Senna Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 1 Years Old ID #2651

October 25, 2020

Beautiful Senna was invited to join doggy daycare at Bedminster Canine Kamp this week and she was a hit! She was so sweet with the other dogs and got lots of play time with new friends.

She is still doing well with daily exercise and her manners work.

After lots of exercise, she tends to be calmer and the jumping is more manageable especially with treats. She is definitely a treat-motivated girl.

It looks like Senna is ready to be made available for adoption very soon. In Senna’s forever home, she will need a large fenced-in yard to run around and get out some of her energy. She would greatly benefit from having a young active resident dog to run around with off leash in the yard too.

She will test her new family, so continued manners training from day 1 so she understands who is in charge will be essential for success in her placement along with consistent daily exercise. Senna is a super sweet girl who will be a wonderful companion for one lucky family!

October 14, 2020

Senna has been at Canine Kamp for a week now and she is doing well. They are definitely getting a chance to learn what makes this sweet girl tick. She loves to play and run around with the other dogs at Canine Kamp and is so sweet when she first meets and plays with them. She definitely benefits from daily exercise and having a chance to run around in a yard will help to get out some of her energy so a fenced in yard will be a must in her forever home.

The staff has found that Senna tends to test new people when she first meets them and she tries to get the upper hand. So, being firm with Senna upon first meeting her is important in curbing some of her more out of control behaviors such as jumping and mouthing. The trainer finds that she tends to not exhibit these behaviors with her as she has been firm with Senna upon first greeting her each time, she sees her. Senna is very treat motivated and she is working with Senna on having her sit to greet her for treats, toys, and affection so that she does not jump up when she wants something that she is excited about. That is all for now, but keep an eye out for an update next week on how she is progressing.

October 7, 2020

Senna has hit a few bumps in the road on her way to finding her forever home. She was returned to Brookline today after trying out two different adopting families who all loved how sweet she was, but found her to be too much for them to handle due to her energy level, size, and strength.

Senna was moved to Bedminster Canine Kamp so that their lovely staff and trainer can get a better idea of Senna’s needs going forward and also learn how we can best support potential adopters for Senna. They all fell in love with her instantly at Canine Kamp and thought she was a really sweet girl. She got to run around in the yard and explore the agility equipment.

The trainer started working with her right away on her jumping and teaching her how to properly greet her humans. Senna has had a blast meeting other dogs, and running around and playing outside with them.


Keep an eye out for more updates on Senna’s progress during her stay at Canine Kamp.

September 2, 2020


Meet Senna, a gorgeous 11-month-old yellow female lab! Senna’s owners made the difficult decision to re-home her with Brookline’s help as they do not have enough time to give her the attention and exercise they believe she needs.-

Senna is a typical young lab who is very friendly, sweet, smart, playful and has a lot of energy! She needs daily exercise in the form of walks and playtime in her backyard. A fenced in backyard is a MUST for this active girl so that she can get some playtime chasing balls and running zoomies around the yard. After exercise Senna settles pretty quickly.

Senna currently lives with four kids and a cat. Senna is wonderful with the kids who range from a preschooler to a teenager in age. She is very tolerant with the kids even when the young kids climb on her when she is busy chewing on her bones. Because Senna does get the zoomies especially when she is outside there is the chance that she could knock down a young child by accident. Senna is curious about the cat and has sniffed at her and given a bit of chase, which the cat has not appreciated. The cat is not a fan of Senna and even though Senna does not really demonstrate a high prey drive as she does not chase squirrels or birds, her owner feels it may be best for Senna to go to a home with no cats unless the cat is very dog-savvy. Senna does not live with another dog, but her owner feels that she would be very happy to have a fur buddy in her new home especially another young active dog. Senna is good with other dogs. When she has been around another dog she sniffs the other dog and wants to play with them. She will roll over and show her belly to the other dog.

Senna has the typical labby appetite and loves her treats! She is very treat-motivated which is great for working on her doggy manners. Senna does jump up on new people upon first meeting them because she is so excited. She will also jump on her family when she gets over excited too. This is definitely something that she will need to work on with her new family as she is a big girl! If Senna gets bored, she will get into things like the trash and will counter-surf or steal food. With consistent activity, attention, and exercise along with training she will learn some self-control that will help curb some of the behaviors her family is dealing with in her current home. She does know the commands SIT, DOWN, COME, STAY, FREE, OFF, and LEAVE IT.

Senna is spayed and is up to date on all of her vaccines

and has been on monthly flea and tick and heartworm preventative. If you are interested in adopting a beautiful, young, and active girl who will give you lots of labby love, Senna may just be your girl!

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