Sammy #6 Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix Male 2 Years Old ID#2923

black labrador retriever mixSammy was born into Brookline’s care on 11/26/2020 as part of Nora’s litter while she was in foster care.  Sammy was adopted out at 8 weeks old to first time dog owners.

chocolate labrador retriever mixUnfortunately for Sammy, he was surrendered back to Brookline at 11 months old as they were having a hard time training Sammy with two small children and is back with his foster family.  Please read his blog from the bottom up to learn more about him.


October 31, 2023

Happy Halloween!  I’m all ready for trick or treating.Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix Chocolate Labrador Retriever MixBecause I love watching and running with birds of all shapes and sizes, I decided to dress up as a Kiwi this year!!  The Kiwi is a flightless bird from New Zealand!  I bet I’m faster than them though! Just look how fast I am when I see those vultures coming!!

As you can see from my video, FM and FD took in another foster right after Kallie left.  This one was called Sadie.  She was only 3 1/2 months old and she was a little ball of energy.  FM was glad that I could teach her how to play tug, and that I didn’t mind when she grabbed onto my neck.  I really love wrestling so I made sure I let her think she was winning sometimes.  She loved to jump on me when I rolled on my back with a toy.Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix

Sadie always wanted the toys that I had so we played keep away a lot.  She liked to copy everything that I did.Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix Chocolate Labrador Retriever MixSadie went to her new home last week!  Boy is it quiet around here without her. Chocolate Labrador Retriever MixI can finally take my after noon nap in peace instead of having to share my bed.Chocolate Labrador Retriever MixWell that’s all for now, I have to help FM get the candy ready for all the trick or treaters!  I’m going to keep a watch out the window and let FM know when she needs to bring the candy…Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix

September 25, 2023

Sammy here!  Hope everyone enjoyed this rainy summer!  We finally got some dry days so I could enjoy a good dip in the purple puddle. I also enjoyed hanging out with FM and FD on the patio.

Chocolate Labrador Retriever MixChocolate Labrador Retriever Mix We really didn’t get to go up to the cottage in NH as much as I would have liked this summer because of all the rain.  We finally got to go again this past weekend.  FM and FD said that the weather was going to be perfect, sunny and 70f, while it was going to be raining here in PA so off we went.  I made sure to get a good sleep the night before because we leave so early in the morning.Chocolate Labrador Retriever MixIt was pretty foggy in the mornings up there, but it was still fun to duck watch!  Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix

I did jump in to see if the ducks wanted to play but they really didn’t want to hang out with me.  Chocolate Labrador Retriever MixThey preferred when I just watched them from the dock.

It was a bit chilly when I got out of the water but FM let me warm up in her lap. Chocolate Labrador Retriever MixWe kept busy during the day going on hikes around the lake.  FD and I liked to take naps in front of the wood stove in the afternoon.Chocolate Labrador Retriever MixFM said she didn’t mind if I sat in her lap to warm up when we all were hanging around the fire pit waiting for the sun to set.Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix Chocolate Labrador Retriever MixBefore we went to the cottage, we had another visitor for about 3 weeks.  Her name was Kallie and she looked just like Hank to me. She was pretty fun to have around.  I showed her all the trails around the yard, and showed her the best spots to look for squirrels, rabbits and deer.


Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix

While Kallie was here, I taught her how to play with squeaky toys, and how to play bitey face.  All she wanted to do was lick me so it took a few lessons before she got it.

Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix Chocolate Labrador Retriever MixFM said I did a really good job sharing the couch with Kallie too. Chocolate Labrador Retriever MixKallie already went to her new home and I hope she likes it!  I told her that she didn’t have to worry because FM and FD would always take her back if it didn’t work out,  just like they did for me!  I’m still waiting for my perfect forever home but I know FM and FD will take real good care of me until the right one finally comes along.Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix


August 11, 2023

Sammy has been having a great time since his last update.  We have taken a couple of trips to our lake house in NH where Sammy really enjoys playing outside in the cooler weather and of course swimming in the water.chocolate labrador mixchocolate labrador mixThe weather hasn’t been the best at cooperating this summer but we have still be able to get plenty of swimming in.  Sammy had fun swimming after my son when he was on the paddle board.

Sammy always sleeps well after lots of swimming and playing outside.chocolate labrador mix

He was also having a fun time with his jolly ball and is quite good at entertaining himself with it in the water.

He’s also a big fan of retrieving the duck decoys from the water.

Unfortunately, one day his curiosity got him into a bit of trouble.  Sammy happened upon a yellow jacket nest that they were building in an outdoor electrical outlet box and they were not happy at all!  Luckily, he only got a couple of stings and felt better after some hugs from foster Dad.chocolate labrador mix

On the rainy days, we occupied Sammy with some of the kids old videos.  He really liked watching all the animals on TV.

Back in PA, he has been keeping busy exploring the yard looking for rabbits, squirrels and vultures.  He amazes me with his speed and determination when he’s chasing down the circling vultures.  I’ve never met a dog that keeps his eyes to the sky like Sammy.

Sammy and Max are hanging out a lot on the back steps now that the weather is starting to cool off more in the mornings and late afternoons.chocolate labrador mixThey even had a rowdy game of tug with each other today.  Max can still hold his own even though he is 12yrs old and Sammy even let Max think he was winning the game!  What a good boy, Sammy!chocolate labrador mix

July 5, 2023

It’s been a while since I last updated you. Well, there have been a lot and I mean a lot of changes going on around here.  First of all, my good pal, Daisy got adopted, and moved out.  I miss her but at least I still have Max to keep me company.  My foster sister came home from Pittsburgh for a few days before she started her summer job out there.  I really missed her so I gave her a big kiss when I saw her!  She loves my kisses!Chocolate Labrador MixShe’s really fun to play with two.  She’ll throw the ball for me for as long I as want to play!

Then, the house was full of all these new people, smashing up the tile in the foyer.  FM said I had to stay out of the way so I worked with FD up in a bedroom upstairs.  FD said it was too noisy for him to work in his office downstairs, and I agreed.  FM couldn’t believe it when they said they were going to have to bring in a jackhammer to smash up some concrete to make the floors level.  It was a little boring, but on cooler days FM let me and Max hang out in the backyard.  There’s a ton of bunnies out in the woods so I’ve been doing a lot of digging to try and make them come out and play.Chocolate Labrador MixAfter a week or so of the work, FM said she had another surprise.  Not only were there strange people here but now there was going to be another strange dog.  FM and FD decided to get another foster dog.  They told me he was going to be another puppy but when this guy came he was huge!  Not at all like all the other puppies, we got before and he sure can’t run as fast as Daisy!Chocolate Labrador MixHe’s an alright dude but I liked my little girl friends a lot more.  Occasionally, I’ll play with him and try to teach him how to play chase but all he likes to do is roll around or follow me around the yard when I’m running after squirrels.

I did teach him how much fun it is to roll around in the grass and that the pool is a fun place to cool off.

Chocolate Labrador MixMostly, we just hang out together on the floor when FM is working or cleaning something.  Chocolate Labrador MixFM doesn’t think he’ll be here too long, and that’s perfectly fine by me.  I miss getting all FM’s attention because that guy is always following her around.

June 5, 2023

Hello!  It’s me Sammy!

Chocolate Labrador Retriever MixSo we’ve had another foster here named Daisy that I really liked having around. We liked doing all the same stuff and hanging out together.Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix Chocolate Labrador Retriever MixEven though she was a pip squeak, she was super fun to play with and she would just follow me around the yard when I was looking for squirrels and deers, and she didn’t really care that I wanted to play with her all the time.Chocolate Labrador Retriever MixFM, FD, Max and I took her to that fun place in NH that I love to go to because I can swim.  She loved the water too, so we had a great time together.Chocolate Labrador Retriever MixI helped FM and FD and their friends get the dock out in the water.  FD and I checked to make sure we were lining it up in the right spot.Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix When it was done, I made sure to test it to make sure it was safe for them.Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix

When all the work was done, we all took a nice nap on the porch.  It’s the perfect place to get away from all those pesky black flies that are around this time of year.Chocolate Labrador Retriever MixFM found that crazy jolly ball for me again.

