Snickers #3 Black Labrador Retriever Mix Female 4 Months Old ID #3074

February 11, 2023

Just a brief update on little Snickers as she rounds off five weeks here and turned 4 months old.  She got her final set of puppy shots and a negative fecal test yesterday, so no more poking and prodding for a while–hooray!  (Except for resident devil Henry chewing on her.)   This time she’s forgotten to exhibit the fake limp she tried after the previous set of shots (to tell FM that they hurt so much!), and has been jumping up and down off the sofas and bed and chasing Henry as normal.

She also weighed in at an even 20 lbs.  Snickers doesn’t seem much bigger than when she first arrived, but she’s definitely heftier to carry around.

Snickers had more trips to the park, and did better on-leash imitating resident diva Nina’s calm walking style, with only the occasional zigzag.  She’s still not thrilled to ride in the car alone, but much better with one or both other dogs along.

She’ll be cheering on the Eagles as they defeat KC tomorrow.  Go Birds!  She wonders why FM didn’t enter her in the Puppy Bowl.

February 3, 2023black Labrador Retriever mix

Tomorrow will mark Snickers fourth week with us, and this sweet, petite, fearless little girl has made herself at home, in Foster Mom’s bed, on FM’s furniture, and in FM’s heart.  If FM wasn’t in an advanced stage of decrepitude and encountering enough challenges with two resident hoodlum dogs, she’d be hard-pressed to let go of this adorable baby.  But go she must–if only her furever family would reveal themselves.  They’re missing all the cutest baby antics!

Snickers has been getting better with leash-walking, but the weather has been so cold that we’ve only gotten a few chances to go to the park.  And FM can’t walk her with the other dogs, so FM has to take two trips to the park when Snickers has an outing.

She plays and romps in the backyard with Henry multiple times per day, and his hocks have the toothmarks to prove it.  She might be a shepherd at heart. Snickers runs like the wind, but she has a cute habit of not liking to put all four paws down at the same time when it’s too cold or too wet.

After breakfast it’s usually time for some bitey-face with Henry, or playing keep-away, then a long nap on the sofa or in her pen.  FM has been trying to leave her penned for 1-3 hours a day to make sure that little bladder keeps practicing ‘holding it’ during the day, and it seems to be working. The rest of the time she has pretty much free roam.  She sleeps soundly all night, but rises fairly early (5:30-6:00ish) and then usually we go back to bed after she goes Labrador Retriever mix

All in all, she’s a joy to have around, even if she does keep FM hopping.  The only time to worry is when it’s too quiet out there.  That usually means she’s doing something she shouldn’t, like quietly gnawing the end off a shoelace.  Snickers has patiently reacquainted FM with well-established Puppy Rule #1– if it’s within reach, it’s fair game!

January 27, 2023

Snickers has been keeping us company now for almost three weeks, and she and resident dog Henry are fast friends–sometimes a little too fast to suit Henry.  She can dart under him and leap at him like a little cougar from what seems to be all directions simultaneously.  She likes to sprawl on top of him while he gently gnaws her head.

During the rainy and awful weather, she enjoys galloping in a big circle around the living room/dining room/hallway/kitchen racecourse to get her steps in before taking a long cozy nap.

Snickers experienced her first snowflakes the other day–big ones–and found them fascinating.  Unfortunately, it didn’t last long and nothing on the ground to play in.  She bravely confronted a deer beyond the fence for the first time as well, giving tentative little barks to warn it off the property in imitation of Henry’s much louder carrying-on.  The buck was Labrador Retriever Mix

The females of the house have been sleeping in FM’s bed, although the increased surface space (compared to the family room sectional) seems to inspire a little wandering around during the night.  FM has gotten a paw in the ear and nose in the eye once or twice.  And resident diva Nina has warned Snickers to stay out of her quadrant of the bed.  Actually, Nina gets three quadrants and FM & Snickers have to share one.  Henry wisely remains downstairs.

Just when FM was about to report no potty accidents at all in the past 10 days, Snickers perversely proved that statement erroneous.  Although Snick is learning to pee pretty much on command, and normally always outside.  Perhaps the accident occurred when she mistook ‘Pup-py’ for ‘Pee-pee’!  No solid accidents ever.

We’re keeping our paws crossed that her forever family reveals themselves soon, because this snuggly and funny baby won’t be a baby for long, and they wouldn’t want to miss all the adorableness.

January 19, 2023

As of Saturday evening, Snickers will have been with us for two weeks.  It’s flown by, cuddling her, chasing after her when she chews my shoelaces, guarding her from the big dogs when they get too fed up with her puppy antics, working on commands.  And we’ve got the DNA results back: 51% Snicker, 47% Foodle, 2% Devil Dog — this surely qualifies her as a designer Snickerfoodle!

