Shamrock Fox Red Labrador Retriever Male 2 Years Old ID #1960

 January 7, 2020

Shamrock has been entertaining us for the past 10 days. We were so impressed that he arrived totally housetrained and crate trained, and with full understanding of sit, down and shake. We are even more impressed with what he has learned in the past 10 days – this guy is super smart.     On the 2nd day he was fully aware of the designated “pee spot”, and when we go outside, he immediately goes to that same spot each and every time. On day 3 he could recognize our house, and now walks up to the front gate and attempts to open with him nose. A few days later he mastered “sit and wait” with his leash on and the door fully open. He stays in the wait until released with an “OK”, and then follows me out the door (FM first, Shamrock second). Today when we were playing fetch with the ball you could see a lightbulb went on for “drop it”, and he was doing it consistently by the end of the session. His walking has also improved. While he still zig-zags a bit he does it less, and walks to the left knee more. There is no more turning around to chew on the leash, and he doesn’t like FM’s tone of voice when that happens. While walking he picks up sticks and carries them for short periods. When we see another dog or a person, he wants to go say hello (but due to COVID-19 we aren’t saying hi to strangers). He is learning “look here” in those situations, and sits to wait for the treat that follows “look here”.

Shamrock had not been living with other dogs, so the introduction to the 3 resident dogs was slow. He is now living 100% of the time with the rest of the pack, and he just loves the companionship. He also loves to play, a little too much for these seniors, but they just retreat to the turned stairwell landing when they have had enough of his antics. For some reason Shamrock will not go up or down the carpeted stairs, so they have no problem getting away from him when he gets too charged up.


Shamrock is also overcome with joy when he gets near the toy baskets, and every day he empties both of them completely. Foster Mom is trying to teach him a the “clean up” game, but so far, he isn’t catching on when it comes to putting the items back in the basket. Besides the toys he will steal the toilet paper roll, and any dish towels or paper towels that might be within reach. A sharp “No” to startle him gets him to give these items back, but he needs to learn that these items are not his toys.

He gets up to follow Foster Mom every time she moves, but he is not Velcro – he just doesn’t want to miss anything. When FM is in the shower, he stands at the glass door with his nose pressed against the glass, just wishing he could come in to get wet. The other night when I was filling the spa tub, I really thought he was going to jump in, and quickly sent him out of the bathroom. He would probably love his forever home to include some opportunity to swim.

December 30, 2020yellow Labrador Retriever

Shamrock is a 2-year-old pure bred Red Fox Lab. This very handsome guy is crate trained, housebroken, and walks well on a leash.  Shamrock has been well loved by his original owner since he was a puppy. Unfortunately, the owner can no longer provide Shamrock with the attention and exercise he needs due to his own declining health. Shamrock is currently in foster care with Brookline, and we expect he will be ready for his forever home soon.

December 29, 2020

Shamrock has only been with us for a few days, but he is already settling into his new routine. He loves his long walks, and although he zigzags a bit he doesn’t pull, and he doesn’t stop to mark. He doesn’t react when we see other dogs, but we have been keeping our distance until we know more about Shamrock. Yesterday we came upon a flock of wild turkeys, and he just stopped to watch them.

As Shamrock was exploring the house he wandered into the walk-in shower, and we took advantage of the opportunity to give him a much need bath. He absolutely LOVED it. So clearly, he likes water.

Since Shamrock has not lived with other dogs in the past, we are keeping him separated from the resident dogs and will continue with slow, supervised introductions. So far it seems he just wants to play, play, play.

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