It’s so fun to dive for that thing!It was a good thing that we went to NH when we did so Daisy could get in some play time at the lake because this past Saturday, Daisy got to meet her new family.  I’m kind of bored without her. The good news is that FM and FD put in a new fence so now I can go out in the woods here alone and just explore.  Boy, is there a lot of smells out there in those woods!  I love it!  FM also loves it because she says it keeps me busy and she can concentrate on doing her gardening.  When we’re both done with our “work,” we  just chill on the patio together.  It’s very relaxing.Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix

Well, that’s all for now.  FM says it’s almost time to get ready for some lunch!

May 11, 2023

Sammy continues to do really well at his 1-2 time weekly training sessions.  We are currently working on off leash command obedience in a class of 10-15 other dogs and their owners. A couple of weeks ago, we had a training session at a very busy local park.  There were lots of walkers with and without dogs, a play area full of running and screaming kids, and people on bikes and scooters.  The trainer was impressed with how well Sammy did navigating the park and maintaining his self control.  Though Sammy still has an off day here and there, I’m really happy with how well he does on our neighborhood walks now.Chocolate Labrador Retriever MixSammy loves his daily routine and knows exactly when it’s time to wake up, eat, go on our walks, time to play and time to relax and go to bed.Chocolate Labrador Retriever MixHe has his favorite spots in the house to hang out, and watch for squirrels and the goings on in the neighborhood.  He also likes to practice his GQ modeling poses for me!  LolChocolate Labrador Retriever Mix Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix He also likes to take his mid-day naps there with his best friend, Daisy.Chocolate Labrador Retriever MixSammy still loves to be outside, and now that it’s warming up the hose is his favorite plaything after he heats up running around the yard.

Last weekend, Sammy came with us up to NH.  He loved showing fellow foster, Daisy the view of the lake.  It’s his favorite place to take a dip and to retrieve the duck decoy.  I think he likes the lake much better than our purple puddle at home.Chocolate Labrador Retriever MixSammy was also excited to see his human foster sister this week.  He had his helicopter tail running when he first saw her and has been enjoying his playtime and daily walks with her.  Sammy will miss her when she goes back to Pittsburgh this weekend!Chocolate Labrador Retriever Mix

April 4, 2023

Sammy and fellow foster, Daisy have been loving the spring weather!  Between the storms that have been blowing down some fun branches, and the warmer, sunny days, they have been having a great time playing chase and helping FD break down all the sticks for the kindling pile.

Chocolate Labrador Mix Chocolate Labrador MixSammy loves having Daisy around.  They are usually not far from each other when napping, and play nicely both inside and out.  Inside they enjoy a good game of bitey face.Black Labrador Mix Black Labrador Mix

Outside, they like to explore the yard together looking for deer, squirrels and sticks or playing an exuberant game of chase with wrestling mixed in.

FM loves it when they get in a good game of chase and wrestling outside because they are content to just sit on the couch and watch the bird feeder, chew on some toys or take a nap after they come inside. Chocolate Labrador MixDaisy is fast and Sammy has to go all out to catch her and needs a good rest afterwards.

Sammy did have a little mishap yesterday during the morning chase session with Daisy.  When he was coming in for breakfast, I noticed he had a good amount of blood on his paw.  The poor boy somehow broke a dew claw during play so he was off to the vet to get checked out and patched up.  Chocolate Labrador MixSammy was a good boy at the vet.  They had to snip the nail all the way back to the bed which is quite painful.   Chocolate Labrador Mix Chocolate Labrador MixIt was a little tender last night, and he didn’t know what to make of the bandage at first.  He was hopping around on 3 legs trying to shake it off, and wouldn’t put much weight on it. Chocolate Labrador MixI think he’s feeling better today, and is used to having a bandage on his leg.  He’s back to his old self and wanting to play with Daisy again.  Luckily he isn’t on exercise restrictions, and I can take the bandage off tomorrow.chocolate labrador mix

March 9, 2023

chocolate labrador mix Well, I have a lot to report since I last updated.  My little friend Reese moved out, but now I have a great friend named Daisy!  FM says she #23 but she’s the first one for me and I thinks she’s the best!chocolate labrador mixWe spend a lot of time together.  She likes to follow me around a lot but I don’t mind.  She copies everything I do!  FM says it’s because she gets a little nervous when she meets new people and sees new things, and I help her feel braver.  So far, I’ve showed her which window was the best to look for those pesky squirrels.chocolate labrador mixI also showed her where the mice to like to hang out, but she didn’t think it was a good idea for her to climb up there too.chocolate labrador mixIf you ask me, she is pretty spunky.  She likes playing all the games that I like! Her and I love to play chase, tug of war with ropes and the frisbee, bitey face and wrestling.

chocolate labrador mixchocolate labrador mixEven though she’s a little peep squeak compared to me, I let her think she’s real tough.  We usually take turns pinning each other when we wrestle, but I let her think she winning a lot!chocolate labrador mix chocolate labrador mix chocolate labrador mix

We’ve all been going for walks every day together, and playing a lot in the yard.  FM says she likes how we chase each other at high speed and burn up all our energy together.  I thought I was fast but that girl can run.  I definitely have to kick it into high gear to catch her.

FM says I look so happy when I’m running, and guess what I am!  FM also thinks I have the cutest smile when I’m tired from playing.  I’m just thrilled to have such a fun friend in the house.chocolate labrador mix chocolate labrador mixThat’s all for now…  FM says it’s time to eat!  Did I tell you that’s another favorite activity of mine….

February 8, 2023

Hello friends!  Hope all has been going well with you all.  It’s been a few weeks since I last checked in.  Last time I reported, FM had taken in that little pipsqueak Reese.  FM said she wouldn’t be here long, and boy was she right.Chocolate Labrador MixJust when we were becoming the three amigos, FM said that she had been “matched” and was going to her new home in a few days.  Me, Reese and Max were all getting along so good.  That little one had a lot of energy, and we just played and wrestled all day long!  She was great company.  I even decided to let her nap with me because it was getting pretty chilly and she kept me warm.Chocolate Labrador MixChocolate Labrador Mix Chocolate Labrador Mix

After Reese left, FM said that she was going for a sunshine break and that we all needed to relax after having so many puppies with us in a row.  FM said that I was going to get to visit my friends at Kamp, I was hoping I could sneak off with her to that warm, sunshiny place she was talking about…  I didn’t mind too much because when I got to Kamp, I got to play with all the fun people there in the big field and I went on some walks with fellow Brookline foster, Max #29.Chocolate Labrador MixI was really happy when FM and FD came to pick me up.

I couldn’t wait to get back to their house and take a nap.  There was so much to see at Kamp that I really needed a rest when I got back.Chocolate Labrador Mix

I finally got to go back to my training class with FM yesterday after a week break yesterday.  I did really good doing all my commands, and the trainer told FM to drop my leash and walk far away.  There was a bunch of us in class, all sitting together pretty close on our place boards.  A new kid was in class and he didn’t know about staying on the place board when his Mom walked away.  He ran right up to me to say Hello.  I just ignored him because we were busy learning stuff in class, and I was waiting patiently for my treat.  Boy, that kid still has a lot to learn.

I’m back on the job patrolling the yard for deer, squirrels, rabbits and geese.  While we were all away, they must have thought I’d been adopted because they dared to step foot back on my grass instead of sticking to their woods. I found a bunch of good sticks too.Chocolate Labrador MixWell, that’s all for now.  Time for me and Max and FM to go on our afternoon walk!

January 12, 2023

Sammy here reporting in.  Foster Mom said the rescue was on a holiday break so I didn’t need to get on the computer and check in with you all.  I’ve been pretty busy since I last reported in.

My foster friend,  Betty got adopted and moved out but then a week later this tiny pipsqueak named Reese showed up.  She kind of looks like Betty but this girl is about as big as my head!  FM calls her petite.

She was a little scared of me at first, and only wanted to play with my foster brother Max but now we “get” each other.  I just have to be more gentle and lay down when I play with her like Max.

Sometimes she gets brave and plays with me.  It’s so much more fun around here when I have someone who likes to play tug.

Sometimes Reese steals my dog bed but I don’t mind, I just use hers.  chocolate labrador mixMe and Reese and Max go out in the yard a lot to play and explore.  I love being outside!  I like to explore and find out who has been visiting.  We get lots of deer, fox, mice, squirrels, rabbits, and birds of every size.  I let them know that FM doesn’t want them eating her plants!  She says I’m a real good patrol officer.

