Sydney #5 Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 6 Years Old

February 12, 2020
We think Sydney did just an amazing job with her last blog entry, but there are a few things we would like for people to know about her that she is just too humble to say about herself.

Have we stressed enough how easygoing and gentle this big fluffy girl is? There is not a mean bone in her body. Never had an issue with our residents or meeting new dogs.

Eager to please. The training treats may help (OK, definitely help), but we have also noticed that Sydney truly does want to learn what we are showing her.

A 6-year-old puppy? In some ways, YES! We are reminded often that Sydney never really had a chance to live out her early years as a ball playing, happy-go-lucky, energetic ball of fur. She is making up for lost time now.

Which explains why there is SO MUCH personality in this girl. A sweet demeanor, for sure, but also a playfulness and a quirky way that is just so endearing and enjoyable to be around.

Alas, we are now preparing to place this big marshmallow in a forever home. Goodbyes are hard for us foster families, but we take solace is knowing that Sydney will help complete a family and/or make a tremendous companion for a long, long time. Please keep an eye out for Syd’s official adoption notice and write up and please reach out to your Brookline volunteer with any questions.

February 11, 2020

Sydney continues to be a sweetheart and just an absolute goofball. She did learn the stairs this week. Well she ran up and down them a few times to get to her foster daddy who she happens to be very much in love with.

Here is Sydney opening her gift box.

Sydney out on the trails

February 2, 2020
Hello, it’s me Sydney. I’m going to try this blog update thing and see how it goes. Please bear with me, as I am just a little bit nervous talking about myself.
Yellow Labrador Retriever
I guess I’m pretty skittish about a few things still. I have gained a lot of confidence since coming off the farm; at the same time, this is a whole big world for me to explore. I never knew what a “doorway” was before, or “hardwood floors” … actually, I really didn’t know much of anything about living in a house. I’m a pretty chill dog, so I’ve taken it all in stride. And yet, it takes me a couple of tries to really warm up to things and try new stuff.Yellow Labrador Retriever
That may sound like I am a scaredy cat, but I’m really not. Like, for instance, I have found out I really like to go on leash walks with my humans.

Also, they let me try hanging out on the couch, and I REALLY LOVE that! Especially when I get to snuggle my nose in real close and snore away a few hours.

Also, playing ball or ripping into a stuffy toy — although, sometimes I get a little confused about what is mine to play with and, say, a “shoe” or a “sock” or something like that. Like I said, I’m still learning — my foster parents said I am acting like this is the first time I have been allowed to be a puppy … whatever that means.
Oh! Last week I got to stay with another foster family while my original foster parents were away on vacation.Yellow Labrador Retriever Over there I learned to sleep in a crate at night. A bit scary at first, but now I stay in there without a peep. It’s an option, I guess, if the couch or bed aren’t available. But there you have it … I am more than willing to try new things if you show me the way.
Speaking of, my foster parents have told me to start thinking about things that I might like in a furever home. That’s a big question. I have really enjoyed meeting so many new dogs, so it would be nice to have some resident pals to live with. Really, though, what I want is a family willing to play with me, take me on walks, and give me my snuggle time. Foster mom and dad said I could use some formal training, like learning ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ and all that good stuff. Not a big deal in my book, but maybe that would help with my anxiety? Hmmm … maybe some obedience training would help me gain a little focus and some more confidence?
Gotta say, I’m feeling pretty good these days. I’ve lost some weight since coming into a home. I had a spay surgery a couple of weeks ago, and I am pretty well recovered from that.two Yellow Labrador Retriever I did have a minor bout of kennel cough last week — the humans said its like a cold for them. Anyway, I got some antibiotics, which I take with a pat of butter. They tried sneaking it in some peanut butter, but I don’t much care for that. But butter or cheese — OH MY I forgot to mention how much I like CHEESE! And meaty snacks and treats. The good here is really good, but I got to watch my weight and all.
That’s it for now, I guess. There’s a bone with my name on it on the floor and I want to get in some chew time before my afternoon nap.Yellow Labrador Retriever
‘Til next time, love and doggy kisses!
January 20, 2020
Sydney is home and recovering from her spay.
January 13, 2020
Welcome to Brookline, Sydney!
Named in honor of the animals affected by the Australian bush fires, this 6-year-old former breeder mama is getting a chance to discover a whole new life, and we couldn’t be more excited for her. Despite being just a wee bit chunky (she could lose ~5-10 lbs), Sydney has received a clean bill of health. Certainly, she is already showing us that she is energetic and vibrant, curious and inquisitive, and fun-loving and playful. Plus, she may be a very smart cookie: she is adapting well to leash walking, and in a complete surprise to us, is already playing fetch with a tennis ball.

We are all still getting to know one another at this point, and some regression during this difficult adjustment period is to be expected–especially after Sydney gets her spay surgery, which is scheduled for this week. That being said, there are early indications of a very sweet and gentle disposition, a gentle soul just waiting to emerge from under all that fluff.Yellow Labrador Retriever face
We will be working with Sydney in the coming weeks to help get her acclimated and possibly teach her some basic commands. We will certainly have more to share as this beautiful girl continues to progress.

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