Shelby Mae Silver Labrador Retriever Female 6 Years Old ID #3031

October 15, 2022

As she becomes more comfortable in her foster home Shelby Mae’s personality has blossomed. She is such a happy dog who loves to spend time with people. Shelby really enjoys playing fetch & being more active now that the weather is cooler. She does like to go for walks on a leash, but still needs to improve her skills as she tends to zig zag.

Shelby does very well in the car & will happily jump in and out on her own. Shelby’s house breaking has also greatly improved. She is no longer having accidents in the house & I think a consistent routine helps her a lot.

Shelby does like to chase squirrels & rabbits outside. However, her prey drive isn’t extremely high & she can usually be prevented from chasing them if she is redirected. Shelby has her spay appointment at the end of the month. So, if all goes well, she will be ready for her forever home!

September 29, 2022

Shelby Mae has been a busy girl lately! She loved going to the outdoor event at Braxton’s & meeting new people. Shelby loves everyone she meets, especially when they give her attention.

Based on my observations of Shelby’s interactions with other dogs, I think she would do best in a home as the only dog or with a very laid-back dog. She takes some time to warm up to new dogs & doesn’t really appreciate when they invade her personal space. She doesn’t mind being in the same area as other dogs, but her focus is always more on humans!

Shelby is still the ultimate cuddler & her favorite spot is snuggling next to someone on the couch. Even though she doesn’t go into the crate for bed time until 9:30, she puts herself to bed around 8 every night by curling up on the floor or the couch & falling asleep.

Shelby Mae has also gotten much better in the car. She now happily jumps in by herself & lays calmly in the back. Shelby typically goes for 20-minute car rides 2-3 times a week so she is pretty accustomed to them now.

I am very impressed with how well Shelby has adjusted to life off the farm. She is going to make a great family addition!

September 11, 2022

Shelby Mae continues to be a complete sweetheart. chocolate labrador retrieverShe thrives on attention & loves everyone she meets! She is still working on house breaking. She is getting better but she still tends to just pee small amounts at once instead of emptying her bladder. The good news is that her urinalysis was clear. She is also finishing her heat so I am optimistic that things will improve.

Shelby Mae is a true retriever in the way she loves to carry things in her mouth. When she gets excited, she picks up the closest toy she can find. She also really loves to play fetch. She brings the ball right back to me; except she doesn’t understand she has to actually drop it. She happily lets me take it from her though.

Shelby likes walks & doesn’t get scared by passing cars. She does however think she is an ambulance & howls anytime one passes by. It’s pretty funny, especially since I only live half a mile from the hospital. She doesn’t really react when seeing other dogs. She seems much more interested in people than other dogs.

She has completely mastered the stairs & can now go up & down on the inside hardwood stairs as well as the steps outside. She also willing jumps in and out of the car. Shelby Mae doesn’t seem to mind riding in the car. She is atypically excited at first and then settles down the rest of the drive.

I’m happy she is improving & hopes she continue to do so.

August 25, 2022

Shelby took her freedom ride from the farm yesterday She was very well behaved for her much-needed bath & ear cleaning.chocolate labrador retriever Shelby’s first night went well. She whined for a little bit in the crate but was quiet most of the night. She really enjoyed going for a walk this morning & wasn’t bothered by the cars that drove by.

She was in the crate while I was at work today, but I was able to watch her on a camera & she did well. Shelby definitely prefers to be around people & follows me everywhere. She also really likes stuffed toys & carries them around in her mouth.chocolate labrador retriever

We are working on potty training since she hasn’t been inside before. She tends to squat & pee very small amounts multiple times instead of one steady stream. She is also in heat which makes house training a bit more complicated.

Shelby is a complete sweetheart & once she is out of heat & house trained, she will make the perfect addition to a family! Stay tuned for more updates!

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