I’ve still been going to my training class, and I started working on off leash obedience with FM.  We were in a big class with lots of different dogs.  Everyone said I did real good staying at a heel with foster mom and holding my down and sit even when she wasn’t hold the leash in class.  I love going to my socialization class on Saturdays.  It so fun to run around the yard with the other dogs.  I work really hard when I’m at training so I usually can’t keep my eyes open on the ride home.

Well, that’s all for today.  I have to go teach Reese about how to get yummy treats just for sitting down in front of FM when she say “sit.”  She won’t believe how easy it is!  You sit and just give them the eyes and you get a treat.  It works best with foster dad!

November 27, 2022

Hello Everyone!  It’s been a while since I reported in but foster Mom has been busy and hasn’t logged me onto the computer to update you on what’s been happening around here.Chocolate labrador MixI have really been enjoying this fall weather!  I love these temperatures so much more than the summer heat…. and those leaves!  They are just so amazing to roll in, I love the crunch they make.

I am doing really good in my socialization class at K9 Basics.  I had a lot of fun running around with this one guy and his friend. There were a lot of other dogs there but they were my favorite because they wanted to play chase.  My trainer there said she is super proud of how well I did. We also got a homework assignment and we had to go someplace we’d never been before.  FM took me to PetSmart!Chocolate labrador Mix Chocolate labrador Mix Chocolate labrador MixBecause I was having so much fun at the class, foster mom thought it would be fun if we had some little visitors start coming over to play with me.  She says they are fosters too.  First, it was Lady, and now Betty.  I thought they were sisters they looked so much a like but foster mom said no.  Lady was fun.  She really loved to play chase with me and wrestle.  Foster mom says we got along so well because we both are still in puppy mode whatever that means..Chocolate labrador Mix Foster mom says I can’t chase Betty anymore because she hurt her leg when we were playing chase.  I still like to play tug with her and FM says I’m doing a good job of not being too rough.chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverOh, I almost forgot!  Yesterday was my birthday!  I am 2 years old now.  I got this great bone for my gift!  I love it.chocolate labrador mixWell, that’s all for now…  I’m off to play in the leaves, and look for deer and squirrels!

October 18, 2022

Sammy, here, reporting back in on my latest adventures!  Max and I have been mostly hanging out with FM and FD.  Now that it’s getting cooler, FD has been making me fires.  I love sleeping in front of the fire.  Its so cozy!chocolate labrador retriever mixMax and I have been working on who can make the cutest face so they will give us some tasty treats when she’s cutting up stuff for dinner or when FD is eating lunch.  FM only gives us those healthy vegetables but FD is easy to convince to give us some of his lunch.  When we work together, it’s hard for FD to resist.chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mixFoster Mom and Dad took me back to the cottage again.  I really love my time there.  They said this was going to be the last time we would go in a while because they were turning off the water.  Even though it was a little chilly this time, I still went for a dip after our walks.chocolate labrador retriever mixThis time we went for a different hike up a little mountain called PennyRoyal.  When we got to the top, I found a cool rock and leaped up in one bound when FM told me to “place.”  It was a great spot to check out the view.chocolate labrador retriever mix There was all this long grass on the top too, and there were a ton of crickets for me to chase.  FM thought I looked like a bunny hopping straight up in the air above the grass to try and pounce on those crickets.  I tried but I don’t think I caught even one!chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mixWhen we got back, FM said it was going to get a little busy around here because they were getting the house painted, and the chimney fixed.  FM said I did a great job just watching everyone, and not barking.  Though they are fun to watch, me and FD will be glad when they are gone because they sure were noisy sometimes.chocolate labrador retriever mixFM says that I am doing better on my walks after the trainers for K9 Basics came to the house and went for a walk in the neighborhood with me and FM.  FM had people from the neighborhood come out with their dogs, and my Foster Grandma came with her little dog who looks just like a squirrel to me.  It took a few passes, but FM finally started to understand what she needed to do.

I also started this new class at K9 Basics too.  They call it advanced pack socialization.  FM says it’s a class to learn how to play.  I think I play just fine but FM says that sometimes I don’t know when a furry friend is done playing, and this class will teach me more doggie manners.  This Saturday will be my second class so I’m still learning all the rules.  I’ll let you know how it’s going after I’ve been a few times.chocolate labrador retriever mixWell that’s all for now!  FM said that I did  so good in class today that I deserved a special treat.  Time for me to get some chewing on!chocolate labrador retriever mix

September 20, 2022

I am happy to report that FM and FD finally got it together and got video of me at my training class.  FM has been taking me on Tuesday and Saturday, and she tells me that I am doing awesome!  We have started to do more off leash work now too.  FM always says how smart I am.  Let me know what you think!

We went back to the cottage again.  FM and FD said we needed to take the docks out.  I don’t know why they would want to take them out because its really fun sitting in the sun out there to dry off, and the view is amazing!  chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix

My friend Molly came over to play again because her mom, and their friend were helping FM and FD lift the docks that day.  First we went on a walk around the lake.  Molly is a great walking buddy.

While FM, and FD were lifting the docks, Molly and I and foster brother Max had so much fun playing chase and tug with this fake duck.  This was the first time that Molly chased me around and I loved it!  Max even got in on the action, and was chasing Molly too, and playing tug to try and get that duck from me.  After all the fun, I needed a nap.  I convinced FM that I had shrunk and was the perfect lap dog size.chocolate labrador retriever mix

When we got home, I went exploring in the bushes looking for that pesky squirrel that tries to raid the bird feeder.  When I was in there something pinched my face.  I just scratched it off, and went on my way.  This is the second time I got pinched like that.  FM says it was a yellow jacket but I didn’t see anything.  A few minutes later, FM got worried because she said I was swelling.  My face did feel a little funny…chocolate labrador retriever mix

FM said that I should take a Benadryl because she thought I was having an allergic reaction!  I started to believe her when my eyes started getting all itchy and puffy too! She said it would start to work soon so I took a nap.  I don’t know why I got so sleepy!chocolate labrador retriever mix

When I woke up, I felt a lot better and FM said the Benadryl worked because I wasn’t so puffy anymore.  I was hungry for my lunch too!  FM knew I was feeling okay because I ate it right up!chocolate labrador retriever mix

FM says we are going to have to watch out for those yellow jacket things now since it looks like they make me go all puffy.  I don’t want that to happen again! FM says I’m all back to normal and handsome as ever.chocolate labrador retriever mixTalk to you all later.  It looks like I need to get back to chasing off those pesky squirrels again!chocolate labrador retriever mix

September 8, 2022

Sammy here back again, reporting in!chocolate labrador retriever mixWe have been busy around here again.  My fun foster sister moved back to college in Pittsburgh, and my really tall foster brother graduated college in Pittsburgh so he’s back here with me now.  We traded one for another.  He’s fun too.  He likes to play tug with me with my new Jolly ball, and plays chase and hide and seek with me outside.  He’s really fast and he likes to chase me so we have a great time outside, especially since it has cooled off!

I really missed foster Mom when she went to Pittsburgh.  I followed her around and sat right next to her (she said she thought I could find a more comfortable spot but I didn’t care)chocolate labrador retriever mixand gave her lots of kisses when I could reach.  chocolate labrador retriever mixI always try to make FM laugh.  The other day she gave me an old magazine since she knows I love to rip up paper, she thought it was the funniest thing when I was showing her the piece I ripped off upside down.  It’s the small things that amuse her.  ha ha.

