Samantha Black Labrador Retriever Female 6.5 Years Old

April 22, 2019

Mandy had a great time at the meet and greet last Saturday in Souderton, and will be in Maple Glen this Saturday, April 27th at the Pet Value!   Her shyness peaked through when she saw the crowd, but a fellow lab stopped to say hi to her and walked with her into the group! She has adjusted so well here; I forget she is a farm dog, with lots of liters behind her.  Her life experience is limited, and I am awestruck with her resilience.  Since her spaying, she has less alpha behavior, and remains super easy going!

It’s been a great couple of weeks since we last checked in.  We settled down into a routine.  The longer she is with us, the more of her personality shines through…might I say even playful?  yellow and black Labrador Retriever

She is becoming more confident and will seek out affection and has the expectation that her needs will be met!   A real love, this one is.  The mornings are the best here, perhaps because we are all home.  She bounces on the bed and will lay her head on one of the pillows till you roll over and snuggle with her and rub her belly. She loves to roll around the floor with you and rough house.  Her favorite toys squeak, and her Nyla bone keeps her busy.  She is crate trained, but today I left for 6 hrs. and not one bit of mess when I got home!    

 Walks are easy – no leash pulling, and she keeps a good stride with me.  Of course, she needs some time to stop and smell the newness of the day. Strangers are easier to meet, and she is making friends with the neighborhood pups. Of course, she LOVES the car, and going places.  She is an awesome companion, and a good listener!  Knows her manners, and practices them willingly.

April 7, 2019

“Mandy” is available again!   Unfortunately for health reasons, the pre-adoptive period had to come to an end.  She did great there; proof that she is easy going and quick to adjust.

Back at the foster home was like “old home week” with the resident.  It took only a few days to settle in to her previous routine.  All postoperative and flea issues are resolved, and she is loving the outdoors!   Her favorite place to be is on the deck with YOU. 

  We took her for a long walk at the lake today.  What a sweet pup she is.  Met some other dogs, and just sniffed and sniffed.  I was a bit surprised that she wasn’t too interested in the water, but I suspect she was never exposed to swimming…that is a treat yet to come!  Any ride in the car is a delight, and with the window rolled down, the journey can go on Labrador Retriever laying on deck

 Samantha/Mandy remains a true treat for anyone that loves to be outside and wants a companion.  You can take her anywhere!  She is very well behaved!  At home she is a delight as well…affectionate without being clingy, will follow you into the kitchen for any “treats” that may fall to the floor, and snuggles with you on the bed at night.  Her favorite home activities are chewing her Nyla bone, and playing with her soft squeaky toys.

Mandy (the name she answers to) is a real treat to have around – she is very active and plays like a puppy!  Age is just a number!black Labrador Retriever sittings February 16, 2019

Her coat is like silk!  Her disposition is happy, and playful!   She is a very easy dog to have around, but she does like activity and play.  We took her to the park this morning, and she was less interested in the ball but wanted to run and explore her space.  I think she was free on the farm and spent less time in a cage or pen. black Labrador Retriever on tennis court

Started finishing school this week:  She can sit on command and appreciates her treats.  Walking her on a leash is a dream.   She is interested in other dogs but responds to commands willingly and steps right back in time with you.  Wildlife is a different matter – remember she is a retriever and squirrels are a special interest for her as are birds – hold her tight!    She was on the back deck, and in the woods, she could see a squirrel climbing a tree – she tried to jump the railing – to keep her safe, she needs to be on a leash at all times or have a fence at least 6 feet!  Back to finishing school…jumps right into the car and settles in the back without any cues.  Her last goal is to stop some of her dominate behavior.  She tries to mount the resident dog and people when excited.  This behavior is occurring less and less as she becomes aware of the rules of the house.  No accidents in days!

Samantha (Mandy), has a rash that is healing and has another week of antibiotics, and then she’ll be ready to go…

February 11, 2019

The rash caused by her flea infestation is improving – some Benadryl helped.  She is still itchy, and very sensitive back there, but we can see an improvement.    It is good to see her sleep comfortably – still in the crate.

February 9, 2019

 This “Surfer Girl” is something to behold!   First night behind us in the crate – cried a bit but fell asleep in no time at all.  Slept all night and was glad to get out of that thing!  She was hesitant about taking her breakfast there, but finally did. Has one accident in the house, so we know now that training measure should be taken – out every 2-3 hours, and as soon as she barks a bit, we take her right out – perhaps she will take that as her cue?

She is so different from our resident.  Mandy loves to chew, and we gave her a nylabone to satisfy that desire.  She did not find any furniture, but just the way she was holding the ball made us think she might enjoy a bone…it kept her busy for a bit.  She is pretty high energy without being annoying…very inquisitive and loves the kitchen!  Loves her Kong!

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