Snickerdoodle Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 4 Years Old ID #3289

April 21, 2024

48 hours later and resting comfortably. Eating and drinking and short little walks for breaks. All systems go! So happy this is behind us and no more babies for Snickers!

Even when in a daze and out of it, when I spoke to her, the tail would go thump thump. She is a sweetheart and major love bug.yellow labrador retriever

Will be posting soon. Want a family that will love her up as she so deserves.

April 11, 2024

Two weeks in and happy to report that Snickers has gone from 112.5 to 104.5!!! Spay is on the 19th and really hoping it will go very well because of weight loss and muscle/stamina build up. She is definitely walking with a little spring in her step:-)

Still not thrilled to get in car, but once in she is a perfect passenger. Looks around or lays down for a snooze. Everyone oohs and aahs over her and she wags her tail and leans in wanting loving. What a sweetheart!

April 7, 2024Yellow Labrador Retriever

Well, we are 11 days off the farm and she is proving herself to be a gem. Now with a little encouragement, can get up into my back seat to go for a ride. Yellow Labrador Retriever She’s decided that she is in charge of keeping squirrels off my bird feeders and thank you!!

New since yesterday is actually playing ball with tail wagging the whole time. Yes!! No interest in toys yet, though I try. Also, several nice bones to chew, but no interest yet.

We go for at least four 3/4 mile walks a day and even my neighbors commented on how much perkier she looks. Almost prancing:-)  can’t say I am, but hey one of us isn’t dragging anymore. After she gets spayed on the 19th she’ll be up for adoption. She is not happy being left alone for too long and I think she needs to be only dog. Working on both of those. She is a love bug.Yellow Labrador Retriever

April 1, 2024

What bounty! Thank you to all who donate dog stuff and to the wonderful group who sends welcome boxes. She knew it was for her. She is still not sure what to do with toys, but the balls where a big hit.

She brings anything I throw right back and drops at my feet.

Fabulous lab! Even Easter attire😁Yellow Labrador Retriever

Her spay will be April 19th and up for adoption as soon as she has recovered.

March 31, 2024

Thursday night the crate was fine, but last night she was really unhappy. Not barking, but panting heavily. Nothing soothed her, so down went the crate and her big comfy bed on floor next to my bed. She plopped down and not another peep until 7:15 AM this morning.

Today was the big day to meet my son and his family. Children are 5,10,& 13 and resident rescue lab is 6.Yellow Labrador Retriever

She loved them and they loved her. Sammy the dog was a little standoffish needing reassurance. He still loved her very much.

They live right on the trail next to Darby Creek and off we went as a pack after lunch and plenty of get to know you time in back yard. No cars required. Walk is 30 feet through woods from their yard. Twice there were other dogs and neighbors and everyone was greeted with a wagging tail. We arrived at the first area where swimming is possible and decided this was far enough for her. Her stamina has a way to go.😅Yellow Labrador Retriever

She walked right in and stood and watched Sammy and within 2 or 3 minutes headed out to join her swimming. Of course, we all cheered from the shore!  We also decided it was great physical therapy!!!

My daughter in law and I hung back with her as she wasn’t setting any land speed records walking back. Silly us however. Turns out she does have a turbo speed setting IF she sees a squirrel. The children thought it was hilarious.Yellow Labrador Retriever

So bottom line, she is a lab!! LOVES the water and everyone she meets. Her sweet, gentle demeanor really lends itself to being a therapy dog visiting senior centers or children’s hospitals. She simply leans into you and is pure love.Yellow Labrador Retriever

She’s been invited back for Easter Dinner.😁

March 29, 2024

Sweet Snickerdoodle has now been on the Foster side of life for 48 hours and from all the tail wagging, one happy girl!  We did get to the vet promptly yesterday and it was evident once her UTI was being treated, she felt better. All else is fine and good EXCEPT for weight. 112.5 lbs. needs to lose 40lbs.  This gal couldn’t counter surf if she wanted to!

We are on a strict diet and 5 to 6 short walks a day, while she builds stamina. She gets plum tuckered out going 1/4 mile. Good for FM too:-). She has another vet visit on the 11th and spay scheduled for the 19th. We hope to post great progress.

She has the sweetest, gentlest temperament and is a lab looking for love and pats.

Right now, a Velcro girl. From taking a shower to putting on my shoes, I have a personal assistant. Was not sure about the vacuum, but even while observing from a distance, was wagging her tail as I told her it was very necessary and it wouldn’t bite her. She was very pleased to see it go back in the closet.

Nothing seems to faze her. Steps, doorways, house noises like the dishwasher running. Squirrels however don’t belong anywhere and quite honestly I’m pleased because she’s keeping them away from my bird feeders!!

Notice her enjoying March Madness. So funny.Yellow Labrador Retriever

Once she gets this weight off and can truly romp around as a 4 year lab should, she will be even happier. I keep telling her that😁

Please keep an eye out since she will be ready for adoption once she heals from surgery. She will be a wonderful addition to any family who wants all the wonderful aspects of this breed, but not the puppy stage.

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