After Foster Mom did all the moving, we headed back up to NH.  I rode in the back with my furry foster brother, Max.  chocolate labrador retriever mixI’m always a really good rider in the back when FM drives chocolate labrador retriever mixbut I sometimes try to convince foster Dad to tell FM to sit in the back with Max, but FM heard me whispering this time and said “No Way”!chocolate labrador retriever mixI had a great time hiking and swimming again, and I got to see my furry friend Molly again.  This time that we were there, I jumped right up on to this great big rock FM and FD call Mt. Hummingbird.  They were really impressed that I got up there in one leap!  I had a great view of the lake from up there.  FM said I looked just like Simba (whoever that is!)chocolate labrador retriever mixI really love being outside in NH because it’s not so hot and humid there.  All that outside time really wears me out, so when we got back to PA, I was ready for a nap!  I’ll check back in again soon!chocolate labrador retriever mix

August 19, 2022

Hello!  Sorry for the delay but I’ve been really busy!chocolate labrador retriever mixFoster Mom and Dad have been taking me to class every Tuesday and Saturday to keep working on all the things  I learned at camp.  FM was super impressed my last class.  The instructor had all of us trainees (there was about 15 of us) lined up in the middle of the road and one by one each of us and our people had to zig zag in between each other all the way down the line.  While I was waiting for my turn, all I had to do was just lay down next to where foster mom was standing. chocolate labrador retriever mixFoster Mom kept on calling me a good boy, and giving me treats while all I had to do was watch the other guys walk by, Wow was that easy!  I was 3rd from the last to go, and everyone started clumping closer together so me and FM didn’t have a lot of room to do our zigging and zagging.  Foster Dad was watching but totally forgot to get a video!  They both said that they were so proud of how I just did my zigging and zagging, and took my treats while I was listening to FM about sticking close and heeling while we walked down the line.  I think I did the best out of everyone!!chocolate labrador retriever mixWe went up to the cottage again in NH and this time, my foster siblings came with us!  It was so much fun.

I definitely liked NH better than hot and humid PA especially since there’s that big pond to cool off in!  I had a lot of fun playing with a big red ball that my foster brother said is really for horses.  I don’t think horses have as much fun as I do though!

My other favorite things to do were to play fetch in the water, and go duck bobbing, it makes foster mom laugh every time I blew bubbles out of my nose.

I got really tired after playing all day in the water and hiking on the trail around the lake so I also liked to nap on the porch or dry of in the sun chair.chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mixThey had this big floating thing that made a lot of noise this time we were here.  I watch FM from the dock when she took my foster siblings out.  FD said they were going tubing but I thought FM was going past the dock way too fast and I let her know.  FD said it was okay so I just watched them go around and around after that.  Later, FD wanted to take me out on the boat. FM promised she’d go slow.  It was actually really fun, and I saw lots of new things all around the lake.chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mixMy foster brother Max liked to go frog and salamander hunting with me.

Max also introduced me to his friend Molly!  I really liked her!  We went for walks together, and hunted for frogs, and salamanders with all the kids that came to visit.

chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix

We also went to this fun thing called a family reunion.  I saw lots of new things.  I met my foster cousins too, some were furry like me, some had feathers, and some were fun to play ball with.chocolate labrador retriever mixchocolate labrador retriever mixMy two furry foster cousins loved to play just like me!  We had a lot of fun together.

chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mixI’m glad I got to meet them this time.  They even let me use their little blue puddle!chocolate labrador retriever mixWell, that’s all for now!  Talk to you all soon…chocolate labrador retriever mix

July 22, 2022

I know, I know, I haven’t told you what’s been going on for a while.  Foster Mom and Dad were doing some traveling and had me go to this fun place called K9 Basics.  I learned so much in 3 weeks, and met a lot of really cool friends. chocolate labrador retriever mixWhen foster Mom and Dad, and my foster sister got there, I showed them everything that I learned and the trainer taught them all the new words that I learned.  FM thought she taught me a lot but she was so impressed with what I’d learned there.  She says she’s going to get video of me real soon to show off how good I am with all my new words!  I know “Place, Heel, Sit, Down, Quiet, Come, Off, and Break.”  I like break the best because that’s when I get to play!chocolate labrador retriever mixI was so happy when I got in the car to go back to my foster home.  My foster sister loved getting snuggles from me.chocolate labrador retriever mixAfter being away for so long, I couldn’t wait to hop in my nice soft bed and take a nap!  I was so happy to get back to my foster home. FM said I was smiling in my sleep.chocolate labrador retriever mixI can’t believe how hot it’s been this week!  FM and FD said that we’d be going back to the lake soon but for right now I had to cool off in this tiny purple puddle.  I don’t really mind as long as the water is cool.  I get so hot playing fetch.

Well that’s all for now, it’s time for me to play!  FM promised that she will get those videos of me.  I can’t wait to show you what I can do!chocolate labrador retriever mix

June 19, 2022

This is Sammy reporting back in to fill you in on what’s been happening around here.chocolate labrador retriever mixNow that the weather is getting hot, FM has been taking me for walks earlier in the morning, and after dinner when it is cooler.  I hate going for walks when it’s really hot!  When it’s hot, I just head straight for a shady spot under a tree, and plop right down, and try my best to make FM take a break.  FM lets me cool off for a bit but then says we have to keep going.  I make her cut the walks short when I think it’s too hot!  Thankfully, she gives me a bowl full of water and ice when we get home. I’m glad that we go out now in the morning when it’s cooler. My foster brothers also like the shade just like me and they know where all the coolest spots are!chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mixWe’ve gone back up to the cottage in NH a couple of times.  FM and FD say I’m great in the car.  I don’t mind the long ride, sometimes I look out the big window in front and the rest of the time I catch up on my sleep.

chocolate labrador retriever mixI love it there now that all the pesky black flies are gone.  We can stay outside all day and it’s cooler there then in PA.  I love going for walks on the trail around the lake especially since FM takes me on the long leash.  There’s so much to smell.  My favorite part is jumping in the lake to cool off after we get back from the walk, bobbing for sticks,  oh and hunting for chipmunks!chocolate labrador retriever mix

The dock is great to hang out on after a swim.  FM and FD just set up the lounge chairs.  I was hanging out with FD to keep him company, but I had more space on my own chair to sunbathe and dry out.chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mixMe and FD like to sit on the couch on the screen porch together and watch the hummingbirds at the feeder.  FM always laughs and says we look like twins. chocolate labrador retriever mix The porch is great for watching what’s going on out in the lake.  Those noisy boats always get my attention but FM says I’m doing better at not barking at them anymore.chocolate labrador retriever mix

I’m starting to get used to seeing people out my favorite window too.  FM and FD have been teaching me “quiet.”  They said it’s okay to let them know that someone is out there but when they say “quiet,” I should know that they saw the person, and I don’t need to bark anymore.  Sometimes, it’s hard to remember, especially when I see dogs or deer going by, but hey, isn’t that my job!

My foster sister is back from college, and I really like playing with her.  FM says that sometimes I get too pushy with her when she’s all done playing.  FM says that I need to learn that I’m not the boss of the house, and people can’t always do what I want.  She says I need to learn that about other dogs too.  I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t just do what I want all the time…  FM says I’ve learned a lot here, but I still need to work on not being so bossy.chocolate labrador retriever mix

Even though FM says I’m sometimes bossy, she also says that she loves how I like to keep her, and everyone else company, especially when we are sitting outside on the patio. chocolate labrador retriever mixFD thought it was great when I pretended to be a parrot.  I really got everyone laughing.chocolate labrador retriever mixchocolate labrador retriever mixFM said she likes it better when I just sit next to her.  I really do love being around my people and just hanging out.chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix

May 25, 2022

Hello!  Sammy here checking in.  I just wanted to let you know what I’ve been doing over the last few weeks.

Not much new going on here in PA.  I hang out with Foster Dad when he’s working in his office. FD’s great especially since I’ve trained him to give me a bite of his granola and yogurt in the morning, and a lick of his plate at lunch. FM says he shouldn’t but he can’t help it when I give him that look.chocolate labrador retriever mixI’ve been going on my walks with FM, and Jet and Max but now that it’s getting warmer, I don’t like to stay out as long and like resting in the cool grass under the trees.  I’d rather just hang out in the yard, and look for those pesky squirrels but FM says we can’t stay out there all day (which I’d love to do) because she has work to do. There have been lots of deer, and now they have some really tiny ones too.  They can’t run as fast so foster mom has been keeping me on leash because she thinks I might catch one!  There has also been more fox slinking around out back.  I always let FM know they are there with a few barks, and I really ring that bell too.  It always gets her attention.  FM says we’ve been seeing a lot of animals out back since because of my bell ringing.  She never knew we had such a variety out there, deer, fox, squirrel, skunk, mink, geese and turkey!  I caught sight of them all trespassing, and let her knowchocolate labrador retriever mixA few weeks ago, Foster Mom and Dad told me that we were going to a place called the cottage because they had to get some work done and open it up.  They said that we were going to go on a long drive to get there.  The ride was long, and boring.  I spent my time sleeping and looking out of the front window.  FM’s arm was a comfy spot to sleep on.  I dozed off a couple of times while I was watching things go by out the front window. FM said I was a great passenger for the ride to NH.chocolate labrador retriever mixWhen we got there, FM and FD took me on a walk around the lake.  Boy was that fun!  There was so much on the trail to sniff.  I really liked walking on the long leash, I could really explore everything.chocolate labrador retriever mix

