SugarPlum Silver Labrador Retriever Female 6 Years Old ID# 3075

Silver Labrador Retriever

SugarPlum is a 6 year old, Silver farm girl who came to Brookline through a collaboration with Justice Rescue.  Justice Rescue took her into their care December 6, 2022 as she was living outside on the farm with no shelter.  SugarPlum is now living in a home with her Brookline foster.  Please read SugarPlum’s blog from the bottom up.

Sugar is now available:

February 7, 2023

Good morning from Sugar! This sweet wiggle butt  has now been with us for over a week. Each day, she shows us more of her wonderful personality.Silver Labrador RetrieverShe continues to adapt to life off the farm. She got to play with an 8 month old puppy yesterday and was very excited. They were both exhausted after all the running and playing together. She has also been exploring more of the house. She was tentative going up/down longer flights of steps (ie basement) but decided that “helping” me fold the laundry was reason enough to overcome her fears.

This girl LOVES to be around her people. She loves the company of other dogs but her main focus is on human companionship she may not have had on the farm.Silver Labrador RetrieverThat being said, Sugar will need a home where her person/people are invested in spending time with her. She would love a dog companion but does not require one.

She is enjoying a fenced yard but does not require one as long as she gets walked throughout the day.Silver Labrador RetrieverSugar does not startle easily, has yet to bark, enjoys being brushed, and (so far) has not shed. She loves sleeping by the fire. Our attempts at “fetch” with the ball have not been successful and I’m the only one chasing the ball. She now enjoys toys and will fetch them instead! She received her Brookline gift box the other day and loves her toys and her new bacon-flavored Nyla bone!

February 1, 2023

Hello all-

Sugar is doing great in our home. She is such a love and is happy to see everyone on her walks as well as any visitors to our home. She is still wagging that butt non-stop! She has now made her way through the toy box and has chewed every bone.

The Nyla bones appear to be her favorite. She makes a ruckus with them. No sign of wanting to play with toys or a ball yet.

She really enjoyed her walk last evening and this morning and continues to be great on the leash. No accidents since she’s been here. She is very unhappy when we go upstairs at night so I slept near her on the couch and she was peaceful all night. I think sleeping in a dog bed in the bedroom with her human(s) will be non-negotiable with this girl.

January 31, 2023Silver Labrador Retriever

Sugar is slowly adapting to her new surroundings. Her tail is always wagging and she is the epitome of a “wiggle butt” lab.

I heard crunching noises last night only to find that Sugar had discovered one of the Nyla bones. She was even walking around the house

with the bone like a cigar poking from her mouth.  She was a little restless last night and seeking human companionship. She didn’t like that

we go upstairs at night to sleep. She calmed as soon as someone came downstairs with her. Her forever family may have to commit to having her in a dog bed in their room at night.

When it was time for the morning walk, Sugar surprisingly balked with the harness. She is so well behaved on the leash and walked nicely with the Martindale collar. We will gradually reintroduce the harness in the next few days. She was left alone (with our dog) with free reign of the first floor for 2 hours yesterday and then 3 hours today. No accidents and no destruction.

We are working on the “sit” command but Sugar gets so excited and wiggles so much that her bottom elevates.

This girl really seems to appreciate being off the farm in a warm, safe, comfortable home surrounded by people who show her love and affection.

January 30, 2023

Sugar Plum (we are shortening her name to “Sugar” since she is sweet as) was removed from an outdoor kennel in early December that was covered in urine/feces without proper shelter, food or water. She entered foster with Brookline yesterday when I picked her up. She had just arrived from a 3-hour transport but was still very friendly and wagging her entire body to greet me. She was extremely hungry so I’m not sure how she is under non-stressful circumstances in the car but will be testing that out soon.Silver Labrador Retriever

She is 95 lbs. and will need a diet and exercise regimen. She just turned 6 in mid-January, has the softest, shiniest coat ever, and loves belly rubs, treats hugs, kisses, and all attention. Silver Labrador RetrieverShe does not know what a toy or bone is yet but this will come with time.

She has not had a single accident in the house since she arrived and loves running outside with Boomer, who is teaching her the ropes. She slept peacefully most of the night downstairs with run of the house (some pacing but no crying, barking, or whining). She is a gem on the harness/leash, was afraid of bigger trucks and school buses this morning on our walk, but calmed nicely with a gentle voice and hug.

She was said to be great kids and all dogs. Cats are unknown. She was bathed (and enjoyed it). She is UTD on all vaccines, is heartworm and Lyme negative, has been spayed and chipped. We will start teaching her some commands today and watch this beautiful girl start to become the lab she was meant to be!

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