Shirley Chocolate Labrador Retriever Female 3 Years Old ID#2731

chocolate labrador retrieverShirley arrived into Brookline’s care from an Amish farm along with one of her 12 week old puppies from her last litter.  Please read her blog from the bottom up.

September 19, 2022

Good morning, Shirley here!

I am all healed from my spay and was a good girl with everything. I didn’t bother with my incision, so as long as FM was around me, I didn’t have to wear my medical shirt. I only wore it at night and when FM was at work. Not being able to run around with the my foster fur brothers was tough, but last night FM put me on my long lead so I could chase Teddy, just for a little bit.
chocolate labrador retrieverI love to fetch tennis balls and am pretty good at bringing them back, and I am working on drop. I love my fuff and tuff stuffy and will throw it up in the air and shake my head and wrestle with it. I also love my Nylabone. Actually, I love all toys and chewy bones.
chocolate labrador retrieverThis weekend, when the boys were at the groomer, I had the whole day with FM. Boy, I enjoy car rides and running errands. We went to the car wash and the pet store. Since I was such a good girl in the pet store, I got a pup cup from Starbucks. Yummy!!! FM also took me to a park for a walk. The park has lots of soccer fields and there were a bunch of games going on. There were a lot of people, kids, dogs, and referee whistles, but I didn’t bother with any of it, I just enjoyed my walk. Oh, but squirrels, they are my achilles heal. I bet if I had the chance, I could catch one of those things.

FM is getting sad; it will soon be time for me to find my forever home and she is going to miss me terribly. FM says I am a diamond in the ruff!!  I am the chillest girl ever. Anyone that I has met will tell you, I am the sweetest!!  My routine is pretty simple. I wake up, go outside, do my business, have a milk bone, then breakfast. The boys and I play or chill out while FM gets ready for work. The only time I am unhappy, is when I have to go in the crate when FM goes to work. I go, with some coaxing and don’t fuss once I’m in there, I just know, I don’t need it. FM thinks it’s best though because fur brother, Milo, is still grouchy. In the evening I have dinner, go for a long walk, play, and hang out with FM. I go to bed about 11pm and sleep through the night. I’ve always been quiet at night because I have the boys with me. I’m not sure how’d I do alone, however, I know if I ever got the chance, I bet I’d be a great sleeping buddy. Gosh, I’d be your couch buddy too. Don’t get me wrong, while I am very chill, I love playing, walking and running around. I’ll be your best girl.
chocolate labrador retrieverBye for now. Keep an eye out, I’ll be ready to find you very soon!!!!!!

September 15, 2022

Hello, Shirley here!

Sorry I’ve been quiet for a few days. I had my spay surgery on Tuesday so I’ve been laying low. I did great and I’m healing well. My FM bought me this cool medical vest so I don’t have to wear an uncomfortable collar. This “onsie” is so cool, there are little snaps in the back that open up so I can do my business outside and when I’m inside, I cannot get to my stitches. I’ve been very good taking my meds too. FM just puts the pill in a little cream cheese and I lick it right off her finger, I don’t even notice the pill.

My FM was going to start training me on the invisible fence this week, but since I had surgery, it’s not a good time. So, for now, I stayed hitched to her. Oh well……I can’t run around right now anyway, so that’s fine.

I have sit down like a champ, staying in sit….well, let’s just say, I’m working on it. I do listen and come when FM calls my name and I understand “no”.

Well, I have to go for my nightly walk now, but her are some pictures of me in my fancy “onsie”, and me winning Milo over. LOL chocolate labrador retriever chocolate labrador retrieverchocolate labrador retriever

September 12, 2022

Good morning, Shirley here!

I am so excited to share, I get my lady parts fixed tomorrow. Since I am such a little princess, FM is going to get me one of those medical shirts, so I don’t have to wear one of those funny looking cones. Stay tuned for pictures after my surgery!

I met my FM’s adult son, this weekend. He came home for a visit and boy did I like him. He likes to lay on the sofa, so I sat next to him for extra head scratches.  I did get startled when he moved too quick, I let out a bark or two because I was unsure. He was gentle with me and let me know he was a good guy.

I must tell you; I am a quick girl! On Saturday, all of us were outside.  FM had me on a tether (which was in the ground) so I could play with the boys while she was gardening. The lady across the street came down her driveway with a very little dog on a leash. Well, I bolted so fast, I pulled the tether right out of the ground and ran across the street to say “Hi”.  I didn’t bark, jump, or act aggressively, I only wanted to see what this little guy was all about. Thankfully, the neighbor is a good sport and laughed it off.  She thinks I’m funny. FM didn’t think so, so we are not doing that again.

It was a rainy day on Sunday, so Teddy and I relaxed most of the day, drank some water and napped.  I love when he sleeps next me butt to butt. LOL!chocolate labrador retrieverchocolate labrador retrieverWell, have a good Monday everyone. I’ll see you after my surgery tomorrow.