After the walk FM took me in the lake.  I really surprised her when I jumped right in and starting swimming around.  She yelled to FD to start filming.  It was so fun splashing around and looking for fish, salamanders, and diving for sticks and floating leaves.chocolate labrador retriever mix

Another day, I swam right out to FM on a float and she let me climb up and we floated around for a while.  It was so relaxing until this party boat floated by with some noisy bulldogs.  I jumped back in and swam after them because I thought they want to play and gave FM a ride on the tube.  They were too fast for me so we decided to go back after I had a good swim. After the swim, I found a great spot on the porch to dry off and chew a stick I found in the water. chocolate labrador retriever mixFM said that is my furry foster brother’s favorite spot too.  You get dried off in the sun but can see everything happening on the lake.chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mixThere sure is a lot to see there for such a quiet place.  My favorite thing to sniff out was the chipmunks.  They were all over the place and had a bunch of tunnels I liked to dig up.  It was fun watching the action from the screened in porch, especially when all those pesky bugs started coming out!

chocolate labrador retriever mixThere’s so many different birds to watch when I’m on the porch.  I saw hummingbirds, woodpeckers, and robins. chocolate labrador retriever mixFM said there are loons too but I only saw a wooden one.  They sure are weird looking!

I had a great time at the cottage, all the action sure did keep me busy and it really tired me out.  They had a super comfy couch to sleep on in the porch and the one in the family room wasn’t bad either.chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix

I was really happy to see my foster brothers when I got back and told them all about my trip.  I think they even missed me a little!

FM and FD took another trip but they said it was too far away for me to go with them so I stayed at Kamp again.  It was so fun to see my friend Virginia.  She took me out in the yard to play, and let me meet Brookline foster, Buster.chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mixIt was fun at Kamp but I was so happy to jump in the car with my two human foster sisters when they came to pick me up.chocolate labrador retriever mixI haven’t seen one of my foster sister’s in a while because she’s been somewhere called College.  I haven’t seen her in a long time but I’m really glad she’s back!  She got me some new toys, and like to play with me.  We play fetch and tug.  I bring her toys when she looks bored, and I have fun playing with her.

She really nice and will even hold my chew toys and bones and antlers for me so I can get just the right angle to chew them. chocolate labrador retriever mixFM told me that we are going back to the cottage soon with Jet and Max so I’ll update again after we come back!

April 25, 2022chocolate labrador retriever mix

Sammy is still waiting patiently for his forever home.  He is a very loyal, and loves to join his people in whatever they are doing.  He likes to hang out on the bed when I fold laundry, perch on the counter stool when we drink our morning coffee, and snuggle on the couch when we are just hanging out watching T.V. chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix

We discovered that on top of being a huge fan of ice cubes, he also loves an occasional olive.  Sammy takes treats very gently!

Sammy loves spending time outside, and would do best with a fenced yard so that he can just hang out sunbathing and looking for wildlife.  He’s a great companion when I am gardening, and will gladly help pull out weeds and dig some holes.

chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix

April 11, 2022

chocolate labrador retriever mixSammy continues to do well in our home, and is progressing nicely.  I am happy to report that Sammy has graduated to a regular leash on his walks!!  When we first got him, I had to use a chain leash because he would grab and pull at a regular nylon leash.  Those days are now over, and Sammy walks very nicely with a regular leash.  Good boy Sammy!!

Sammy and I also met with a K9 trainer.  He showed me what I need to work on with Sammy this week to keep his focus on me when we are on walks.  We started on the inside aka no distractions training this weekend to teach him “watch,” and I was really impressed with how he kept a loose leash and would look me in the eye when we were on our walk.  I am confident that we are going to be able to walk past another dog on leash without Sammy becoming over excited in no time.chocolate labrador retriever mixWe are working on solidifying his “come” when out in the yard.  He is back on the long leash temporarily because now that the days are getting nicer, he wants to stay outside, and I was having a hard time rounding him up to go back inside when it was time.  I was getting some good exercise trying to wrangle a leash on him since he is not one to be tricked.  A big bowl of ice worked when he was hot!chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix

Sammy was happy to get a a new squirrel puzzle.  He loves stuffies but unfortunately two of the three squirrels didn’t stay together long.  LOL!  I do restuff the “skins” with squeaky balls, and he enjoys the challenge of getting the furry shell off the squeakers again.



chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mixSammy is still waiting to find the right adopters.  An active adopter who will take on a confident leadership role will be rewarded with a loyal, loving, independent, and entertaining young dog. chocolate labrador retriever mix


March 3, 2022

Hello!  This is Sammy again reporting in.  I’ve been keeping my foster family busy with this new trick that I learned.  I noticed that every time I bumped into this round thing on the door, a bell rang, and FM said, yes, gave me a treat, and we went outside! Now when I want to go outside, I really start banging on that thing, and someone usually comes to see what’s going on.  FM thinks it’s funny when I start banging on it when I see the deer.  She usually lets me chase them off because she hates when they come in the yard and poop because my foster brothers like to eat it.  I can’t lie….so do I!  Anyway, like I said she doesn’t mind because I stay in my yard, and they disappear back into the woods.  She says I’m a great help, and maybe those pesky deers won’t eat all of her perennials.

I’m really happy that I don’t have to wear a leash out in the yard anymore!  I love playing fetch with FM in the yard.  She usually takes me out to play after breakfast, and after lunch, and later in the afternoon for about 30 minutes.  It’s so fun, and I run my fastest to get the ball.  Usually,  I want to stay out longer but FM gets me to come in by getting me some ice cubes.  I really love ice cubes!

In the afternoon, I have a favorite perch that I like to sit in.  I love the nice afternoon sun,  and  watching the birds on the feeder and looking for the dog walkers that start coming out around 3pm.  I’ve been letting FM know when I see Otto, the basset hound out there by ringing that bell.  She says that I’m so smart but never lets me out, but she does give me a treat when I go back to my perch to wait for him to walk by again on the way home!chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mixWhen FM is cooking dinner, I found this great spot under the oven.  There’s all this warm air that blows out!  It’s the perfect place to take a nap when it’s chilly outside. chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mixAfter dinner, we always relax in the family room.  Sometimes, FD likes to put on lots of different youtube videos.  Usually, he plays the same music videos from the 70’s and 80’s, those always make me fall asleep. chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mixOther times, he puts on these great videos for me and my foster brothers.  FD likes the howling videos the most.  It always gets him laughing when my foster brothers join in, I’m just wondering out what all the noise is about!

Well, that’s all for this update! Thanks for checking in..chocolate labrador retriever mix

February 4, 2022

Hello!  This is Sammy reporting in.  My foster Mom said I could let you all know what’s been going on since her last update.chocolate labrador retriever mixFoster Mom and Dad decided they were going to go on a weekend trip to someplace warm, and told me that I was going to get to go to Kamp for five days.  I was a little bit skeptical at first because I love my daily routine of walks, playtime, and getting fun puzzles to solve but they assured me I’d have a great time.  And guess what?  I did and I got to do all that fun stuff there too!chocolate labrador retriever mixI met this nice lady, Virginia who took me on walks, and I got to see all the other dogs playing out in this great fenced play area!  She told me we were practicing to see how nicely I could walk by.  I guess I did very well because we walked back and forth by them for about 5 minutes, and I didn’t once bark or react and I just kept sniffing for the treats I would find on the ground.  I also got to run around in the big fenced yard and Oh boy was that fun!chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mixFoster Mom checked in to see how I was doing each day.  When she got home she said she’d love for me to go to a place called the beach.  She said since I love going in the water, I’d probably love chasing after all those waves.  I hope my new family will take me there one day.  It looks so fun!chocolate labrador retriever mixThe best thing that happened while I was in Kamp was that it snowed!  I love the snow and ice.  I love jumping, and running, and rolling in it.  I especially love to eat it!  FM and FD know that ice is one of my favorite treats.  It was so fun catching little bits of snow in my mouth!chocolate labrador retriever mixI also had a lot of fun with the Kamp counselors.  They took me out in the yard everyday, and we played with balls.  I was so happy just running, and playing there.chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mixWhen I got home, I was excited to see my foster family again.  I got to play ball.  FM has been teaching me to “give” her the ball, and she told me that I am getting really good at giving it back to her nicely!

