Sally #3 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 8 Months Old ID#2611

chocolate labrador retrieverSally is an 8 month old, Chocolate Labrador Retriever.  She came North from Mississippi after one of her family members was in an accident and they could no longer care for her.  Sally gets along with all people, and is used to being around lots of other dogs, and is okay with cats.  She is currently in her foster home, and getting settled.  Please read Sally’s blog from the bottom up.

June 6, 2021

Sweet southern belle Sally Mae has been with us for 10 days.   Sally is such a sweetheart and always wants to be with her people.  She gets along well with both of our dogs, her and Enzo play constantly and Sally will even get curmudgeon Ozzie to play occasionally.  Sally has come out of her shell and we now know she has a voice, she will bark at strange noises or people passing by the house.

Sally knows; sit, down, paw and come.She is pretty good on a leash with a top clip harness.  Sally loves her walks and looks forward to meeting other people and dogs. Sally will only bark on our walks if another dog is yapping at her.  Sally is not a big fan of car rides but she is getting better and overall is a good passenger.  Sally is crate trained, and has been sleeping in her crate since she arrived.

May 31, 2021

With night three in the books, Sally continues to sleep until about 6am in her covered crate, without a peep, without any accidents.  Although she has not yet let us know when she needs to go out, she has not had an accident in the house.  We have been taking her out about every three hours, even if just to walk in the yard.  Through the last two rainy dreary days, we’ve all done a lot of laying on the couch, occasionally napping, and Sally has been fine with that.  So far, she has been a very easy going 8 month old puppy.

Sally LOVES to roughhouse with Enzo and play chase with Ozzie.  Right now, they seem to be her favorite activities, except for eating.  She downs her food in about 30 seconds, then waits patiently in her crate for the boys to finish eating.  I’ve ordered a slow feeder bowl for her so she can fully enjoy her food.

We have been taking two walks a day, and Sally continues to improve daily, walking with a top clip harness.  She’s learning to walk in a straight line and follow my lead.  Every dog, human, car, bird, etc catches her attention and she will become quite distracted, but easily corrected.  So far, she’s not been much of a puller, and hopefully this won’t change as she gets more comfortable walking with a leash, and settles into our routine.

May 29, 2021

chocolate labrador retrieverSally is an eight month old chocolate lab who has the most unique coat.  It is a combination of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, with a little red and and a little yellow thrown in as well. She has yellowish green eyes, and the softest fur.  She is a petite lab, 55 lbs, and the first lab we’ve seen who has rear dew claws.

Sally made the 24 hour journey from Mississippi, and has been sweet, and friendly, and loves to cuddle.  She met our two resident lab boys, and the introduction could not have gone better.  Sally, and Ozzie get along okay, but I think Enzo and Sally really like each other.  chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverShe met our neighbors, and she loved the attention.  Sally was clearly loved by her former home.  She appears to be house trained, knows Sit, Down, Paw and Stay.  She slept the night in her crate without a complaint.   Her leash skills are not good but we will get a freedom harness and work with her.

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