Soto Black Labrador Retriever Male 4 Months Old ID#3148

May 19, 2024

Soto is doing great now but he had a few rough days. He had a visit to the vet and while he did great once he was there, he was not a fan of the car ride! He had to get a few vaccines and was very sleepy the next day.  Soto also weighed in at a whopping 26 pounds!  They think he is going to be a big boy, and so do I!  Everyone who works at the vet office fell in love with him immediately!Black Labrador RetrieverHe is finally starting to engage in play with his foster brother!  He loves playing chase and tug with the rope.

Soto loves everyone he meets but is especially smitten with his Foster Mom, and more recently his Foster Brothers (ages 13 & 11).  He loves snuggling and playing with the FB’s!Black Labrador RetrieverHe is making progress with potty training, and we are so proud of him!  We still have him on a schedule to go outside but he continues to scratch at the back door when he needs to go out between the scheduled times!Black Labrador RetrieverSoto is the sweetest, softest little snuggle bug!

May 13, 2024

We are excited to share the latest updates on Soto, the cutest foster pup, who’s not just a quick learner but also a bundle of joy!  Black Labrador RetrieverSoto’s day was packed with learning and fun. We dedicated some time to work on basic manners, and I’m happy to report, he’s grasping them faster than I anticipated. ‘Sit’, ‘come’, and the all-important ‘let’s go potty’ are now commands he is starting to respond to with enthusiasm!Black Labrador RetrieverSoto and Enzo, our resident dog, are slowly starting to bond beautifully. Enzo, who’s also a rescue and happens to be deaf, has taken on the role of Soto’s foster brother and guide. It’s heartwarming to see them start to interact.Black Labrador RetrieverSoto’s adjustment to his foster home and his eagerness to learn are inspiring. It’s a joy to witness his daily progress and his evolving relationship with Enzo. Stay tuned for more tales of Soto’s adventures and his journey of learning and growth.

May 12, 2024

This handsome boy is stealing the hearts of everyone who meet him!  He was taken into foster care from a shed along with his brother Wheeler and his sister Nola.  Although initially hesitant to come inside, he quickly became curious and explored every inch of the first floor!Black Labrador RetrieverWitnessing his first encounters with the comforts of home life, have truly been a joy!  He’s found solace in the softness of his blankets and the cushion of the pillows.  Black Labrador RetrieverHis little face lights up at the sight of toys.  Though still unsure of their purpose, his excitement is adorable, and it’s only a matter of time before he learns the joy of play.  On walks, he’s a gentleman.  With his harness on, he strolls by our side and responds well to re-direction when necessary.Black Labrador RetrieverHe has only been here for a day but so far, we’ve learned this big goof ball is extremely gentle, super super sweet and loves to snuggle! Black Labrador RetrieverWe look forward to learning more about Soto as we continue to foster this handsome boy!  Stayed tuned for more updates on his journey from the shed to his forever home!

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