We also got this fun new snuffle mat from a nice lady in our rescue.  She told FM that they are available on the Brookline Etsy store.  I hope some of you get one because I give them a 10 for fun!  Boy, do I love to work with my nose and find that kibble.  FM says that the puzzles and food games are good for me because I am so smart and love to investigate, I definitely think she’s got that right.  FM showed me the video of the snuffle mat and I can see why they call it a snuffle mat! I didn’t know I was sniffing that hard.

Well, that’s all I can think to tell you now, but I hope FM let’s me write another update again!


January 11, 2022

Sammy has had a fun few weeks with Christmas and the recent snowfall.  chocolate labrador retriever mixSanta Claus was really good to Sammy to reward him for all his hard work over the last couple of months.  Sammy got some puzzle toys which he really loves trying to figure out. He got the easy, and medium puzzle in no time.  Below is Sammy trying to figure out the hard puzzle.  He’s still working on the best way to pull out the drawers. 🙂

My mom got him a stuffy squeaky turtle that is meant to be ripped apart to find another toy inside.  Sammy loves squeaky stuffed animals, and was carrying them around, tossing and squeaking them for most of the day, and took a nap with them after a lot of playing. chocolate labrador retriever mixAfter his nap, he was ready to get the squeaker out of the middle like he does with every other stuffed toy!  To his surprise, there was another fun squeaky ball inside of the turtle.

Sammy is great at entertaining himself especially if you give him a toy that’s been hiding in the toy box for a few weeks.  He has a great time kicking the noise ball around like a soccer ball, and trying his hardest to get his mouth around it so he can carry it away.

His favorite toy is a squeaky ball rope toy.  It’s his go to toy when he’s ready to play fetch.  When we come in the door, we have taught him to direct his excitement to the toy box by the door, and he usually finds this toy and brings it to the person coming home.  He is always making us laugh when he gets a foot or two in the loops and comes bounding back all caught up and bucking like a Bronco.  We think he does it on purpose as part of his game with the toy.

Sammy was really excited the other morning to wake up to snow.  He was plowing his nose through it, and licking it up.  He had a great time playing chase with Jet and Max in the new powdery snow.  My guys were soaked at the end of the play session but Sammy’s fur seems made for the snow.  No snow stuck to him and he easyily shook it off after taking a nice roll in it.chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix

Sammy is also quite the scent dog, and was following all the critters trails in the snow.  Even though he was hot on the trail of something interesting, I was really proud of him when he stopped at his electric fence boundary.  He really enjoyed searching out the scent under the snow!

When Sammy was outside alone, he entertained himself by playing hide and seek with his ball in the snow.

Since the snow is starting to melt and turning into ice balls, Sammy has been in heaven.  He absolutely loves ice cubes and comes running when he hears someone getting ice for a drink.  I’ve even used an ice cube as a high value treat for Sammy when I need him to drop something he should have like a sock or a scarf.  Every time we go out on a walk, Sammy treats himself to a few ice balls from the grass.

Sammy is working hard on his training, and is getting better at his impulse control.  We are always working on drop it, and leave it, as these are two important commands for both safety and fun.  When Sammy arrived, he did a lot of resource guarding and would snatch a toy off the floor when we were playing fetch.  Sammy now actually brings bones to us to hold for him, and can eat right next to my resident dogs.chocolate labrador retriever mixHe now understands that we will not play with him until he drops the ball near us, and sits down.  He really likes playing with people and getting good behavior treats so he is pretty consistently doing well with both.

We have been watching a lot of training videos lately to find the best ways to help Sammy with his impulse control and on leash dog reactivity. chocolate labrador retriever mixSammy is very interested in learning from the experts, and enjoys watching the other dogs on T.V. and is picking up some tips too!

Sammy continues to enjoy looking out the window, and can usually be found in this spot mid afternoon to watch for the walkers, or waiting for me when I go out on an errand.chocolate labrador retriever mix

Sammy continues to enjoy his snuggle time with my daughter after she gets home from a hard day of counseling in a Philly SD.

chocolate labrador retriever mixHe is starting to give out lots of kisses and snuggles to the whole family, and is a very good boy when it comes to putting on his leash to go out.

chocolate labrador retriever mixWe are still working on teaching him alternative communication methods as he can become over excited, and mouthy when he is trying to tell you that he needs or wants something or when he is trying to get your attention to play.  Although this is still a work in progress, he has come very far!  Sammy thrives on routine, and is a happy boy with predictability.  He would do great in a calm, quite home with a predictable environment.chocolate labrador retriever mixSammy is also the king of funny poses.  I wonder how some of these positions are actually comfortable!chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix







December 1, 2021

Sammy has had a very busy few weeks.  We are still working on his training for stranger and dog reactivity and continue to see progress.chocolate labrador retriever mixSammy has really gotten used to his daily schedule.  He is excited for his long walk in the morning, and will entertain himself through the day.  He gets a couple sniff sessions out in the yard, and likes to lay in the sunshine.  I just had Invisible Fence flags installed in the yard to start training him to the electric fence.  If all goes well, he should be able to have some fun ball sessions outside in the yard soon.  He loves to be outside and explore so having a fenced yard would give him the freedom to run and explore on his own. Sammy decided that he wanted a bedroom of his own, and picked our walk in closet on his own.  He chooses to sleep in there on his dog bed every night.  Each morning, he hops into our bed around 5:30-6am, and snuggles up until the alarm goes off so he can get his morning kisses and scratches.  I guess my husband’s snoring must have bothered his beauty sleep….  LOL. Sammy isn’t picky about where he sleeps.  He even likes to snuggle up in his previous puppy bed or on my foot.chocolate labrador retriever mixchocolate labrador retriever mixI am happy to report that on walks Sammy can now walk by strangers easily and checks in with me as we are passing.  He still gets excited when he sees other dogs walking towards him, but can walk past yards when dogs are out without any issues.  If I see a dog coming ahead, I move Sammy onto the grass until he is at a distance where he can sit and watch the other dog pass by without any pulling or barking.  He has been doing really well with this, and is listening to correction. chocolate labrador retriever mixHe’s been doing so well in the neighborhood that we felt he was ready for a Tyler Park outing.  At the park, he easily passed by lots of people and did okay with correction when he saw other dogs approaching.  Each time, we moved off the path until he was at a comfortable distance to sit and watch them go by without any pulling or barking.  He was very interested in the two horses that we passed but only looked and didn’t bark.  I’m really proud of Sammy and how much he has progressed!  I’m hoping to get him into a training class shortly to continue to work on his dog to dog interactions.chocolate labrador retriever mixOver Thanksgiving, we had a lot of people at our home so we had many opportunities to expose him to strangers. Two of my college aged kids came home for break, my brother and his wife came in from Oregon on the same day and stayed with us for 10 days, my sister in-law and brother in-law came for a visit, and I had a friend’s family (8 people of all sizes and ages) over for our annual flag football game, Thanksgiving morning, and my Mom and Dad came for Thanksgiving dinner.  Sammy met everyone, and did well meeting everyone.  Sammy would occasionally bark at my brother in the house.  We figured out, he only did it when my brother was wearing a winter hat/sunglasses/glasses inside, and made a quick gesture towards Sammy.  He would also bark when he was carrying a glass with ice in it.  Sammy really likes ice, and I think he thought he could get it when he barked at him for it.  Every time, it happened, we corrected him, and he would be easily redirected to a toy.  The good news is that due to all the guests, the vacuum was running a lot so he is now an expert at ignoring it!

Sammy is learning to trust to people.  The more he meets people of all different shapes and sizes, the more he will learn how to meet new people in his home appropriately.Sammy continues to do well with my resident dogs.  My resident dogs have even started to let him sleep along side them on the floor and in the giant dog bed with Max.chocolate labrador retriever mixchocolate labrador retriever mixOver Thanksgiving break, I babysat Sammy’s sister, and my former foster, Penny.  They had a blast together.  Sammy is usually pretty quiet, and calm in the house but when Penny came to visit there was always activity going on.

chocolate labrador retriever mixSammy on occasion would become too excited, after Penny was done playing but he mostly listened to Penny’s corrections.  On the occasions that he decided he wanted to keep playing after Penny told him no, we could redirect him with correction, and he would go to his bed for kibble.  They loved playing chase outside and tug with each other inside, and Sammy would bring a ball over to Penny to try to initiate play.