Of course, Snickers (aka Snickey, aka Sneakers, aka Nickers) knows that humans aren’t smart enough to tell each other apart with their noses, so we have to assign names & labels.  She answers to most of them.  Snicker is quite intelligent– she’s picking up the ‘come’ command and is pretty good with sit. FM took her for her first walk in her little harness, and she was so awed by the wide-open spaces and hills that she didn’t bite at her leash.

Not so intimidating are the furniture mountains at home.  She can get on any couch and chair, and while FM wasn’t looking managed to leap from the loveseat into the bay window, where she tried a paw at trimming two bonsai trees.  The loveseat has been moved.  Speaking of trimming, Snickers had a trip to the beauty salon for her first manicure.  She specified french tips on her paws, and the groomer said she was very well-behaved.Black Labrador Retriever Mix

She readily goes into her puppy pen to take naps on her little bed during the day, and to eat her meals.  She really doesn’t care for being transported in a puppy crate, and makes this abundantly clear during a drive.  She’s happier being dog-belted into the backseat (for a short drive), but FM can only do this when the other dogs aren’t riding along, to prevent a squashed Snicker.

The other evening Henry really nailed her when she was being super-pesty and nipping at him. This caused so much prolonged screaming that FM thought surely, she’d be rushing to the ER.  Nope– appears that she is a diva in the making.  Nina wept with pride.  You’d think Snickers would pay Henry a little more respect after that, but no.  She is an unafraid little pup.  The only thing she seems to cower at is the squirt bottle.Black Labrador Retriever Mix

This afternoon Snickers visited the pet clinic to get her vaccine updates and microchip, and she was incredibly brave–especially with a snausage stick stuffed in her little mouth!  The vet pronounced her in excellent shape at 16.7 lbs.

Snickers will be posted for adoption on Saturday.

January 15, 2023

Shhhh!  I’ve got to do this update quietly, because Foster Mom told me only humans get laptop privileges.  I caught resident diva Nina buying stuff on Chewy, and said I wouldn’t rat on her if she showed me how to type (and bought me goodies, too).  Luckily FM is too harried these days to know what she did or didn’t order.Black Labrador Mix

I’ve lived here a week now, and must say it was thoughtful for the house to be stocked with dozens of toys for me–stuffies to rip, dinosaurs and chipmunks and hedgehogs and foxes to squeak, balls to chase–what fun!  Nina & Henry claim everything belongs to them, but I can dart faster and run underneath them and prance away while they’re chasing their tails.  Sometimes the stuffies are as big as me.  And sometimes I get very mad at my toys and tell them off with growls and sharp little barks that are pretty adorable, if I say so myself.

FM imprisons me in a big ‘playpen’–to keep me safe, she claims, while she selfishly ignores me to cook, shower, vacuum, and brush her (permanent) teeth.  Mine will fall out soon anyway, so I skip brushing.  I like to sink them into FM once in a while, just to remind her I’m small but mighty.  The other dogs are very jealous of me (understandable– Nina is an old crone at 5-years-old and Henry is closing in fast on 4-years-old).  FM tries to ‘distribute the love’ evenly among us, while the other two try to horn in on my share.  They also barge in on my treat lessons, which causes FM to utter words not fit for a puppy’s ears.

She carries me around too much to suit me, unless the big dogs are going crazy over some deer or fox or delivery person–in which case I gallop to her to avoid being trampled.  When we watch TV at night, I like to cuddle next to her. Black Labrador MixI talk to her in puppy language because it’s cuter than English (which I understand perfectly, including the obscenities–but don’t tell her that–I cock my head and pretend I don’t know what she wants).  She finds puppy speak exceptionally charming, so I generally get pets and kisses (and a laugh).

I’ve had two liquid ‘accidents’ so far–totally FM’s fault. I can sleep a full 7 hours (sometimes) without wanting to go.  She was very proud that my playpen was completely dry when she had to leave me for almost 3 hours for a very long dermatologist appointment the other day (Nina says it’s probably for Botox).  I don’t bark and squeal like the other two when FM comes home–just whine gently to say ‘let me out’, and I’m catching on that she always does let me out (and gives me hugs and kisses to boot).   She threatens to begin shutting me in for bedtime instead of letting me sleep with the pack–we’ll see about that!  It’s cozy with everybody all clumped together–reminds me of my littermates–only with more snoring.

There have been two or three upchuck incidents, because I like to sample the tasty foliage, leaves and sticks out in the yard.  They go down better with a little mud, of which there is an ever-growing supply.  I think it’s pretty funny to send FM scurrying after me when I make a beeline for the muckiest part of the yard.

FM says the next time she goes to a doctor’s, she’s taking me with her.  I wonder what that means?  Henry & Nina just look at each other and laugh evilly.  But at least I’ll get to ride in the car again.

