Snowball Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 10-12 Years Old ID#2832

Yellow Labrador RetrieverSnowball arrived in Brookline’s care after 10-12 years on a farm.  She worked hard as a breeder mom and is now ready to relax!  She is 83lbs, and very light in color.  She is almost white or cream.  Snowball is a sweet gentle lady.  Please read her blog from the bottom up to learn more about her.

September 22, 2021

yellow labrador retrieverWOW is all I have to say about Snowball!! Snowball came to my house 7 weeks ago is a totally different dog now. Snowball came off the farm covered head to toe in fleas and ticks. Snowball could barely get into a car without help from someone. She was slow to walk because she was in pain, probably from the Lyme disease. She was a very sick, sad and confused dog. Snowball was in really bad shape.  Even with all of that baggage from the farm, you could tell that all she wanted was to be loved and cared for. So that is what we did.yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retrieverShe had got a complete physical from my vet and it was determined she needed major surgery for a golf ball sized stone in her bladder and two tumors. You could tell she was very uncomfortable. Who wouldn’t be!  Unfortunately we found out she had Lyme disease so we had to get that under control with medication before we could proceed with the major surgery.  About 4 weeks ago she was able to have her surgery which has done wonders for her. Snowball was having multiple accidents through out the day and night before her surgery. Since her surgery she has very few accidents and each week it is getting better and better. The vet feels this could get even better over time but there is no guarantee, she won’t have an accident from time to time. yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retrieverSnowball is truly amazing dog. I can not stress that enough. I always knew that dogs where reliant but Snowball has shown me that anything is possible.  Snowball is a beautiful gentle giant who does not know her own size, is a bull in the China shop, loves treats, loves to snuggle on the couch with you, loves everybody, gets along with my three resident dogs and does not have a mean bone in her beautiful body. She is a totally happy, content, loving, sweet gentle giant who is ready to find her forever home very soon. Snowball is so loved and will be truly missed but I know she is ready to find her forever home and give her new family all the happiness and love she has given us over the past two months. yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retriever

September 8, 2021

yellow labrador retrieverSnowball is about 2 weeks post surgery and she is doing pretty well. The vet called to let us know that the bladder stone and the two tumors are benign. This is wonderful news. We were told that the tumor on her gums might come back but is nothing to worry about. The vet also said that as her bladder heals from the damage of the stone, her bladder control will continue to get better. She has had fewer accidents since and when she does have an accident, it is at night. She has made such progress in the last two weeks, it has been wonderful to see her so happy, content and not in any discomfort anymore.yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retrieverShe did have a minor setback as her incision developed a minor infection. Snowball was able to be seen by the veterinarian and was given more antibiotics to stop the infection. Snowball has taken everything in stride. Nothing really bothers her and she is a really easy going dog.yellow labrador retriever Snowball is enjoying ever aspects of being a house dog or maybe I should say couch potato dog. She loves people of all ages, any type of treats, a soft dog bed or couch to lay down on, a backyard to wander about in and maybe having another dog companion in her forever home. Snowball is not a velcro dog except for when there is a thunderstorm.  She likes to be around people when they are around but just as content to be by herself. She sleeps in the kitchen on a dog bed and she makes no noise when I leave for the night.yellow labrador retrieverSnowball does not gobble her meals and would probably prefer more kibble at her evening meal than her morning meal. So I give her a smaller meal in the morning and more kibble in the evening. This seems to work best for Snowball. She likes to lay down while eating her meals. I guess she is most comfortable doing this at meal times.yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retrieverSnowball knows the stay command the best. She does sit but half the time her butt is wiggling so much its a half-sit for her and she will also lay down when asked. Snowball is getting much better in the car. At first, Snowball was really nervous in the car and had a really hard time getting in and out the car without help. Since we have been going back and forth to the vet for appointments, Snowball is much calmer in the car and gets in and out of the car with no problem. Snowball does like to climb from the back seat to the front to exit the car. We are trying to correct this but we are not having much luck yet. We will keep trying.  She does well on a leash although she walks in a pronounced zig-zag trying to take everything in.yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retrieverSnowball does not have much interest in toys except for balls. She loves to play catch and fetch a ball. I think she was around kids at the farm so I would think a kids played ball with her. She is also a pro at catching treats.

August 29, 2021

Snowball had her surgery on Friday morning and she did great! She came home yesterday morning and seems like a younger dog. They were able to take out the stone in her bladder, remove two tumors and of course spay and chip her. The vet techs said she was really sweet but she was extremely nervous while she was there. She was shaking when I picked her up but by the time she got home she was back to her old self.yellow labrador retrieverShe was greeted by my labs and seemed very happy to be back.  Since being back home she has only had one accident which is such a huge improvement as she was having multiple accidents during the day and night. Although the Vet couldn’t give any promises, her control already seems to have improved.  She does not seem to be in any discomfort from the surgery and her panting is gone. We go back in two weeks to have her staples removed and make sure everything is looking good.

