Sheila #4 Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 8-9 Years Old ID #2850

February 22, 2021

Hey I’m feeling fine and smiling again. My ravenous appetite got me into tummy-trouble last week- but Foster Mom Sandy made chicken & rice, or hamburger and rice, all week, plus stomach meds- boy oh boy was I ever gassy 🤢. Foster Mom thinks I’m almost back to normal but she learned not to take her eyes far from me when she refills bird feeders or shovels snow for paths thru the forever-snow in our yard and driveway,  just in case I find some wrong stuff to eat. My foster bro Toby still likes the snow and eats snow every time we go out, not me! I want “real” food! I’m a little wary of all this snow and only go in Toby or Mom’s footsteps if a path isn’t shoveled for me.yellow Labrador Retriever Remember I was in a barn or breeding coup most of my life, so I never learned to play in the snow, never fetched, and sure didn’t learn what Foster brother Toby learned. I don’t know why he thinks chasing a stick is fun🤷🏼 and he’s way old and still gets the stick for mom! I never even learned how to jump up on a sofa or bed, so I’m really happy to have my own soft floor bed upstairs and downstairs. yellow Labrador RetrieverI don’t even need treats on every step to go upstairs anymore- it’s like I always did it- 🤪 but I really had to learn how to go up and down staircases of over 12 steps. I sure hope it soon stops snowing so we can go on longer walks! Bye

February 9, 2021

New things discovered by foster mom.  Sheila needs another dog. Human words are greeted with squinted submissive eyes and I wonder if this is an indication of confusion or submission? – I’m still not sure. Her older foster bro understands my words (after 13 years with me) and seems to let her know what to do.  She ALWAYS pees where he pees, and if he investigates, she goes that way, but looks back to me for permission. If I call ‘come’, she will immediately come to me. I still have not heard her bark!  Even when foster bro gives an alert bark, she never does. No whining, just the squinty eyes, and rubbing of her head on my leg to let me know she wants attention. She always seems happy to be inside in the warm and is trying to get used to her protective coat on Sub 30-degree days when we walk.

For all her years of forced reproduction she did not learn “commands”. She gets the ‘come Sheila’ and responds quickly even if foster bro continues to explore and sniff!  However, when taken out alone & I say “go pee”, there is no response unless it is after breakfast or with foster bro Toby. The nice thing is, when she first arrived, she never took more than 2seconds to pee, and did a ‘walking pee’- wonder what made that habit? – but over 3 weeks she will now pause for a good 7-10 seconds, and only the pooping is a walking poop- fun to clean up after😜🤔🤣. She is so ‘easy’! Allows manipulating her paws, trimming toes nails, and even though a voracious eater, I can remove her food, stick my hand in the bowl, or call her away- and she has never responded negatively and always has come to me over her beloved food dish.  I have to giggle at her trying to ‘learn the ropes’ of being a house-dog and trying to learn about “toys”.

Certainly, she was never trained to retrieve or play!

She is allowed to sleep on my bed, or the dog bed next to my bed. Her conquering of the old house curved steps, even without treats is still delightful. No cat chasing either, although Kit is still skeptical of her. I will take a picture next time of how she loves to sleep in the sunshine coming in the storm door as I watch the noontime news on TV!

February 2, 2021

Sheila #4 week 2- (Sheila speaking? 😉)

Hi, I have learned to climb the crazy steps in foster Mom’s house.! YAY, I get a treat when I get to the top.  I don’t chase her Kitty, but he jumps when I want to sniff his butt- my foster bro Toby doesn’t jump when I sniff his butt😂.  I sure do like to eat. I have these very longing doleful looks I give foster mom in the morning and early evening that tells her “I’m starving”, and when finish my food, we quickly go outside so I remember to… number 2… where I’m supposed to… (no English majors’ comments, I’m a dog).

I may have lived 8 winters, but this recent snow storm had me wanting to watch where I put my dainty (not) toes, so mom shoveled me a path. I am not a snow bunny and would rather be in the warm house, rolling and sleeping and making foster mom laugh.

January 25, 2021

8- or 9-year-old Farm breeder Sheila was not “house trained”, and had to practically be forced to go over the threshold of her new foster home.  We started with every 2 hr. potty jaunts day and night, and this wise old girl to ‘got it’ by day 3, that “outside is where I pee. 🙄 Foster brother is helping her learn the ropes! It seems she ‘must’ pee where he pee’d. LOL

At first, tail-wags were low, short and fast- indicating likely confusion or “nervousness”. She has become very affectionate and likely never had much attention. Sheila’ return of affection is obvious in a now-wide-sweeping-ever-wagging higher vigorous tail.  She has a good Labbie nose, and explores all new odors and finds treats quickly if hidden.  She has discovered “dog beds” are softer than the floor (or carpet).

She is the first Lab in my home that had NO interest in peanut butter! 🤣, but cheese! She knows cheese!  All supplements like HW and FLEA/Tick meds and daily turmeric and glucosamine/chondroitin for old joints, are just mixed in her wet-dry food combo, or cheese, and food gets inhaled by that vigorous inherent Labby food drive!

The Vet found her in “good condition” for her obvious multi-litter body, and all laboratory tests were normal! Because foster mom lives and walks in wooded areas daily, she got oral 3-month flea/tick medicine. So, she’s good until April!

Getting into the car is challenging- a likely new task. Car entry has been solved with a piece of high value treat thrown onto back floor- she jumps in to get it. Hopefully jumping in becomes “normal” as she learns “car rides are fun”- not just going to the vet or for breeding. Foster mom’s old home 2nd floor curved steps are the next challenge! Stay tuned for this delightful girl’s progress! I have not heard her bark this entire week!

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