Semper Chocolate Labrador Retriever Male 12 Years Old

August 22, 2019

Semper continues to fit in nicely as he acclimates to our home. He really loves taking a walk every morning, sniffing the flowers and meeting all the dogs along the way. He and Katie are good friends and he frequently goes up to her and gives her a friendly lick. It’s very sweet. He continues to give us sloppy kisses out of nowhere and we get even more when we hug him or love on him (as we do frequently!).
He was not a big fan of us trying to cut his nails so we will leave it to the vet. He is beginning to play more and that’s always a heart-warming site.
I took this video this morning of Semper greeting the new day. He still has a lot of spunk and deserves a wonderful family/home to live out of days in peace and serenity.


August 21, 2019

Semper has discovered toys! He started rooting around in Katie’s toy basket last night and has been loping around the house with an antler. It always does my heart good when an older lab plays as if they were a puppy and gets such joy out of simple pleasures. To make life even more joyful, he received his gift box today (thanks Carolyn!!) and has had his nose non-stop. We will try the treats later. He did well on his walk this morning and is rather spry for a 12 year old. He loves every dog he meets and was quite offender when a rather unpleasant dog in the neighborhood wanted nothing to do with him.
He and Katie are living very companionably together. Semper has not shown any reaction to the cat- not even a bark. He has been loving the stability of regular mealtimes, walks, and a lot of love, hugs, and kisses. He enjoyed getting furminated yesterday and today to get some of the extra hair off.

August 20, 2019

Chocolate Labrador RetrieverGood morning all!

Semper settled in very nicely after Janet dropped him off yesterday afternoon. He is a relaxed guy who loves to remain velcroed to his humans. He is very affectionate and LOVES to be petted and loved. He appears to be great with all people, children, and other dogs. He eats well with no issues and handles nicely on a leash. He has yet to play with balls or toys but that may come with time!

He is a 12 year old gorgeous hunk of chocolate! He does appear younger and is able to go up and down a full flight of steps with no problem. He rides well in the car and LOVES his treats, which he takes fairly gently. We will be giving him a bath and cutting his nails in the next few days so we’ll see how he tolerates that. He may
need some water therapy for his lumbosacral arthritis but hopefully, after a few days on proper medication, this will not be necessary.

Black and Chocolate Labrador Retriever

August 19, 2019

Meet Semper.  Semper is a senior male chocolate fellow who has lived up to his name as a loyal companion to one owner for the past 12 years. Sadly, his owner’s health has declined and he is unable to care for his very best friend. He is an all around fabulous boy and Brookline is so happy tp be able to help. Please stay tuned for updates from his foster family.


Chocolate Labrador Retriever on a walk

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