Sheelo Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 4 Years Old ID#3165

Yellow Labrador RetrieverSheelo, a 4 yr old fox red farm girl, joined Brookline just after Christmas.  She is on the smaller side at close to 70 lbs and a very sweet, gentle girl.  She is easy going and gets along with babies, dogs and chickens!

April 27, 2023

Hello from Sheelo!!  So I’m still here waiting for my forever home!  FM says I’m such a sweet girl, and she can’t believe I haven’t found my family yet.  I met some of FM’s human friends too.  They were real nice, and I liked hanging out with them.  Everybody kept on saying I’m just so sweet but I don’t think any of them licked me to find out!  Some of my fur friends that I loved playing with at Kamp have already been adopted.  I hope it’s my turn soon!

yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retriever

The other day when it was warm, I got to splash around in the pool.  I really love the water!  My friends liked it too so I made sure I shared the pool with them.yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retriever

My favorite part of the day is running with my pack of friends.  I love having the big yard to play in!  It’s super fun especially when I get to do it with some friends.yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retriever

I’ve also been practicing making new fur friends, and going for walks to explore new things.  I’m learning a lot of new things, and I don’t mind because I really like the treats I get when I do it right!

March 29, 2023

Sheelo is doing so well with her house training – her key words are “go potty” and “go pee”.  She’s also doing well with her crate training – she’s crated for 3-4 hours at a time during the day, and does well overnight from 10:30 – 5:00, which is her FM’s normal “wake up” time.Yellow Labrador RetrieverSheelo is currently on Gabapentin twice a day to help control her occasional seizures.  She’s happy to take them in a piece of cheese or with a dab of peanut butter.  She is definitely your typical food motivated girl!

This sweet girl is very playful – she loves playing with resident 1 yr. old Boykin, who is half her size but very energetic! She is good at playing with toys and enjoys interacting with our dogs with balls, toys and bones – chewing on them alongside the resident dogs with no problem! Yellow Labrador RetrieverWe are working on sit, stay, wait and leash walking with distractions. She is working with Virginia, our trainer, for leash walks and field trips to area parks, and local neighborhoods.

Sheelo likes being with people just as much as other dogs.  She is super affectionate and will come over and put her head in your lap and wait for you to acknowledge her with a gentle pet, and will lay at your side if you are sitting in a chair.  Even though she is allowed, she seldom gets on furniture – she seems comfortable on the floor on a blanket.  Yellow Labrador RetrieverSheelo is just a joy to have and would love to find her forever home!

March 25, 2023

Yellow Labrador Retriever

Sheelo is loving life while she’s waiting for her forever home.  She is learning so much about life off the farm, loving the freedom to run and play.  She’s made so many new friends, both canine and human!  She’s learning that car rides can lead to fun places!  She has also been playing with her doggie friends, going for walks, and learning her commands.Yellow Labrador RetrieverA quick medical update – Sheelo did have another seizure recently, but quickly recovered, and was back to her happy self in no time.  Since this is the 3rd seizure in 6 months, the vet decided to put her on Gabapentin twice a day, to see if that will help control them.  So far, so good!

Sheelo really loves her walkies.  She went on a field trip to the park.  She had so much fun and she was a superstar!Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador RetrieverSheelo is also making some very good progress on her “stay!”

Sheelo is smart and sweet! Stay tuned for more fun adventures with this happy, tail wagging girl!Yellow Labrador Retriever

March 8, 2023

Sheelo likes to play tug in the house with Senna, our resident Boykin.  Sheelo will go to Cole, our older Lab, to play but respects his wish to just observe her and Senna play.  After about 30 minutes of vigorous play we go out for a pee break, “Go Potty” is repeated each time we go out.  Sheelo has not had any accidents in the house that I am aware of and has always gone out to poop.  Sheelo is very sweet and will calmly lay on the floor and take a nap by your feet.  She’s content to be on the floor and has not jumped on the furniture.yellow labrador retrieverSheelo is crated for 3 hrs in the morning, out at lunch for 45 minutes and crated again in the afternoon for 3 hrs, eats dinner around 4 pm and out for a walk around the yard to pee and poop.

