Stoney Yellow Labrador Retriever Male 3 Months Old ID #3025

January 13, 2023

It’s been such a full fun week. I got my shots and microchip, the doggy doctor said I was cute and healthy. They did find worms in my fecal sample, but I happily ate my 3 days of dewormer and I am feeling great. The Vet said that I needed to bring back a stool sample in 30 days double check I’m all clear but said I should be good to go.

After my rounds of medicine, I got to go to the dog park. I had so much fun chasing and wrestling with a husky puppy. I was so exhausted I fell asleep in my foster dad’s lap before we even made it out of the parking lot.

My foster mom has been working hard trying to teach me how to go in a circle. I am not sure I completely understand the concept and she just seems to wave the treat in the air. Eventually, I follow it around and she gives in and lets me eat it.

I have figured out my two favorite places to snooze. The first is on my foster dog’s brother’s bed. I figure it’s okay since he likes to snooze under the kitchen table or in the sunroom. His bed is so much bigger than mine. I tried once to be his little spoon while he was snoozing on it and my foster dad said that probably wasn’t a good idea. My second favorite place to snooze is half under my foster parent’s bed next to the heating vent. It feels so cozy and warm after doing my business outside. I don’t know why they don’t sleep under there.

Yellow Labrador RetrieverMy foster mom found me a tiny cozy doggy sweater to wear on our walks to make sure I don’t get too cold. I seem to get a lot of compliments when I wear it in the neighborhood.

January 2, 2023

Well, it’s been a rousing few days in my foster home. We been on some walks, some card rides, and listened to the fireworks go off!

I am getting better at walks; I do much better when the leash is attached to my martingale collar rather than my harness. I get my business done and then spend the rest of the walk finding every stick imaginable. I haven’t found the right one to bring home, but I will keep looking. My foster parents say I get the zoomies mid-walk and seem to have a good chuckle at my antics. They will try and get a video for the next update.

We’ve been on long car rides and short car rides. At first, I didn’t want to get in the car but then I settled down and snooze on my foster mom’s lap. If I am not snoozing, I like to sit up and look out the window. There is just so much to see!

On firework night I happily went into my kennel and didn’t mind the racket. I love my bed and some nights I am just exhausted from zoomies and fetch I will put myself to bed. My foster parents have to usually wake me up to encourage me to go potty outside and then I go right back to bed. I’ve been sleeping most nights till close to 5am, that’s when my foster dad gets up so he has me and my furry brother go out to potty. I usually go right back to bed while my foster mom and I get some extra snoozes in, obviously me in my kennel and her on her bed.

Yellow Labrador Retriever


December 30, 2022

Hey future family – my foster parents are very proud of me. They wanted me to share that I have all but mastered sit. Yellow Labrador RetrieverSometimes I get very excited and have a hard time committing to sit at meal times or when I am just too excited playing fetch but they are pretty impressed with me. They also keep repeating release and stay but those don’t make 100% sense just yet.

I’ve had a few accidents but I know I need to go to the backdoor when I need to potty. Sometimes I get distracted when we go outside to do my business and I pick up a stick and forget what we are supposed to be doing but usually I go right away.

I have discovered a stuffed toy dragon in the doggy toy basket and I love wrestling it and chewing on it. I haven’t de-stuffed it yet I just shake it around. My foster mom tossed the dragon around the house for me last night and I happily ran after it and brought it back to her for a solid 20mins.

I slept in my crate almost all night and made it till almost 4:00am before I needed to go out. I made sure to go both 1 and 2 so that way I could finish sleeping in.Yellow Labrador Retriever

December 29, 2022

Here is a snapshot of my first 36hrs!Yellow Labrador Retriever

OMG guys can I just say I love people and all the doggy friends I’ve made since coming into Brookline!Yellow Labrador Retriever

I was a little lonely before Brookline but now I have people AND so many chew toys!

Since getting to my foster home, I have been working on going potty in the yard. I get a treat when I come back inside from the yard and sit nicely when my foster parent asks. They say I am doing good sits and I love my nibble of treats.

They got me a bed for my kennel and I slept almost all-night last night (my second night). My foster mom woke me up because she was worried, I had missed my scheduled potty break.

My little foster sister (5yr old) has been playing fetch with me in the house, sometimes I get so distracted because of all the different tennis balls they have but eventually I pick one and run back to her. I thought at first, she was a big puppy but she told me sternly no when I tried to (lovingly) nibble her hands and jump up and give her a hug. My foster parents say I listen really well for being a puppy. They have also been very impressed that I have only chewed on doggy toys and not the ornaments still hanging on their tree.

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