September 9, 2022

Hello everyone, Shirley here!!

I have had a busy week learning what life is like off the farm. Today is one week since I said goodbye to that place! FM said if she didn’t already have two big dogs, she would adopt me in heartbeat!! I’m that lovely!

I’m such a lady in the house and feel very comfortable now. So much so, I like to jump up on the sofa, but FM doesn’t let any of us doggies on the furniture. We have our own comfy beds on the floor, which I’ve grown to like. She will let us sit on the bed in the morning so we can watch her get ready for work, but that’s it.chocolate labrador retrieverI mostly play with resident dog Teddy. Milo is a little grouchy and doesn’t like me bugging him to play. That’s ok though, because I have FM and Teddy to play with. Although, when it’s time to eat, we all get along fine.chocolate labrador retrieverI’ve been working on sit, lay and stay. However, I’m still not good at stay. But hey, it’s a lot to learn for a young girl. I love my walks. FM says I walk better than her two dogs. At first, I didn’t know I could do my business on walks, but I figured out, if I gotta go, I gotta go! I don’t have to wait until I get back to home base.

All my tests came back negative from last week’s clinic at Pet Supplies, so that is good and today I have my first vet evaluation. Of course, I passed with flying colors and I even got my nails trimmed. I have a little bump on my left side which the vet said was probably a little scar tissue because he tested it and found nothing scary.  Whew! Once my pre-op blood tests come back on Monday, I will get scheduled for my spay.

Some other things to know. I like belly rubs, bully braids, I’m not afraid of the vacuum. I did good in my crate when FM went back to work this week. FM thinks I would be fine out of the crate but since Milo is grouchy, I’m probably safer in the crate when she is gone or long periods of time.chocolate labrador retrieverBye for now! Have a good weekend!

September 5, 2022

Happy Labrador Day! LOL.

Shirley here! I have to say, I continue to surprise my FM with how amazing I am. FM said I am a turn-key dog, whatever that means. chocolate labrador retrieverI went to the vet clinic at Pet Supplies yesterday and got my vaccines and blood work. The vet said I was the sweetest dog.
I just stood there and let her do her thing. I did great!

I’ve been working on my manners. I have ‘sit’ down pretty good, but stay is hard because I like to follow my FM everywhere. As soon as she settles though, I lay by her feet and keep her company.  I love playing with resident dog Teddy and I’m starting to learn to play fetch too! I eat like a lady now and drink plenty of water.

For the most part, I have free roam of the house and I’ve been left uncrated several times when FM  had to run errands. I did great, no issues whatsoever! Me and the boys just hung out and waited for her to come home. I am only crated at bedtime and when FM takes the boys for their walk. I don’t mind the crate at bedtime, but I don’t want to go in it when I know they are leaving. I don’t claw or scratch to get out, but I do sit and pant until they come back.

I love to go for walks and really don’t bother with other dogs or people I see. However, I did find my voice and barked at people walking by the house this morning. Don’t worry, I didn’t go all super barky, I just said a quick “hello”.

Well, I’m off to go play and possibly meet the lab who lives next door!

September 3, 2022

Hello Everyone, Shirley here. Aka Shirley girl as my FM likes to call me.

I got off the farm yesterday, and boy am I glad! I had a great car ride to my FM house with a quick stop at Pet Supplies to wash away my nice farm fragrance. Now I am fresh as a daisy!chocolate labrador retrieverAfter sniffing the two resident boy dogs, I went inside. I think I must’ve have been in a place like this before because I went right in and knew how to run up and down the stairs with ease! I was hungry and ate dinner with the boys. I ate a little fast, but my FM said not so fast that I need a slow feeder or anything, I was just hungry. I had my Flea and Tick meds too. I thought it was an after dinner treat so I gobbled it right up.chocolate labrador retrieverI went for a quick walk after dinner. I didn’t pull too much, I zig zagged a little bit but my FM said I did really well. After our walk, I didn’t let her out of my sight and slept next to her on the floor for a little while. I went to bed in my crate with the boys next to me and I was quiet all night.chocolate labrador retrieverI’ve been doing my business outside, we go out quite frequently because the boy doggos love it outside and I want to be with them. My FM has me on a long lead, but she is going to train me on this Invisible fence thing so I can run with the boys without her tagging along. (she’s ruining my jam)chocolate labrador retrieverI met the 3 neighborhood boys, 5, 7 and 10 and loved them. I didn’t jump on them, I just wagged my tail and took in all the lovies they gave me. I’ve seen a few dogs while I’m out walking and a few in their fences who bark at me but I just prance along without a care in the world. I also met a neighbor who had ducks, chickens and a pig named Aticus and I didn’t mind them either.chocolate labrador retrieverSo far, I am a good time gal, I get along with everyone and I’m pretty chill! I’ll go to the doctors next week for my check up and soon after, I’ll get my lady parts fixed. After that, I’ll be looking for my furever home, so stay tuned and watch me blossom!!!
PS – I learned how to sit.


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