Last call is 10;30 pm before heading back to the crate for night time.  She has gotten into the habit of getting up extra early to pee, we are working on developing a better routine!

yellow labrador retriever

March 7, 2023

Sheelo went on an adventure to Tractor Supply.  She was a little nervous at first since the last time we went anywhere in the car, it was to the vet for her spay procedure.  She quickly realized that this was a fun place with lots of things to sniff.  She even got to say hello to baby chicks!yellow labrador retrieveryellow labrador retrieverShe saw lots of people of different shapes and sizes.  It was pretty busy in the store with staff moving bags around on trolleys and plenty of shoppers.yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retrieverOn the way back, we stopped at a small park and walked around which was lots of fun.  She is a very good girl!

yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retrieverSheelo is very serious about working hard for treats!

yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retrieverWe just started working of “stay”.

yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retriever

It’s a bit more work than usual because she just loves following me around.  She is certainly a Velcro dog and loves just being next to her people.

Sheelo is having fun with the resident dogs, and likes to play some tug.

February 21, 2023

Just wanted my fans to know that I saw this very special doctor called an orthopedic specialist (whatever that means?), and he said I’m good to go!  Well, I could have told you that already.  Nothing stops me!

Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador RetrieverHe told my FM that my pelvic fracture is fully healed and I have a good range of motion with my leg (check out the pictures of me running with my friends) so he only recommended taking Glucosamine joint supplement and using Carprofen (a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) as needed.  Fine with me – I get that stuff in yummy treats!

Yellow Labrador Retriever Black Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador Retriever Black Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador Retriever Black Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador Retriever Black Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador Retriever Black Labrador RetrieverSince this really nice doc said that, FM said I am now ready to find my forever home!  YEA!!!!!Yellow Labrador Retriever

February 3, 2023

So I have recovered completely from getting “fixed” – can’t say I want to do that again!  But it sure is nice to be able to run and play with my pals once again.yellow labrador retrieverMy FM is working on crate training me, and I have to admit I do protest a bit at first when I’m in that crate, but do eventually settle down and sleep.  I’m also doing well with going potty outside – FM is really proud of me – not sure what the big deal is as that’s what I used to do on the farm!

Speaking of the farm, I found out that cars and dogs don’t mix.  I ended up with some lacerations and an undetected pelvic fracture, after my encounter with a car, and have had a few seizures since then.  The good news is that my breeding days were over after that!  The bad news is that I’ve had some extra visits to the vet.  FM says an orthopedic specialist will be checking me out to see if there are any long-term effects from my accident.  Stay tuned.yellow labrador retrieverMeanwhile, I am enjoying soft dog beds, lots of time running and playing, and the luxury of a nice warm home at night.  Oh, and all the belly rubs I can get!

January 25, 2023

Hello!  Sheelo reporting in.  I’ve been having fun at my foster home, and especially like it when FM brings me to work with her at Kamp.  I get to play out in the big yard, and I met a great new friend named Fiona.Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador RetrieverI also get to play with that other kids from Brookline, Max.  Boy does that kid have some energy.  Good thing he is cute.Yellow Labrador Retriever Black Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador RetrieverFoster Mom took me to this place where they were going to “fix” me.  I didn’t think I was broken.  FM says that I am recovering well, and that I will be able to play with my friends again real soon.  In the mean time, I’m enjoying getting snuggles.  FM says I am such a love bug! Yellow Labrador Retriever

January 11, 2023

Yellow Labrador RetrieverSheelo has been doing really well and enjoys soaking up the love from us. Yellow Labrador RetrieverShe is doing great with resident dogs and is very curious about the resident bird.Yellow Labrador Retriever

Sheelo met foster Max #29 while she was visiting Kamp.  Sheelo is a bit of a noisy player so he wasn’t sure what to make of her at first, but he quickly got over it and they had some play time.Yellow Labrador RetrieverSheelo went for a walk today and went on a sniffari.   After the walk had some more running around the backyard.

Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador Retriever She is such a good girl! She already knows come and sit, so we are working more on her leash skills and have just started to introduce her to down and stay.

January 2, 2023

Sheelo arrived at Kamp just after Christmas and had a great meet and greet with an interested foster. Yellow Labrador RetrieverYellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador RetrieverSheelo is now settling in her foster home.  Sheelo is also enjoying getting to know some other Brookline dogs like Max as well as enjoying spending time with her foster fur sister Senna at her new “digs”!Yellow labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador RetrieverShe is reported to be an absolute angel!  She’s very sweet and affectionate though slightly shy at first.  She warms up quickly and is getting more comfortable every day.  She is doing well on the leash.

Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador Retriever Yellow Labrador Retriever

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