Sawyer Black Labrador Retriever Mix Male 3 Months Old

November 11, 2018

puppy Sawyer in the yard

We just got back from the vet with puppy, Sawyer.  He checked out great!  The first bit of interesting news is that the vet thinks the shelter overestimated his age.  He is not teething at all yet, which happens around 16 weeks. He estimates his age to be approximately 13-14 weeks old.  That would make him 3 months rather than 4 months old.  Still a puppy either way you look at it!

puppy Sawyer chewing on a boneHe weighed in at a lean 35 lbs.  He’s very tall and lanky right now.  We think the fact that’s he’s so big for a puppy is the reason the shelter overestimated his age.  I asked the vet to guess what he is mixed with.  He said who knows, but probably something big!

His neuter incision looks good.  I was worried that he may have a UTI as he was having a LOT of small urine accidents yesterday.  Only about a tablespoon of urine at a time, but every couple of minutes.  Today was MUCH better, but I asked the vet about it anyway.  He said it can happen sometimes after the neuter surgery, but it sounds like we’re past the worst of it.  Today was just normal puppy house training type accidents.  So we’re back on track with house training.

puppy Sawyer chilling out on dog bedHe’s happily eating and doing very well in the crate, even overnight.  He and foster Penny went on a little walk around the neighborhood today.  He definitely needs work on his leash manners, but he’s a puppy so that’s to be expected.puppy Sawyer cuddling up to former breeder Mom Penny

He met a friend of mine today and her 4 year old daughter.  He was nothing but friendly and licking them both.  He gave lots of kisses to the vet and the vet tech today too.  Big day for a little guy!


Meanwhile, back at his foster home, Sawyer is doing his best to engage resident dog, Colin, in play to no avail.


Sawyer rescue ride for Labrador Retriever mixSawyer, the 4 month old pup made his way to foster care yesterday. He was a stray that was found in a park in Philadelphia.  No one claimed him while he was at the shelter, so he became a Brookline dog.  He was the perfect passenger in the car.  He just relaxed and even took a nap for part of the ride.  We stopped at the pet store to get him some puppy food.  Of course he was a hit with everyone there! They all commented about his huge paws and friendly personality.

He met resident dogs, Pepper and Colin.  He also met current foster Penny.  Sawyer really likes Pepper as she’s playful and likes to run around the backyard with him.

He’s still figuring how to get Colin to play and Penny, well, she’s a recently retired breeder mom, so she’s just trying to get some rest.Sawyer Labrador Retriever puppy chilling with Penny, a chocolate Labrador Retriever

Sawyer found an antler yesterday and he really enjoyed it.  He also liked the handmade tug toy and liked playing tug with his foster parents. Sawyer Labrador Retriever playing with tug toy Colin even got in on the fun of tug with Sawyer!  He happily ate his new puppy food.  I used a slow feeder with him to slow his eating and give him a little mental stimulation.  He managed to get all but the last few kibbles.  Then he just abandoned the bowl, puppy brain!

I am thrilled to report that Sawyer slept all night quietly in his crate.  No accidents, no crying or barking.  Yay!  We are working on house training.  Slowly, but surely with these dogs!labrador retriever Sawyer wearing cone

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