Serenity Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 4 Years Old ID#3327

Chocolate Labrador RetrieverMeet Serenity. She came into the rescue through an owner surrender. She is a friendly, playful, affectionate and independent lab.  Serenity is good with men, women and kids. She has lived previously with kids of all ages. Please read her blog from the bottom up to learn more about her.

June 19, 2023

Serenity is now UTD, healed up from her spay and ready to find her furever family. She is young and very playful at just 4 years old.  She loves running around the yard and playing fetch. She is just learning how to walk on leash and will pull in the beginning.  She is currently living with a Brookline alum foster fur brother, Vince and foster mom Patty.  She can certainly be an alert barker when new visitors arrive, especially men.  However, if you throw a ball for her (her very favorite thing to do!)  she will immediately be your best friend!Chocolate Labrador Retriever

June 12, 2023

Serenity has had a great first week even though the week included being spayed 🙂 She’s adapted well in the house, mastering the stairs and improving with car rides.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverShe loves her foster brother, Vince, and initiates play whenever she can. Toys are her favorite thing and she’ll entertain herself but really prefers if you throw the ball for her, inside or outside the house.

Chocolate Labrador RetrieverSerenity was spayed on Friday and is recovering very nicely. Serenity likes to be with people and sleeps on her dog bed next to my bed even when Vince moves to another bedroom to sleep.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverStill working on the counter surfing but she responds to correction and wants to please. She’s a super sweet girl and loves getting pets and belly rubs.

June 6, 2023

Serenity has been here 2.5 days and continues to adapt to her foster home. She loves to play fetch and run around the backyard with my resident lab Vince. They’re both having fun playing bitey face and chasing each other, although at 4 years old, Serenity is much faster than Vince. She sleeps on a dog bed on the floor next to my bed all night without a peep. And still no accidents in the house.Chocolate Labrador Retriever She doesn’t like the crate so we are working on that since she likes to de-stuff toys and sometimes dog beds. She meets new people and dogs well; although she might initially bark, she warms up quickly.

Check out her froggy legs 🙂Chocolate Labrador Retriever

June 4, 2023

Serenity’s first full day went well. She slept all night on a dog bed on the floor next to my bed and next to resident dog Vince. She continues to eat well without any hesitation but definitely faster than Vince so I need to keep her distracted while he finishes his meal.

Serenity loves balls and stuffy toys but started  destuffing one as well as a dog bed which I caught before too much damage. She’s definitely a people person and loves to initiate play with Vince. She will bring you a ball or toy to throw…whether you’re using the bathroom, watching TV, or loading the dishwasher. Yes, I found a rubber ball in the dishwasher 🙂  She started alert barking but so far it’s minimal.

That’s it for now. More tomorrow.

June 3, 2023

Hi everyone—

Serenity has settled in nicely with me and Brookline alum, Vince. She has a beautiful coat, a bit lighter then Vince’s dark chocolate coat. Next to the big and tall Vince, she looks like a peanut, even at approx.. 76 pounds.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverNo accidents in the house so far but she can be a counter surfer so we’re working on that. We took a walk around the block, Vince included, and while she does pull hard, she eventually was more interested in sniffing all the new smells.Chocolate Labrador RetrieverShe LOVES the tennis ball and brings the ball to me, dropping it at my feet to throw…so cute. She likes toys and transferred many from the toy box in the family room to the kitchen.  So far, she’s not much of a barker even when she heard several fire trucks nearby.Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador RetrieverShe’s scheduled for spay on Friday so fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

June 2, 2023

Sweet Serenity has found a foster.  Stay tuned for updates coming soon.

May 28, 2023

Four-year-old Serenity had her rescue ride this morning. She is the sweetest chunk of chocolate. She really enjoyed playing fetch in the yard at Kamp after a long 2-hour car ride.Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador Retriever Chocolate Labrador RetrieverWe will be looking to place Serenity in a foster home.  If you are interested in fostering this sweet girl, please reach out to for more information.

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