Stella #8 Black Labrador Retriever Female 6 Years Old ID#3382

Black Labrador RetrieverBeautiful pure bred black 6 year-old Stella was kindly rescued from a farm. The farmer had decided not to breed her again so her life off the farm can begin!  Her last litter was in 2022 and she lived with children under 5 and other dogs peacefully.  Please read her blog from the bottom up to learn more about her time in foster care.

December 4, 2023

Good morning, all!

Stella had a very exciting weekend. We travelled to Wellsboro for the Dickens Festival. She was a dream in the car and travelled 3 1/2 hours without a peep. She acclimated well to the new setting although she was a little skittish coming in/out the door. She really enjoyed meeting a lot of new people and loved the walks in the country.Black Labrador retrieverShe has become very playful with Boomer and has been initiating play throughout the day. Even when he’s sleeping, she will stand in front of him and try to wake him. They play really well together and love to romp outside and chase each other. Stella continues to react to the less than friendly dogs in the neighborhood so a slow introduction to other dogs would be wise in the future.

Despite being in heat and having to wear her fancy pants, Stella is a pleasure and has adapted well to every new experience. She has been with us for 10 days now so she will be available for adoption soon!Black Labrador retrievers stated previously, Stella would do very well in a home as the only dog and does not need a canine companion. She especially loves children and lights up when she sees them. She loves, loves, loves her walks and is an easy walker on the front-clip harness.

November 27, 2023

Hello from Stella!

Stella is now starting to explore the entire downstairs and is getting very adventurous. She is much less timid than most other farm dogs.

She has walked up and down our sets of outdoor steps with no issue but hasn’t attempted to go upstairs to our second floor yet.

Stella had another very peaceful night and was overjoyed when we all came downstairs this morning. I was finally able to catch her on video  so enjoy her wiggle dance! (lower your sound because I sound ridiculous)

She has definitely shown an affinity towards people more than other dogs. She would do very well in a home as the only dog and does not need a canine companion. She especially loves children and lights up when she sees them. She likes other dogs as long as they are not aggressively barking at her (we have a German shepherd across from us that paces and barks non-stop) or in the “attack mode” (2 small breed dogs we see on our walks that snarl and snap at every dog). She loves, loves, loves her walks and is an easy walker on the front-clip harness.

She has had no accidents and has adjusted well to her Fancy Pants. She seems to be taking her heat in stride and remains very sweet and happy.

Although Stella loves exploring in our fenced-in back yard, a yard is not required as long as she gets her 3x/day walks.

November 26, 2023

Good morning, all-

Beautiful PB black 6 year-old Stella had a peaceful night. We didn’t hear a peep out of her as she slept and dreamt of treats and toys in her comfy warm bagel bed. She continues to eat slowly and politely and has sits without prompting for treats. She’s had no accidents in the house since she arrived.

Her wiggle butt continues to make us laugh and bring us great joy. As you can see from the lovely pink fancy pants, Stella is now in heat. The stress from farm life to house life triggered her heat so her spay will be delayed. Black Labrador RetrieverWe took Stella for her first long walk today and she did well with the front-clip harness. She zigzags a little but doesn’t pull too hard on the leash.

She was fascinated with all the sights and smells along the way but was not one bit fearful.

She joined me in the kitchen this morning as I started my holiday baking. She loves being around her humans and thumps her tail and wiggles whenever we look her way at her or talk to her. She must have cuddles often or she whines to be petted.

Stay tuned for more from Wiggle-Butt!

November 25, 2023

Stella rode beautifully in the car and thumped her tail every time I spoke to her. She is as sweet as a lab can possibly be with the most amazing wiggle butt! I will have to get this in a video soon. She is friendly and very social.Black Labrador RetrieverShe is between 80-90 lbs so a diet is in her future. She was such a gem for her bath yesterday (Mark’s hands were black after riding in the car with her) and enjoyed the attention. She has done well on the leash and has had no accidents in the house so far.

Stella was very excited to meet resident dog  Boomer yesterday. Surprisingly, she came into the house within the first 30 minutes without much hesitation.Black Labrador Retrieverhe is not afraid of the television or other household noises that usually scare a farm dog. She loves treats and was interested in the toy box and bones already.

She actually sat for a treat and took it gently. She ate her meals slowly and has already claimed a comfy dog bed. She is leaps and bounds ahead of most farm dogs and is such a pleasure!Black Labrador RetrieverStay tuned for more from Wiggle-Butt!

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