats when I go in there. She only closes the door for a little bit because she says we’re still practicing, so I don’t worry or yell like before.Black Labrador Retriever

FM has a bunch of different crates downstair and upstairs and I’ve tried them all out.  Sammy even wanted to go in with me in the little one FM put upstairs.

Black Labrador RetrieverFM tells me that I’m doing pretty good with potty training, and learning “sit” and “come.”  I have to admit that I have done pee pee on her carpet near the door but it was only a few times and never #2, and I don’t think it was really my fault since I’m still figuring out this house thing.  All I know is that when I go outside, FM says “good girl” and gives me something yummy so I try to do all my business out there.Black Labrador RetrieverI really like those treats FM has in her pocket so I’m doing that sit thing a lot now.  FM can’t resist my cuteness especially when I give her my special look.Black Labrador Retriever  Sometimes, I want FM to hurry up and give me that treat but she tells me I need to take it gently but I get so excited for them that I can’t help myself.

Speaking of food, I can hear Will getting his lunch so I have to run.  I know he’ll need some help cleaning up!Black Labrador Retriever

September 30, 2023

Hello everyone!  Sadie here.  FM said it was my turn to do an update.Black Labrador RetrieverWell, things here have been going good!  This morning, me and my friend Max went on an early morning sniff-fari.  He showed me some of his favorite spots to check.  There so many more things to sniff in this new big pen besides my brothers and sisters poop!Black Labrador Retriever Black Labrador Retriever Black Labrador Retriever

My other foster brother, Sammy told me all about the vultures that fly around here.  He said because I was so little I better keep an eye to the sky when I was outside.Black Labrador RetrieverHe also told me not to worry about them too much because it was his job to make sure that they didn’t stay long hovering over our yard looking for food.  I tried to help him but boy is that big guy fast!

I think I’m pretty fast too.  This hot dog has no chance of out running me!

I really like my other foster brother!  He is really nice and plays with me and let’s me sleep in his bed.  Last night, I was so cozy under the covers snuggled up on him.  I didn’t wake up until FM came in his room and told me it was time to wake up.  We’ve been hanging out alot today.  He loves it when I give him kisses!Black Labrador RetrieverWell that’s all for now.  It almost time for my lunch!  I’ll check in again soon.  Sending you all lots of licks!Black Labrador Retriever

September 29, 2023

Sadie had a great rest of the day yesterday after her first update.  Her personality started coming through as she became more comfortable with us all and I can say she is a loving, cuddly, and feisty little girl. Black Labrador RetrieverShe absolutely has an affinity for male humans.  She met my husband for the first time today since he was away on a business trip when she arrived.  She greeted him with lots of licks, rolled on her back for scratches and started following him around the house immediately.  She has also become my 23 yo son’s side kick when ever she has the opportunity to be with him.  She follows him around the house and conquered the stairs both up and down so that she could stay with him.Black Labrador Retriever

From the scars on her belly, and the scabs still on her legs and neck, I think the feisty side of her personality is because she had to compete for what she could get in her pen on the farm. We are teaching her here that there is plenty to go around for all her furry friends here and that no one is going to take her food, toys or people that she is loving on.  After being stuck with all her siblings in a small space, she seems to prefer the company of humans more than the other dogs, though she does follow their lead outside on occasion.

She has been checking out more toys and is enjoying stuffy squeaky toys and the frisbee, and will play tug.  She likes to bring the toys to your lap if you are sitting on the floor and is still learning where a toy stops and your leg starts.  LOL.  As she is in the “terrible twos” phase, if she is sitting next to a chair or table while playing/chewing, she will migrate to the closest non-dog item for a taste but can be redirected back onto the dog toy.Black Labrador Retriever Black Labrador Retriever

Yesterday, we worked on some crate games to get her acclimated to going in and out of the crate.  She readily went in the crate to retrieve treats and toys.  I did try closing the door, but she immediately starts scratching and biting and whining and forgot about the treats that were in there.  In a moment of quiet, I gave her a treat and then let her out.  She jumped in my lap and got lots of kisses.  I don’t want her to get stressed so we’ll keep on working on extending the time that the door is closed.  Last night, she went to bed with my son at 9pm and slept until I got her out of bed at 5:30am.  My son reported that she slept curled up next to him all night.  She stirred a couple times through the night but snuggled right back up and went to sleep without having to go out.Black Labrador RetrieverSadie is doing an excellent job only doing her business outside.  She is going out right after a meal, after waking from a nap and then every couple of hours in between.  She seems to be peeing on demand already which is fantastic!  Fingers crossed that this trend continues.  She is definitely showing that she’s a smart girl.  In only 24 hrs, she is getting “sit.”  I think she will get it mastered soon.

Now that she has discovered the joys of toys, she’s getting better at entertaining herself.  She sticks close to her humans so untethered supervised free roam works really well for her.  She played for a while in my office with some toys (only occasionally having to be redirected) and then settled down for a nap on my sweatshirt.

She also likes chilling on the couch while her humans watch a show at the end of the night.Black Labrador Retriever So far so good!  Looking forward to learning more about this loving little girl!

September 28, 2023

Sadie has been in foster care since late yesterday afternoon. She met resident dog, Cooper and had some playtime out in the yard and seemed to attach quickly to FM and FD.  Inside, she wasn’t super interested in playing with Cooper, and was a super, clingy luv bug with both FM and FD.Black Labrador RetrieverBlack Labrador RetrieverShe did arrive with some cling on friends but after a dose of Simparico Trio, and a couple of baths, her tag alongs have started to say “Sayonara.”  Overnight didn’t go so smoothly for FM, FD, and Sadie.  This little Princess is not a fan of the crate and let FM and FD know with lots of noise and some very unwanted stinky gifts that obviously got her out of the crate so she could get cleaned up.  Needless to say no one got any sleep as this scenario was repeated two more times.  FM and FD are new to the fostering game so they enlisted my help and Miss Sadie transferred over to our home around 10am today.Black Labrador Retriever

She met the dog crew, resident 12yo  Max, foster 2yo Sammy, and guest dog 13yo Jessie.  Sadie initially showed them all how brave she was (while sitting on my sons lap) and gave her biggest barks to each one as she met them but after a few polite sniffs from the other dogs, she realized everyone was friendly and hopped down and followed them all out into the yard to explore.  She quickly attached to my 23yo son who rode next to her on the journey here.  She followed him and the other dogs on a trail walk around the yard, and then joined Jessie (terrier mix) on her hunt to find field mice in the wood piles. Sadie liked smelling all the new “sniffs,” sticks, and neck & belly scratches from my son.Black Labrador RetrieverBlack Labrador Retriever Black Labrador RetrieverBlack Labrador Retriever Black Labrador Retriever Black Labrador RetrieverBlack Labrador Retriever

So far the only toy that has held her attention is the tennis ball.  She has the most adorable little pounce after chasing the ball down.  She had a natural retrieving instinct and brought the ball right back.  After all the fun adventures outside, Sadie settled down on the dog bed laying on top of my son for a nice nap.Black Labrador Retriever Black Labrador RetrieverTonight, we’ll work on finding the best sleeping arrangements for her so that everyone gets some quality sleep.  Stay tuned for more updates!


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