August 21, 2021

yellow labrador retrieverHi Everyone!

It’s Snowball here again. I’ve been with my foster family for almost 3 weeks and I can say I’m setting in quite well. I don’t miss the farm one bit. My foster mom says I’m a gentle giant, whatever that means. I’m learning from the other three labs on how to behave. I have a tendency to get over excited and pushy when I see treats or if there are pets to be had.yellow labrador retrieverI don’t think my foster mom realizes that I didn’t get a lot of treats or pets on the farm. I love treats and pets. She says she understands my excitement but does she really? I’m not sure but time will tell. She does catch on quickly so I have high hopes for my foster mom.yellow labrador retrieverCouches are my favorite place to lay my head in the evening with my foster mom right next to me. She likes to take pictures of me sleeping next to her. I sleep so soundly on the couch. My mom says I’m a real lab as I’m a couch potato. I see nothing wrong with it. Couches are comfy.

I’m having my surgery this week so hopefully all goes well and I won’t have to use these pee pads at night. My foster mom puts out these pee pads and I’ve learned to use them at night so there isn’t a big mess in the morning to clean up. My foster mom says her floors have never been so clean. I don’t see what the issue is with that. Clean floors are good, right?  Wish me luck this week. Talk soon, Snowball!yellow labrador retriever

August 15, 2021

yellow labrador retrieverSnowball is definitely enjoying being off the farm. She has had no trouble transitioning into a home versus living on a farm. She has no problems going up stairs, walking on different types of flooring and walking through doorways.yellow labrador retrieverSnowball loves treats, AC and comfy beds. She can get a bit pushy with treats when she is around the other dogs but we are working on it.yellow labrador retrieverWe are trying to let her know she won’t be forgotten when getting a treat.  She loves people and the attention they give her. Snowball also enjoys being around my 3 dogs. They all get along really well.yellow labrador retrieverSnowball has her surgery scheduled for the end of the month to hopefully help with her bladder issues. Since Snowball has bladder issues, she can’t always make it outside so we have tried the diaper and pee pads at night. She seems to do better with the pee pad vs the diaper so far but we will keep trying the diaper at night. She is very good at getting it off. It’s pretty impressive and she may have a future as a magician’s assistant.yellow labrador retrieverHopefully she will get used to the diaper until she has her surgery. We had to push back the surgery because she has lyme disease and the vet wanted to get some medication to help her.yellow labrador retriever yellow labrador retrieverSince getting the medication, I have seen a good improvement in her ability in running outside and her movement in general.

August 5, 2021

Hi there! My name is Snowball and yes I like to play ball. A little back story about me…..I was living on a farm as a breeder mom up until Tuesday afternoon when a nice lady came and took me away. I’m not complaining at all as I was very dirty, covered in fleas and ticks and needed to see a veterinarian. After a short car ride, I met my foster mom and we drove home. I was very tired from all the excitement of the day that I just laid down in the car and slept. First thing she did when we got home was give me a bath because I desperately needed one, which turned out to be three baths.  Boy oh boy did I need multiple baths! She has this stuff called shampoo that took off all of those bugs and dirt.  I was so nice, I just sat there and enjoyed being pampered. I’ve never been pampered, I can get used to this. My foster mom says this is how its going to be from now on. Yippee!! I can get use to this.

Yellow Labrador RetrieverMy foster mom was able to get an appointment at her veterinary office which is good because I needed a good lookover. The doctor said I need to have some type surgery because I have a stone in my bladder that needs to come out. I think this doctor is on to something because I have a hard time going to the bathroom. He said once he takes out the stone, I will feel so much better. I hope he is right. My foster mom thinks he is right so I’m going to trust her. I have some other minor things but getting that stone out is priority.Yellow Labrador RetrieverI have not been able to spend a lot of time with the 3 other resident dogs because of these bugs on my body but I am hoping to have a formal meeting in the next couple of days. My foster mom wants to make sure I don’t give the other dogs these bugs. I don’t disagree with her because these bugs are itchy and they like to bite. I want them to like me so I will keep away for a couple more days to be on the safe side. I have met everyone else at my new home and they all like to pet me, especially the kids. I love kids, they are so much fun to be around. My tail just keeps wagging when I see them.Yellow Labrador RetrieverI love to be outside as I am a farm dog but my foster family has this covered deck which is so cool. I get to be outside and enjoy the air but not bake in the sun. They have this huge water dish that they fill with fresh water and they keep it under the covered deck so the water stays nice and cool. They really know how to pamper me.

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