Sterling Silver Labrador Retriever Mix Male 7 Months Old ID #2987

November 21, 2021

Sterling joined me on a 5 mile hike this morning.  He was such a good boy and a big hit!  He was friendly with everyone he met – hikers, bikers and other dogs.

He is settled in now with foster dad watching the Eagle’s game.

As they say, “A tired puppy is a good puppy.”

Sterling is certainly enjoying life with us in his foster home, but is still looking for his forever home.

A fenced back yard, a fur sibling, and lots of exercise are very high on his wish list.

November 10, 2021

Sterling is enjoying life and having lots fun playing and romping with Lexy and our grandpups … and occasionally getting into puppy mischief (note the toilet paper caper).

He is so charming that he has somehow managed to be allowed on our sofa!

Just a reminder that this handsome boy is still available for adoption. His ideal home will have a fenced yard and a furry sibling to play and snuggle with.

October 20, 2021chocolate labrador retriever

Sterling took a trip to the Tractor Supply Store over the weekend where he got his microchip and the last of his basic puppy booster shots.  He was very well behaved for the car ride and while in the store. He was a little timid at first but then he warmed up to all the attention and the many “what a beautiful dog” comments.

Sterling truly enjoys our Lexy’s company – for lounging and for playtime.

For the most part, Lexy allows Sterling to steal her toys, but every once in a while they get into the cutest match of and chocolate labrador retriever

Sterling loves his walks and continues to walk so nicely until he sees a bunny or squirrel, so we’re definitely seeing a prey drive in his makeup.

He recently went for a play date with two Brookline labs who belong to a Brookline volunteer in our area and he had a blast.  He romped and chased squirrels with Pepper and he joined their other black lab, Colin, for a yummy chewing session.

black and chocolate labrador retriever

Being the young, energetic pup that he is, Sterling’s ideal home will be with a young, active family, with a resident dog, who will all join in to take Sterling through a wonderful journey from puppy to adult.

October 9, 2021

Sterling continues to do well and adds an element of fun and energy into our routine.

He is eating well and has had no accidents in the house. He is very good about going into his crate without any “complaints” – and often goes in on his own for a little quiet and chocolate labrador retriever He loves our lab Lexy and spends a lot of time with her – either chilling or playing (they both love toys, especially squeaky ones!).chocolate labrador retriever

Sterling has joined Lexy in being an alert barker both in the yard and at our front window. He has the cutest high pitch bark! Fortunately, they both listen well to correction and stop and come when and chocolate labrador retriever

Sterling is enjoying his walks (and walk so nicely on leash) but continues to be a bit timid (and sometimes barks) when seeing other people and dogs. For the most part he just stops walking, and I need to reassure him and coax him along.

We continue to work on Sterling’s counter surfing.  And, he has also gotten a hold of a shoe or two, but we caught him in time before any damage was done (although one of my flip flops didn’t make out so well).  We know the surfing and chewing are normal puppy activities that we need to stay on top of.  But it has been a long time since we’ve had a young, energetic, (not to mention, adorable) puppy in the house, so there’s a bit of learning going on all around.

October 5, 2021

Sterling continues to be pleasant addition to our household.  Here are a few bits of information that we are seeing as he settles in:

– He is wonderful sleeping in his crate in our bedroom overnight. Sleeping with us in the bed (which he’d probably love) may be in his future.

– He is quiet in his crate when we are not home – we know this thanks to our Furbo camera (Our lab Lexy is gated in the same area with him, and I’m sure he finds comfort in her being close by).

– He walks remarkably well on a leash and is getting more comfortable with the different sights and sounds we encounter on our walks.

– He is a counter surfer – so he’s training us to be more careful about clearing off our countertops (note the spatula in the one picture).

– He often jumps up on our furniture which we usually don’t allow but we are allowing him on the patio sofa.

– He did well meeting two more dogs – our grand pups who are also rescues about the same age.chocolate labrador retriever

– He inhales his food, so we have switched to a slow-feeder bowl.

– When Sterling gets excited, he does jump up and get a little mouthy (typical puppy). We are working on this with him and his listens well to correction.

–  He finds joy in just about any type of toy.chocolate labrador retriever

–  He has a very sweet disposition and loves to cuddle and give kisses

October 2, 2021chocolate labrador retriever mix

Sterling is a handsome 5–6-month-old silver lab mix who came to Brookline after a very long trip north from Mississippi with over 30 other dogs (and 2 cats).  Sterling’s transport team brought him all the way to Harrisburg and then he made his way down to Newark, Delaware thanks to some awesome Brookline volunteers.

Sterling and his brother Blu were found running loose out on a road after a hurricane came through, and were saved and cared for in a temporary foster home in MS until they got their rescue ride north to become a Brookline lab.

Sterling is a sweet pup who is full of energy. He shows a little bit of timidness in new situations (people, stairs, etc.) but is overall very friendly and playful. He loves belly rubs, and even though he may be a mix, he does the “lab lean” perfectly.

Sterling hit it off wonderfully with resident female lab Lexy.

And he loves toys (especially benebones and stuffed kongs). chocolate labrador retriever mixHe slept soundly all night in a crate in foster mom and dad’s bedroom, but from the picture, you can see he will also likely make a good bed buddy.chocolate labrador retriever mix

More information to come as we get to know this sweet boy.

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