They played “I want, what you’ve got” with balls, toys and chews but would only take something when the other one dropped it.  I was impressed with their manners.  They were always watching what the other one was doing, sibling rivalry!  LOL.  It was fun to celebrate their first Birthday together on November 26!chocolate labrador retriever mix

Sammy really loved all his new squeakers.

Sammy really enjoyed having Penny here and they took a lot of naps from all their playing, and were still ready for bed at the end of the day!chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mixNora, Sammy and Penny’s Mom also stopped in one day for a visit.  We had each of them reunite individually with their Mom.  On a short leash, Sammy was over excited but when we let them play together on a long leash, he did much better one on one.

chocolate labrador retriever mixDuring outdoor play, Sammy tends to get more over excited and it is harder for him to listen to correction and redirection.  As he learns self control, and leave it better, I think Sammy would love to play chase outside with a large, energetic and easy going friend.

We have tried to introduce Sammy to my mom’s little terrier mix two times but I think he still sees her as a pesky squirrel.  Outside on a walk, he can walk parallel with her but gets over excited if he gets within sniffing distance.chocolate labrador retriever mixSammy is a sweet boy who loves to play fetch, and get butt and belly scratches and kisses.  He loves his people, and is always super excited to see them after they have been out.  He is also independent, and trustworthy inside.  Sammy is working on his self control with strangers and dogs, and soon will be the best boy ever!chocolate labrador retriever mix

November 15, 2021

chocolate labrador retriever mixSammy continues to work hard on his manners here.  He had been doing a little bit of counter surfing when there were food items on the counter, but he does listen to correction and jumps down, and is getting much better with his self control.  I can now walk away from food items on the counter and he sits like a good boy.  I was getting his lick pad ready, and walked away to test him out and he passed with flying colors!

This weekend was busy for Sammy.  On Saturday, he met several new people.  He came outside with me to meet The Fence Guys contractor that came to give me an estimate.  The contractor loves dogs so was comfortable with me working on training with Sammy while he was there.  Sammy was pulling to go over to him but I kept Sammy at a distance until he was walking nicely around the yard  while the contractor was using his measuring wheel.  By the time he was done, Sammy was totally comfortable with him and walked up to him nicely, sniffed him and then walked nicely beside him back to his car.chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mixAfter that appointment, we hopped in the car and headed to Philly to meet another volunteer to pick up some things for the Rescue.  Sammy was a lot more apprehensive in the strange environment meeting new people.  He did take treats but was never quite comfortable with them.  I think all the excitement wore him out and he fell asleep sitting up on the ride back home.chocolate labrador retriever mixOn Sunday, Penny, Sammy’s sister, came over for a quick playdate.  I think they recognized each other right away as neither one barked when they saw each other and their tails were non stop wagging.  As babies, Penny and Sammy were always together.  You could always find them snuggled up together sleeping or playing with each other.

chocolate labrador retriever mix

They had so much fun playing and their energy levels and play styles matched perfectly.  Sammy listened to Penny’s cues, and by the end Sammy was the one who was completely worn out!  It was great to see them having so much fun! They both had big smiles on their faces.

chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix

Sammy did a good job meeting Penny’s adoptive mom, and sister.  He walked right up to them, and wasn’t worried about them at all.  He just gave them a sniff, and walked away to play with Penny.  Penny must have let him know they were great! After Penny left, Sammy was ready for a nap!chocolate labrador retriever mixSammy is settling in and learning the rules and the house routines.  He will hang out with me in the office, and entertain himself with chew toys, and make him self comfortable on his bed.  Sammy is great at entertaining himself.

chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix

I’m really proud of this handsome boy.  He really has come a long way quite quickly. chocolate labrador retriever mix


November 10, 2021

Sammy has been in my foster care for a week.  I am seeing progress with Sammy.  Everyday, his reaction out on walks to strangers is reducing.  Sunday, he passed by a someone raking without any concerns, and today we did a close pass by a landscaper that was standing next to his truck on the street, and he walked by easily, checking in with me for kibble.  We also saw a neighbor that he hasn’t met.  While she was standing, talking to me, we approached and he accepted pets and plopped on his back on her feet.  He was excited and was jumpy but it was a happy jump.  We finished our walk together, and Sammy trotted happily along next to her. Sammy tends to get most excited when people are walking towards him on the road.  When I see him getting excited, we move away until I can get him to listen to sit, and he is not pulling towards them.  He is a work in progress, but progress is happening!

Monday, I had my mom come and visit him.  He did initially bark at her sitting in car with the window down but he was not over the top or escalating so I was able to redirect him to sit, and he stopped barking.  She tossed kibble out the window, then he approached her to get kibble from her hand.  She was able to get out of the car and walk into our house without any issues and Sammy trotted next to her on the way in. Inside, he was more than happy to sit by her, and listened to her commands.  We discovered that he knows “paw.  I never ask for paw because I find that once they know it gets them food, they become annoying with slapping at me.  LOL  He also did a very good down.



He was a little hesitant to initially get petted but by the end of the quick visit, he was rolling over for belly rubs.

He also did really well on Monday on our afternoon walk.  A little girl scootered up behind us, and he got excited but he didn’t bark and I could redirect him to a sit and then continue on with his walk.  He does get more excited when he sees little people, and will pull towards them  so we are still working on that.  We have plenty of kids, and I walk in the mornings and afternoon when the buses are active so he is getting a lot of exposure to learn impulse control. We also saw a walker with two dogs ahead of us later in the walk.  He got excited and wanted to catch up, and was pulling but he listened to sit, so we could try good walking again.  We had to repeat several times but he was able to stay in control, and did not escalate in his excitement. The landscapers came and Sammy watched them out the window without barking.

Tuesday, we were out in the yard and my neighbor was in his driveway.  Although Sammy has never met him or seen him, Sammy sat on our property line and watched him, and didn’t bark even though he was on a bike.  He did pull to see where he was going but I could easily redirect him.



We are working on his reactivity to vacuums.  He seems to see the vacuum as a plaything, and was barking at it and trying to pounce on it and grab it.  I’m teaching him to go to his bed when it is out.  He learned quickly today when we worked on it.


I’m really happy with the progress he is making, and think he can transition to a reactivity experienced adoptive home very soon. He would do best as an only dog. He is not a furniture sitter when we are in the LR and prefers to curl up on the dog bed.  He does like sleeping on the end of the bed, and sleeps through from bedtime until morning.  He’s very playful, and loves to play fetch with a ball.  He would do best in a home with patient, and consistent owner who is home to work on training and with only teen or older children that are dog experienced or no children as if you allow him to get over excited, he can be mouthy.  This is something that has significantly decreased over the past week, and with continued training can be trained out. Sammy is enjoying his walks, and he loves to be outside and roll in the grass and lounge in the sunshine.

He settles best and is on his best behavior with 1 long (3mi) walk, and two  (1-2mi) short walks, plus indoor play if an adopter does not have a fenced yard or a long walk and active outdoor play in a fenced yard a few times a day.

November 3, 2021

Sammy has been back with us for almost 24 hrs now and he seems to be settling in already.  Sammy‘s adopters were struggling with stranger reactivity with Sammy, and quite a bit of stubbornness, as well as over the top play/fear aggression with other dogs.
chocolate labrador retriever mixI guess Sammy must have remembered us here because he greeted me, my 26 yo daughter and my husband with a wagging tail and kisses.  It’s amazing and wonderful that he did remember us.  I guess all those weeks of bottle feeding, and 24/7 supervision really do make an unbreakable connection.

