Sawyer Yellow Labrador Retriever Male 15 Weeks Old

July 8, 2019
 It has been just about two weeks since Dr. Sadanaga gave the ok to start increasing the consistency of Sawyer’s food. He is doing really well so far. No regurgitation at all and his food is about half wet and half dry as of now. He has been eating about 4-5x a day and drum roll please….sleeping through the night too!!!!

He is sooo much happier now that he has lots of physical activity every day.

He goes for two walks a day, one in the morning and another at night. He loves loves loves his toys and tries to play incessantly with my resident guys. He can drive them absolutely crazy sometimes.

Sawyer enjoys all forms of play including tug, retrieving, rough housing with my resident dogs, chasing and being chased around the yard by dogs and kids, and just chewing on puppy nylabones.

We are continuing to work on his chewing of non-dog things such as furniture, carpet, and his own humans! We use the command “Gentle” and “Sit” along with treats to distract him when he gets in a chewing frenzy with us.yellow Labrador Retriever
He knows “Sit” really well, and he knows his name and “come”. He will also do “down” with the incentive of a treat.yellow Labrador Retriever puppy
He is also doing pretty well with his housebreaking. He still has pee accidents sometimes. He can go the whole night sleeping in his crate with no accidents. yellow Labrador Retriever puppyHe is getting better about telling us when he needs to go outside by barking or whining at our back door or ringing the bell we have on the door. We typically try to take him outside about once an hour or every two hours. The main issue is when he gets super hyped up with my resident guys and starts running around the house he will just pee where ever he is at that moment. The more hyped up he is on certain days the more pee accidents he will have in the house.
He is such a sweet baby who is really curious about everything. He absolutely loves people and he is a love everywhere he goes! He obviously still has a long way to go with his manners and he cannot be trusted on his own at this point so he needs constant supervision and he continues to be a lot of work. His forever home will absolutely require a ton of patience with him but they will be rewarded with loads of puppy kisses and love and a few puppy nips along the way too. Sawyer should be available at the end of the month assuming all continues to go well.
June 27, 2019 
Sawyer had his follow-up appointment today with Dr. Sadanaga. They removed his sutures and most importantly he is off of his exercise restrictions now. YAY!!!! He has been running around like crazy since we got home this afternoon.

Dr. Sadanaga did chest X-rays today and cleared him to start increasing the consistency of his food. He still has a dilation of his esophagus that we are hoping will heal on it’s own and return to it’s normal shape and elasticity. We will start testing his tolerance with food consistency and frequency by slowly adding kibble to his wet food over the next two weeks stopping at any point if he regurgitates his food. If all goes well and he gets to a 50-50 wet and dry food diet in two weeks then we will work on decreasing the frequency of his feedings from every 4-6 hours to just twice a day over the following two weeks. Keep your fingers crossed that this is successful.

June 9, 2019

Sawyer is getting bigger and gaining weight and is a full out crazy normal puppy getting into everything now. He is absolutely a chewer and is well on his way to giving Marley from Marley and Me a run for his money. His shark teeth are a bit brutal now especially as he is getting bigger when he gets in one of his frenzies where he bites at any bare skin he can find. We try distracting him with his toys, yelling ouch, and getting him outside to exercise him right away when he starts behaving like that. With all that being said he is still an absolute sweetheart and gives the best puppy kisses.

Sawyer has quickly learned which of our resident dogs to go to depending on what he wants to do… play, run around, lay around, etc.

He tries to hang with the big boys by drinking water out of their elevated bowl even though I have a water dish on the ground for him. Silly guy!yellow Labrador Retriever Puppy trying to drink out of elevated bowl

The housebreaking is still a work in progress. Some days he will only have one or two accidents and then other days like today when he has multiple bouts of the zoomies he will pee in the middle of his zoomies.

He sleeps for about 2-4 hours at a time at night and wakes me up to go outside.yellow Labrador Retriever Puppy sleeping He is still a fiend with his food. He goes crazy when you feed him. He loves to eat! He loves his toys and our downstairs looks like we have a baby again with the string of toys strewn all over the floor.

He is hilarious on our walks as he stops and lays down frequently and looks at me like really I am so done with this. Then he will start walking the other dogs with their leashes and scouring the sidewalk for all and any dead worms to try and pickup and eat. I am constantly pulling worms out of his mouth. Super gross!

Sawyer’s surgery to correct his PRAA is scheduled for tomorrow morning with Dr. Sadanaga at VRC Malvern. They estimate he will be at VRC for 1-2 days with a two week recovery with minimal activity. We will all be pulling for you tomorrow Sawyer!

May 22, 2019

Meet Sawyer, a 9 week old bundle of labby cuteness!

This little guy was dealt a bad hand as he has a birth defect called PRAA (persistent right aortic arch) that causes a restriction of his esophagus, so he is unable to eat solid food right now. When he came into the rescue he was malnourished, lethargic, and dehydrated and weighed in at only 4lbs13oz. With a consistent high caloric diet fed to him multiple times throughout the day as a liquid he has come a long way. He has gained weight and is a bundle of energy as a puppy should be!

Now he gets into everything and loves to chew on toys, bones, the resident dog’s tails and paws, people’s arms and feet, and anything else he can get into.

He loves to run around in the yard with both his foster family and resident dogs and enjoys going for walks and car rides.

Everywhere he goes he gets lots of love and snuggles and gives back plenty of puppy kisses. And when he gets too tired and crashes out he can be the best snuggler!

We are all just so thrilled to see typical puppy behavior from Sawyer since he came into the rescue as one sick puppy.

Luckily, Sawyer’s PRAA was diagnosed early and can be surgically repaired. He is scheduled to have surgery on June 10th and will have a recovery period of approximately two weeks afterwards. Fingers crossed the surgery will be successful and Sawyer can graduate to solid puppy food! Many thanks go to Brookline for taking this puppy into the rescue and getting him all fixed up so he can live a full and happy life!

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