Sharpie Black Labrador Retriever Female 3 Years Old ID #3036

January 25, 2022 Sharpie made tremendous progress in the last few weeks! She was spayed 1/13. She has recovered nicely and will have her stitches removed this week. She had a check-up with the vet last week and her foot is officially healed so she doesn’t have to wear her sock and protective covering when she goes outside which was proving to be a challenge to keep on! Sharpie walks beautifully on a leash and is walking a little further now that her foot is healed. Once her stitches from her spay are out, we will increase her distance some more as she really seems to enjoy getting outside and gets very excited for her walks. She is also doing a much better job going potty on leash.

She is really getting familiar with our routine and adjusting nicely to her new life. She can still startle at loud noises or sudden movement, but her confidence is growing every day. She is very affectionate. She loves to be near us and will snuggle up to us. She is really enjoying pats and hugs more and more and really looking for our attention. She also loves the resident dogs. She is especially attached to permanent foster Lucky and will lay on the same mat with him sometimes. She tries to play with resident dog Tucker and our college age son, but is still trying to figure out exactly what to do. She continues to sleep through the night on a mat in our bedroom and is well mannered in the Labrador Retriever Sharpie will be having dental work done this week – cleaning with a possible extraction. Please keep an eye out for this sweet girl. She is a gem and will be available shortly! January 8, 2022 An update on Sharpie –black Labrador Retriever On Christmas Eve Day, we decided to take Sharpie for a hike/walk at a local nature preserve. She is very nervous in the car, so we hoped taking our excited pup along would help her to see how much fun car rides are and make her feel more confident while we were hiking. She was still a bit scared in the car, but she did great once we got there. We started out on a wide-open path and when we saw she was comfortable with that, we went on some paths with high, thick brush on either side. Sharpie was still doing great, so we did a short hike on a trail in the woods that led down to a little stream where she followed our pup into the water. She did so much better than we expected! The trails were crowded because of the nice weather and the holiday and she was friendly with the people and pets she met. All was going well until we looked down and noticed her back paw was bloody. Upon further inspection, we could see that the webbing between her toes was completely cut. We don’t know when it happened – in the water on a rock? in the tall grass? She never yipped or limped. Anyhow, we wrapped her paw up and headed home. After washing it out and getting a better look, we decided she probably needed stitches. So, we ended up spending much of Christmas Eve in the PETS ER. Finally, at 1am Christmas morning, she came home totally exhausted and with stitches in her paw. Sharpie still enjoyed opening some gifts Christmas morning and spending time with guests Christmas evening, but that was not the way we wanted her to spend her first Christmas off the farm. Poor girl. She has been very good about leaving her bandages alone and getting everything wrapped up in plastic so it won’t get wet when we go outside. She has been back to the vet for several bandage changes and had one setback along the way, but today they removed her bandages so she is on the road to recovery. While she still shakes in the car, she now gets in by herself most of the time and has been much more agreeable to entering the vet’s office and walking back with the tech (without FM!)  Even with the bandage off, we still need to protect her foot when she goes outside and put medicine on it twice a day. We go back to the vet for a check in 2 weeks. Despite this traumatic experience, Sharpie is really making progress. She is coming out of her shell, following FM around a little less (I went to the bathroom by myself yesterday!), and becoming more comfortable in our home. She is much more confident around new people and has even started to play with the resident dog. She still prefers to be where FM is most of the time, but has been left alone (with the other 2 dogs) a few hours while FM went to work last week and she did fine. She still cries sometimes when FM leaves but is settling down much quicker. She continues to do well at night sleeping on a mat in our bedroom with the other 2 dogs. She was alarmed by the plows and snow blowers this morning, but this is the first time we have had snow since she was here so we will give her a break! Her house training is a work in progress. We do not have a fenced in yard and she was already hesitant about going potty on leash. Now she is on leash with a bandage and plastic bag on her foot, so that isn’t making things easier. She is getting better and we are continuing to take her out frequently. We are scheduled to have our yard fenced in by the end of January, so at least she will be able to be off leash to do her business and have some privacy then! Hopefully that will help. We are still working out details of her spay, but hope to have that done by the end of the month. She also has some dental issues that we will need to address after her spay. Sharpie is a very sweet girl who is quiet and loves attention. She is great company, well mannered, and very affectionate with both people and her two canine brothers. Here she is hanging out with them below and snuggled up with Lucky by the sofa.
2 black Labrador Retriever
Sharpie and Lucky
December 21, 2021 Sharpie has decided that she prefers to sleep on a mat in our bedroom with us and the other dogs rather than in her crate. We understand her decision and so, on her second night here, when she absolutely refused (and seemed scared) to go in the crate, FM slept downstairs on the sofa and Sharpie slept on the mat right beside the sofa. She didn’t make a sound all night, so last night we took an extra mat upstairs and she slept in our bedroom on her mat with the boys on their mats. Again, not a sound, so fingers crossed that continues. She is very attached to FM. She had a bit of a panic attack when FM left the house for a short time yesterday. Luckily FM’s daughter was able to eventually settle her down. Loud noises and movements still frighten her but she is getting better every day. She is very sweet but timid. That said, our 2-year-old pup is determined that he is going to be her new best friend and playmate. He has managed to get her to wag her tail and look like she wants to play a few times now. He is on a mission and he can be very persistent! She is eating ok, we had to start mixing a little yogurt in her food to get her to eat and she prefers when FM sits with her while she dines. She does seem to enjoy going for a walk and did pretty well with the harness on today. She joins the other two dogs in a very enthusiastic and excited greeting for FD when he comes home from work every day. She is still just trying to figure her new life out and the boys are happy to help her. She is definitely reassured having the other dogs around which is probably what she is used to. Here they are lounging by the fire. (Sharpie – blue mat; Lucky (BLLR foster) – tan mat; Tucker – red mat)three dogs I think she is learning to like her new surroundings! December 20, 2021 Sharpie had a great first night. She slept in her crate the whole night without making a sound. She met our wonderful neighbors who brought Christmas gifts over for all 3 dogs. We went for a short walk around the neighborhood and she trotted along nicely.  Back at home, she conquered the stairs. It took her a few tries and a lot of encouragement, but she finally made it to the second floor where she proceeded to check out each room thoroughly. Sharpie discovered that mats are more comfortable than the floor and squeaky toys are really fun! Mostly she followed me around the house and would only settle down to rest when I was sitting to do something. She is still a little jumpy with sudden movements but also curious. She is much more confident when the other dogs are around to show her what to Labrador Retriever December 19, 2021 Sharpie is a 3-year-old female black lab surrendered by a farm and reported to be good with kids and other dogs. She had a litter of 2 puppies about 10 weeks ago. She arrived in her foster home this afternoon. She was a little nervous in the car and on a leash, but quickly started warming up when we got home and she met the kids and the other dogs. She is a sweet girl who is still unsure of what to think about her new surroundings. black Labrador RetrieverShe is sound asleep now after a very long day. More to come as we get to know this beauty a little better.

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