When he arrived, I took him straight out for a 3 mile walk.  I did encounter his stubbornness when he wanted to investigate something on our walk and I wanted to keep walking.  He was grabbing at the leash and flopping on the ground making quite a scene.  I switched him out of the front clip harness he came in to a martingale collar, and held the leash out of his reach behind his head.  Once he realized, the game was done, and that he got kibble when he was a good walker, I was able to finish the walk without issue.  He was hesitant when we passed by houses where dogs were out but walked on without too much fuss, again for good walking kibble.
chocolate labrador retriever mixAfter the walk, he met my resident dogs outside and again made quite a fuss about following the rules about leash biting, and pulling, and was very over stimulated.  We put my dogs back inside, and let him sniff around the yard.  After he was settled and was walking nicely, we brought him to my office to decompress and do a little playing off leash.  The office is in an isolated area of the house and I am able to create a two door system to keep everyone separated easily.  chocolate labrador retriever mixSammy responds really well to “sit” and I worked with him throughout the day to sit at the gate and the second entrance door each time we were going to go through it to go out to pee and our before dinner walk. Each time we left, my resident dogs were out of sight.  He picked up sitting and waiting for me to go through the door first quickly.  We kept him separated in the in law suite until after dinner and then did another introduction to the resident labs inside, through the gate while he was on leash.  This time, I was able to have him sit on one side of the gate while my two sat on the other side of the gate.  Everyone stayed pretty calm, and Sammy listened well when I asked him to sit again if he got up to approach the gate.  We called my boys out of that area, and I walked him out on leash, and again everyone sniffed and if Sammy was doing a little too much sniffing, he was asked to sit, and once the sniffing was done he walked away readily with me on leash.  I let him explore the house and check out all the different rooms.  My resident labs kept their distance and let Sammy explore alone.  We settled in the LR, and Sammy occupied his time on his bed with a bone next to me while on leash.  Jet even came over and laid down on the other side of me, and I could keep a leashed Sammy occupied with toys, and lots of scratches, and ICE CUBES!  He absolutely loves ice cubes.
chocolate labrador retriever mixHe slept well through the night in our bedroom.  I took Sammy out separately in the morning from the resident labs, and then brought him back to the office for breakfast.  He ate all his food in the office while it was the resident dogs turn to go out and get served their breakfast.  After breakfast, we did another introduction through the gate, and things went even better than the night before.  When I took him out of the in law suite, he walked right by the resident labs and out to the kitchen to the toys and his dog bed.  He played on leash with some squeaky toys and chewed on bones one his bed while we had our coffee.  After breakfast, I took him out on a 3 mile run.  We did come across another walker with a dog in the distance, and again his stubbornness came out.  He was much too interested in the walker, and he wanted to walk towards the walker but we were headed in another direction.  After some leash grabbing and flopping again, I was able to reposition his leash out of reach, and redirect his attention back to good walking/running.  This episode didn’t last as long as yesterday, so I’m definitely seeing positive progress already.  After his run, I gave him a lick pad in the office while I took my boys on their walk.  When I got back he was sitting in his dog bed.  Good boy Sammy!
chocolate labrador retriever mixHe came out of the office for a bit of socialization, and a pee break.  He saw my neighbors outside, along with their dog.  He gave a bark but he easily redirected to walking around the yard, and didn’t do any leash grabbing.  He headed back into the office, and settled while I did some work around the house.  When I came back in the office, he was on his bed resting, he woke up and did about another 15 minutes on the lick pad for the leftovers from this morning.  After the lick session, he slept soundly for an hour or so while I got some office work done! He is feeling comfortable in the office (actually where he started out his life) and just picked out a toy to bring back to his bed. I’m taking every opportunity to reinforce the good doggie behaviors I want to see.  We played fetch for a bit and he quickly picked up “drop it” for a kibble, and by the end would “drop it” just to get me to toss the toy again.  He is very food motivated for his everyday kibble which make training him much easier.  So far so good.  I think things for Sammy are going really well in such a short time, and his good doggie behavior can only get better.  I can’t wait to see where he is at in a week or two.

January 7, 2021

chocolate labrador retriever mixSammy is now six weeks old and getting big!  He is the second heaviest weighing in at 10.6lbs.  He likes his kibble, and will sometimes over stuff himself at times. The puppies are too big to weigh on the table top weigh scale so now I weigh them on a regular scale while I am holding them.  All the puppies got their dewormer on December 30, and have been doing well.  They get another dose next Wednesday, and will be going for their 8 week vaccinations on January 22.

chocolate labrador retriever mix

Sammy loves his Mama, Nora. When she comes over to the pen, he will jump up to see her and barks and whines until I lift him out for some one on one play time with her. All the other pups want to stop playing with Mama after a few minutes but Sammy will play with her for a long time.  He is quite a scrappy player with his mom, and will bark and paw at her.  He found a nice hiding spot on the entertainment center in the gym that he likes to hang out in.

chocolate labrador retriever mixDown in the gym, Nora and Sammy will chase after each other and he likes to play hide and seek with her.  He really enjoys playing with his siblings when Mama Nora is not available.  He will also entertain himself with stuffed toys, rope toys, balls, nylabones, and the big kong bone.

Sammy’s coloring has been changing as he is aging.  His eyes are not as blue as Penny’s.  They are more of a greenish shade now.  His nose isn’t as pink as when he was born and his fur is changing from a light brown like Penny’s to a more of a chocolate brown.  His legs are also getting speckled with a lighter tan. He still has his small signature white spot on his back.

chocolate labrador retriever mix

chocolate labrador retriever mixSammy has a sweet personality.  When I sit in the pen, he climbs into my lap and gives me lots of kisses.  He also tries to lick my resident dogs when they come and check on them in the pen.  Sammy is also a puppy pile sort of guy, and is rarely sleeping alone.  When he got pushed out of the dog bed, he looked at the full bed, and then quietly climbed on top and laid down. He seems to like his head on someone or something when he naps.  Sammy is a sociable little guy!

chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix

January 1, 2021

chocolate labrador retriever mix

Five weeks old!

December 26, 2020

chocolate labrador retriever mix

Sammy did a great job at the Christmas photo shoot until his personality came out and his curiosity was peaked by the lights.  Sometimes, Sammy is a bit mischievous, and likes to explore and tug at new things that he sees which includes the pee pads, towels and blankets. I can always depend on Sammy to rearrange things.  Good thing this boy is a cutie!

chocolate labrador retriever mixchocolate labrador retriever mixchocolate labrador retriever mix

So since my last update, Sammy has really come around.  This little guy is no longer getting pushed around by his siblings, and he no longer is the smallest.  He is the third heaviest right now.  He is usually the one doing the pushing around, jumping on his siblings and rabble rousing as well.

chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mixchocolate labrador retriever mix

After everyone eats their gruel, Sammy, along with his siblings gets the zoomies.  They run around the pen grabbing toys and wrestling with each other.

chocolate labrador retriever mixchocolate labrador retriever mixSammy likes to be held, and is usually one of the first ones to come running to play.  Sammy likes to lick our noses, suck on fingers and toes, and sometimes on a sibling.

chocolate labrador retriever mix

Ever since he was born, Sammy has been a snuggler.  He can usually be found on top of a pile of puppies, or underneath.  His favorite snuggle partner seems to be Penny.

chocolate labrador retriever mix chocolate labrador retriever mix

Sammy was also a good boy at the nail trimming, but he did try to escape the towel wrapping..

chocolate labrador retriever mix

Even though Sammy is still one of the lightest of the group, he does a good job eating his gruel and drinking water.  I must admit though that besides his sister, Penny, he is one of the messiest eaters.  He likes to walk and sometime lay in the gruel while he eats..

December 7, 2020

chocolate labrador retriever mixThis adorable pup was born very early morning Thanksgiving day (11/26/2020) to my foster Nora along with his five sisters and one brother.  I’ll never forget their birthday since it is my birthday too! We decided we would name the pups from our favorite cartoon shows and movies but Sammy is an exception to this trend.  My son’s girlfriend was the attending pup birther.  She had experience since she is studying to be a vet and works/interns at a veterinary practice.  This little guy looked like a Sammy to her so Sammy it was.  Sammy was our littlest pup when he was born weighing 15oz.

chocolate labrador retriever mixHe is still the smallest guy right now at 1lb 12 5/8oz and always seems to get pushed off the teet by his siblings but he is catching up.  We give him and Ace some alone time before adding the bossy ladies to the mix so they can get their milk on.  Sammy and Penny look a lot alike but we can tell them apart by the small white spot on his back and his pink nose.  I was going to call him Spot but I was told by my kids that name was way too basic…

chocolate labrador retriever mix

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