Sadie, Black Labrador Retriever female, 9 Years Old

April 12, 2018

black labrador retriever laying on bedThis 9 year old, 95 lb. black lab has a laid back personality.  She is house-trained,  great in the car and walking on leash, rarely barks and sleeps peacefully through the night.
Sadie enjoys going for a walk daily and playing with her plush squeaky toys – she is not fond of playing ball or chewing on bones(yet) but her favorite thing is to lounge around with her people!  She is also now doing great with Katie, the resident lab and they are co-existing happily.
She is scheduled for a wellness exam this week to make sure she is in tip-top shape prior to being made as available for adoption. Wish her well!

April 8, 2018

 black labrador retriever head on tableMiss Sadie is quite the affectionate love! She just goes from person to person to be petted and hugged. She is VERY food and treat motivated. We got her to play with some stuffed toys but no interest in chasing the ball yet. She slept quietly all night in my son’s room on his couch. She loves to be around people!

 She met our cat yesterday and was very interested in her but I do not believe in a good way. She would do better in a cat-free home or in a home where the cat(s) are kept separately. She walked by Katie last night and did growl at her but I am hoping that this is just part of her needing to decompress from the shelter. They have been walking nicely together and have spent some (monitored) time in the same room together.

black labrador retriever laying down So far, no food stealing, counter-surfing, or destructiveness of any kind. She loves to go outside and explore and to be walked. 


April 7, 2018

black labrador retriever standing backseat car
Good morning all! I met Sue today and picked up Miss Sadie. She is so very sweet and desperately needs to decompress from the shelter. I bathed her (she was SOOO stinky) and we took a long walk. She had a drink and some treats. We introduced her very gradually to our lovely Brookline adoptee Katie on a walk and it was Katie growling not Sadie. We will take things very slowly and they will be kept separated for some time.
She is a beautiful 9 year old and is a spry 95 lbs. So far, she is excellent in the car as well as on a leash. A little grabby with treats but will work on that. She met my husband and teen boys and was friendly towards them.
black labrador retriever nose in car seat

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