Sherman Yellow Labrador Retriever Male 5 Months Old ID #3374

July 4, 2023

Sherman is ready for the fireworks.Yellow Labrador retriever

July 3, 2023Yellow Labrador retriever

This is me Sherman , I am celebrating the 4th of July at the beach with my foster family and lots of new friends.Yellow Labrador retriever After all the attention I just crash.🥰

June 28, 2023

Yesterday Sherman’s mom and dad had to be gone for the day, so the big puppy came to visit Brookline alums Pepper and Colin. When I went to pick up Sherman from his foster home, he was quietly snoozing in his crate.  He easily allowed me to get his harness on him and take him with me. I have fostered a lot of dogs, including many puppies and I can honestly say, this boy is soooo good!  He met the two resident labs with a wiggly body and tail.  He slid right into our household and routine like he was always here.  He played with lots of toys, napped on the couch with Colin.

Pranced around the backyard with Pepper and in general just had a great day. Yellow Labrador retrieverHe also did all his potty business outside.  Yay!

Later in the afternoon I had to run to the local home improvement store.  Sherman came along.  He did need to be picked up to get into the car, he is still not sure about that one.  Once we got there, he joyfully jumped out ready to begin whatever adventures awaited him!  He wasn’t 100% sure about those automatic doors, they didn’t have anything like that at the farm he came from.  A quick pleasant voice prompt from me and we were walking through them without issue.  Good boy Sherman!

Everyone that saw him in the store smiled and had to stop to pet the giant,  happy puppy. Yellow Labrador retriever He is so cute!  When I was looking at items and needed Sherman to just relax, he did just that.  He plopped down right next to me in the aisle.  Again, what a good boy!

Later when Sherman’s foster mom and dad came by to pick him up, he greeted them with his happy wiggles as they came through the front door.  Some family is going to be very lucky to adopt this handsome boy with an amazing temperament.  We loved having him here and he is welcome

June 26, 2023

Sherman here, just thought I would share some of my cuteness with you. Yellow Labrador retrieverI am happy to report that my foot is healing and does not bother me. Thank goodness I don’t have to have that annoying plastic bag on my foot anymore. My FM says I am such a good boy and do all my business outside. My favorite things to do are play with ALL the toys and run around in the backyard.

June 23, 2023

That’s me Sherman with the cone of shame on.Yellow Labrador retriever I cut my foot and had to go to the vet and get it bandaged . I have to put a plastic bag on my foot when we go outside for a few days and sometimes the crinkle of the bag scares me. My foster sister Penny and I have been having a great time playing together.Yellow Labrador retriever My FM said that I am such a silly boy. Yellow Labrador retrieverGood news I have not had an accident and do all my business outside.

June 22, 2023Yellow Labrador Retriever

Sherman here, wow what a day I have had. First some nice ladies and a man came and picked me up from the farm and took me to the vet to get me all checked out and weighed in at 65 pounds. I passed with flying colors. I meet my new foster parents and they took me to this awful place and I had my first bath……. I did not like it. I came home and meet my foster sister Penny but, she would not give me the time of day. I am very busy sniffing everything. FD told FM I was a good boy last night.Yellow Labrador Retriever

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