Stella #4 Black Labrador Retriever Female 7-9 Months Old ID #2930

May 18, 2021

Stella has been with us for a week now and she is showing us more about what a wonderful girl she is with each passing day. She has had the chance to say hello to many neighborhood people young and old and dogs of all kinds and has made friends with everyone. She loves spending a good part of the day exploring the many smells of the yard. We learned that Stella likes to hide treasures like her bully sticks or nylabones. We think it’s so funny when she decides to save them for later by sneakily stowing them under the Hosta leaves. When we have a break from work Stella is always ready to join us in a game of keep away or tug of war. She will try to encourage us to join her by resting the stuffed toy of the moment on the arm of our Labrador Retriever

Over the weekend we had a special trip to the Jersey shore. black Labrador Retriever

Stella did great on the car ride. She needs a little help jumping into the back seat, but once buckled in she settles right down for the ride and often snoozes. We got to walk on the beach together and even enjoyed a doggie ice cream for dessert. Stella selected cheddar flavor.

We are loving our time with this beautiful girl and just know she is going to be a fantastic member of her furever family. Stella will need a home with people that can continue to work on her training and provide her with lots of positive distractions during her waking hours. She will reward them with endless love and tail wags.

May 13, 2021

Stella is doing very well getting settled into a routine at our house. She sleeps all night in her crate and lets us know she’s awake in the morning with just a little whimper. After she goes out for a quick potty break, she is ready to relax some more until breakfast.

We have all been taking advantage of the beautiful weather by spending lots of time out in the back yard. Stella is very good at entertaining herself with toys or just lounging on the deck.

We have been enjoying neighborhood walks as well.  Stella is doing a pretty good job on her leash. She is very eager to say hi to every person and dog she encounters.  Several people have commented on her wonderful demeanor.

We know Stella is going to make a fantastic addition to her furever family when the time comes.

May 10, 2021

Today was the first weekday with Stella. Today she had the chance to meet a gentleman who stopped by to give us a tree estimate. When she saw him outside with foster mom, she let us hear her bark for the first time. She was very excited to greet the new person and he raved about how sweet she was.

Stella thoroughly enjoys hanging out in the yard. But she thinks doing e-mail is boring and nods off.

May 9, 2021

Stella has arrived in New Jersey! The transport van driver informed me that Stella is a “gentle giant.” I’m not sure about giant, she is only 50 lbs, but my goodness this dog is an angel.

We spent our day getting to know each other, exploring our new digs, and thoroughly inspecting every toy in the toy basket. It seems Stella is pleased with our selections as she had herself entertained all day.

Stella is a little bit of a picky eater. I’ve never heard of a dog disliking peanut butter, but no doubt Stella is one of a kind. She sure seems interested in our human food though. We’ll work on that.

Just one day in, and Stella is already a neighborhood celebrity. You’d think our neighbors were offering her an endless supply of Beggin’ Strips and head pats with the way she greets everyone. Butt wiggle and all, this girly is a bundle of joy.

We have a little bit of work to do on our leash. Stella hasn’t really mastered the straight line. Luckily, I’m pretty steady on my feet because I swear, she was out to trip me.

We’re excited for this brief adventure with Stella and just KNOW that she is going to bring her forever family many years of laughter and happiness

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