Scout #4 Black Labrador Retriever Female 6 Years Old ID #2487

July 12, 2024

Scout is progressing well. Our vet suggested switching her from Trazadone to 20 mg Fluoxetine (Prozac) twice a day to help her deal with her anxiety – potentially exacerbated by the sudden loss of her owner. Scout seems to be responding well and is much more relaxed. We continue to support her through this difficult adjustment period. She is showing us her resilience and continues to impress us with how quickly she is adapting to her foster home.

July 7, 2024

Scout has made a lot of progress during her second week. We had a very good visit with the vet where Scout weighed in at 66 lbs. She made friends with the whole staff showing off her signature full-body wag.Black Labrador RetrieverScout has been enjoying neighborhood walks, she is a delight to walk, and is exhibiting great social behavior.Black Labrador RetrieverShe has met small humans ages 6 and 9 and made instant friends. Scout also met a 4-month-old energetic yellow lab puppy that she gently disciplined much to the owner’s delight. She and the puppy are now besties.Black Labrador RetrieverScout was very comfortable with workers coming and going on the property. Scout is sleeping in her own bed at nighttime. She was delighted to see our 24-year-old daughter again and even more excited to meet my daughter’s friend who joined the festivities for the 4th of July. Scout was one of the girls hanging out by the pool. The evening fireworks did not phase her.Black Labrador RetrieverScout is learning new dance moves with her FM.

We continue to work on her exuberance during initial meet and greets. Scout has settled in beautifully over the last two weeks and is relaxed in her new surroundings.

July 1, 2024

Scout has been with us for a whole week. Scout continues to impress us. She enjoyed playing with the new toys and treats from her Brookline care box.Black Labrador Retriever

This week she made friends with the small neighborhood dogs. She is a great workout buddy, hanging out while her FD and FM use the treadmill and the exercise bike. She didn’t care about the bunnies or squirrels on her walks. Today she enjoyed a spa day of mani/pedi, teeth brushing, and ear cleaning. She is a smart girl and is showing us every day that she is a quick learner and is eager to please.Black Labrador Retriever

June 26, 2024Black Labrador Retriever

The best way to start your day is to be greeted by a lab with “happy ears” and a full body wag. That was Scout this morning. Scout continues to impress us with her smartness and willingness to learn. Today she practiced sitting politely while we poured her food in her bowl. She practiced how to exit and enter doors with her humans in a polite fashion. She is making improvements at greeting people in a gentle fashion. Scout enjoyed doing a treat puzzle toy. She also enjoyed going on an hour-long car ride today and was relaxed the whole time. She is very loving and is always trying to please us. And loves belly rubs!Black Labrador Retriever

June 25, 2024

She was an owner surrender because her owner passed away suddenly in May. She is a 60 lb. female aged 6.5 years old.  She is a very friendly girl. She is known to be good with children over the age of 10. She is good in a car. She is good with other dogs.  She was good with meeting my elderly parents (84 and 89 years old) and daughter (24 years old) who were visiting. Scout loves swimming and she loves spending a lot of time in the pool. She is very good at retrieving the ball in the pool and bringing/dropping the ball for a new go around. She is eating well and is housebroken. She doesn’t seem to enjoy the crate but we will keep trying. She also enjoys walks. Overall, she will soak up all the love you can give. She is still adjusting to her foster home.  She needs some manners training. She can be excitable. We will be working on these things in her foster home.

Black Labrador Retriever

Scout’s first 24 hours have been very busy and exciting. She is a very friendly girl. She enjoyed meeting Ariadne’s parents and daughter who were visiting. Scout loves swimming. Black Labrador RetrieverShe is very good at retrieving the ball in the pool and bringing/dropping the ball for a new go around. She is eating well and is housebroken. She also enjoys walks. Overall, she will soak up all the love you can give.Black Labrador Retriever She is still adjusting to her foster home. We hope that she has a better night of sleep tonight.Black Labrador Retriever

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