January 11, 2023

Snickers has been here three days now, and reveals more of her personality and intelligence almost every hour.  Did I mention how adventurous and brave she is?  Black Labrador MixThe very first hour she came into the house she had mastered going up and down the (carpeted) stairs–which I’ve come to regard as a mixed blessing.  She wants to smell, taste (with dental impressions) and climb on everything, and it keeps FM scurrying to keep her out of mischief and harm, even with dog gates. Black Labrador Mix

What she decidedly doesn’t want to experience is being alone in her playpen, despite having copious amounts of toys.

Last night I put resident dude Henry in there with her while I tried to make my dinner, and that kept her quiet for about 10 minutes.  She will entertain herself, unconfined, with the many playthings scattered around, and particularly likes to drag toys to her ‘lair’ under the dining room table.  Probably in an effort to prevent Henry & resident diva Nina from stealing them.

We’re making progress with ‘sit’, although Henry & Nina immediately come running over so everybody gets to practice planting their tushies for a treat.  FM is kept quite busy evenly distributing pets and attention, as the resident pooches are rather jealous of the newcomer.  Henry started warming up a little more this morning, and played the first abbreviated bitey-face game with her. Black Labrador Mix He tends to be too rambunctious outside and she’s wary but very intrigued by this big guy, and wants to play and chase him.  Poor little Snickers has gotten stepped on and jostled roughly numerous times inside the house, with no apparent ill effect after a yelp or two.

She did have one accident (only one so far) in her playpen last night, as FM neglected to add 2+2 (water consumed + time since last pee).  Snickers is eating well, drinking well, sleeping well. (FM particularly appreciates not having to wake up in the middle of the night to take Snick outside).  As to puppy manners–well, we’re working on that!

January 10, 2023Black Labrador Mix

Snickers is making progress in training me to do what she wants–now FM just has to figure out how to reverse that.  Emoji Last night FM slept with her (and the other two dogs) on the family room sectional again. Snickers slept soundly from 11:00PM until 6:00AM–at which time she decided she’d like to do some business outside.  Then we slept again until 7:00AM.  So far Snickers has confined all of her ‘business’ to the yard from the first minute she arrived–yay, Snickers!Black Labrador Mix

She’s gotten the hang of eating, now that FM has acceptable kibble, and a rolling ball dispenser to keep her entertained while she empties it.  We’ve just started scratching the surface of learning to ‘sit’.  Snickers thinks it means ‘jump’ when a treat is held just above her head. FM is trying to get her used to being in the puppy pen by feeding her there and putting in a peanut butter Kong for brief periods.  There has been minimal progress on that front, but it’s only been 48 hours, so patience is key.

Her saucy personality is revealing itself, mainly by the way her baby shark teeth attach themselves to FM’s pantlegs, coat, gloves, etc.  She’s also decided to do some pruning of hedges in the backyard and the jade plant in the family room.  The pathetic remnant of jade is the last surviving branch of a once-magnificent 30-year-old plant that incurred the enmity of each of the foster puppies that have lived here in the last year and a half.  Snickers administered the coup-de-grace.

Tonight, will be a major test, as FM has to attend a 1 1/2-hour meeting offsite, and Snickers must reside in the playpen. Resident dogs Nina & Henry have requested earplugs.

January 9, 2023Black Labrador Mix

Precious petite 3-month-old Snickers came to stay with us yesterday, thanks to all the wonderful people who helped in the transport of her and her siblings.  In the past 24 hours she’s gone from quaking with fear upon delivery to romping around the house and playing with resident dude Henry in a very saucy manner.  The intro to the resident dogs went pretty smoothly, since they accompanied Foster Mom & friend to the pick-up spot and were able to smell and see her all the way home.

Snickers strenuously objects to being crated or penned away from the ‘pack’, and she voices this at a high decibel level and at length, with many interesting variations in pitch and tone.  FM  surrendered at 1am and slept in the family room with Snickers cuddled contentedly in the crook of her arm.  She indicated she’d like to visit the restroom facilities around 4:00 AM and then slept another 3 hours.

Snickers decided she didn’t like the dining options FM provided yesterday, and demonstrated this by overturning her water bowl and food bowl several times.  Today’s purchase of smaller size kibble and a roll-around toy to dispense it with was received favorably, and she finally ate a whole meal at dinnertime (although FM has to stand in the puppy pen with her while she eats).  She also discovered the culinary delight of peanut butter inside a baby Kong.  Why the taste of the dining room rug, dining chair table leg, leashes, blankets, dog beds, dirt and leaves, and FM’s toes also tickle her tastebuds is a secret she isn’t sharing.

Resident diva Nina is predictably not much of a fan, but so far Snickers is heeding the warnings of both Nina and Henry when she takes too many liberties.  She seems to be forming a crush on Henry and he isn’t discouraging it, despite their age difference (3mos/45mos).  She really enjoys running around the yard off-leash and chasing Henry,

and is starting to enjoy playing by herself with some squeaky toys.

We’ll see what tonight brings.

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