Taffy #2 Fox Red Labrador Retriever Female 6 Years Old ID #3203

March 27, 2024

Taffy has had an exciting few days. She loves to go in the car and is excited to visit different places. She would love a family that will take her on different adventures!

Over the weekend, she went to the local pet store and met the Easter Bunny. She was such a good girl and made many new friends!Yellow Labrador Retriever

She also enjoyed some outdoor fun with resident dog, Kota, watching our nephew play soccer. They had as many fans as the team did 😂Yellow Labrador Retriever

Today, Taffy went to the vet to have her staples removed. The vet gave her two paws up – she is all healed and ready to find her forever home!

Taffy will need a home with a confident resident dog and people who are willing to cuddle on the sofa with her.black and Yellow Labrador Retriever

Taffy loves to be close to Kota. I have so many pictures of Taffy and Kota snuggled up that it was hard to pick the best. Here are a few favorites:

black and Yellow Labrador Retriever

Look for Taffy to be posted tonight or tomorrow. ❤️

March 24, 2024Yellow Labrador Retriever

We received word from the vet yesterday that Taffy’s biopsy showed her mass is a benign mammary adenoma. The vet feels they got the whole mass and no follow up treatment is necessary!

Taffy is healing nicely at the incision site and ready to get her staples out on Tuesday. She has been a very good patient, but looks forward to going on longer walks with her foster brother and sister again.

We will be placing Taffy up for adoption with a spay contract soon.

Congratulations to this sweet girl! She is going to make some lucky family very happy for years to come!

March 11, 2024

Sweet Taffy continues to improve each day. She is eating much better thanks to Dee’s yummy freeze dried food. She is also sleeping well at night on her mat beside my bed. Taffy has learned that we walk every morning and she gets so excited when I start getting the leashes ready that her teeth chatter – it is the cutest thing! Taffy walks beautifully on leash, usually with one of the other dogs. She is curious but doesn’t pull or scare when we see other people or dogs. We usually walk just over 2 miles.

Taffy went to the groomer last week for a professional shampoo plus conditioner, major brush out, and mani/pedi. (Foster mom didn’t do a great job the first time.) Taffy looks even more gorgeous than she did before! She has the most beautiful yellow highlights that are more prominent now and a little ridge of hair going down her nose. What a pretty girl!Yellow Labrador Retriever

Taffy is very much a Velcro pup. She goes everywhere with me when I am home. She is a great foot warmer when I am sitting at my desk and she loves to cuddle up beside foster dad when he is laying on the floor watching TV. She does run a little in the backyard with the other pups but will scamper back to me when she realizes she has gotten too far away for her comfort.Yellow Labrador Retriever

She has done very well with her potty training and is slowly becoming more comfortable being left home alone. We leave her with full roam of the downstairs when we are gone and have had no problems. We found she does much better when the older resident dog is downstairs with her (the puppy is downstairs, but crated). We will be recommending that Taffy’s future home has a laid back resident dog. We don’t believe she will do well as an only dog.Yellow Labrador Retriever

Taffy is having surgery this Thursday to remove and biopsy the mass on her mammary glands. We are saying our prayers for good results for this special girl. ❤️

February 28, 2024

Taffy is settling into our routine, but not feeling completely at home yet. Her favorite activity is riding in the car and she is very well behaved 😃Yellow Labrador Retriever

Taffy has decided that she feels safest sleeping by my side of the bed where she can check that I am still there if needed. At least we are both sleeping through the night now!

She is going out to potty on a regular basis in our fenced backyard, however, she does not go on leash during our walks.

Taffy spent the day with Amey S. while we were away on Saturday. They went on a few walks and a car ride, which I am sure Taffy enjoyed. Amey took some great photos too – look at this pretty girl enjoying her visit!

As long as FM or FD is home to follow around or sleep besides, Taffy is happy. However, with no one in the home, she is definitely stressed. We have tried the crate, gating in the laundry room and free roam downstairs. She paces and barks when we are gone, rarely settling. She is not destructive, but definitely anxious (we have a camera and can observe remotely.) This is the main thing we need to figure out.

She is eating, but not well. We have been trying different foods and combinations to see what will appeal to her. She even turns down Kongs filled with yummies. We have found one treat that she likes and will take out of our hand which is a step in the right direction as she was not taking food from our hands when she first arrived.

The results of her aspiration just came back. Unfortunately, they are inconclusive so the tumor will definitely need to come out and undergo biopsy. We will need to decide if we should spay at the same time. I am waiting on estimates so we can compare costs but if anyone has experience with a situation like this, please reach out to me privately.

February 25, 2024Yellow Labrador Retriever

Taffy is starting to come out of her shell 🙂 She played with the resident dogs in the yard today and she even fetched a ball a few times. This is quite a big step for her as she was avoiding the other dogs and not interested in toys or balls when she first got here 2 days ago. She is also eating a little better every meal. Good job Taffy!

We need work on staying home alone and sleeping through the night without FM on the sofa. But everything else is going well!

Taffy had her first visit to the vet today. The main issue is the mass on one of her mammary glands. The vet did x-rays and there are no obvious signs of metastasis, however, x-rays cannot tell the whole story. We also had an aspirate done and a sample sent for testing. We are hoping to get some answers from this, but the results could be inconclusive. If the mass is benign, Taffy can have the mass removed and spay at the same time. If it is not benign, we will need to make some hard decisions on what the next best steps are for Taffy.

She is showing no signs of pain or slowing down, as you can see from the videos, so fingers crossed for this sweet girl.

February 22, 2023

Taffy is officially retired! We picked up this sweet former breeder momma on Tuesday morning and stopped at the pet store for a bath on the way home. Taffy was not a fan of getting in the tub, but she did cooperate once she was there. She was an excellent car rider, although she preferred to sit up front so she could be closer to me. It wasn’t a problem as she was super calm and ended up falling asleep.

Once we were home, Taffy went right out back to sniff all the new smells. She quickly did all of her business and then made a few snow angels in the little bit of snow left in our backyard. It was so cute! She met the resident dogs with no problems but wasn’t interested in playing with them (much to their disappointment.)

Back in the house, she was my shadow all day. She can go up and down the carpeted stairs with no problem and is comfortable on the hardwood floors. By late afternoon, Taffy was clearly exhausted but didn’t want to let me out of her sight. I sat down on the floor with my computer to do some work and she snuggled right up against me with her head in my lap and fell asleep. She really has a sweet disposition. You can tell she has been in a house before and was treated well by her previous owners.Yellow Labrador Retriever

She ate her dinner with a little coaxing and was happy to see foster dad when he got home from work.

Taffy is not a fan of the crate. She did ok with the door open, but when we closed the door she started panting and crying (even with FM laying right outside the crate.) After trying a few different things, FM ended up sleeping on the sofa and Taffy ended up sleeping on the floor right beside her. We will have to figure something out because FM is too old for that!

We took a short walk this morning – she does really well on the leash. She bumps into me every so often, but doesn’t pull and stays right beside me. We saw a few dogs and people, but she did not react at all, just stuck by me.

FM had to work this afternoon so we tried hanging out in the laundry room instead of the crate. We had the camera on her – she barked on and off and was a little unsettled at first, but after about 45 minutes she curled up on her mat and slept until FM got home. What a good girl!Yellow Labrador Retriever

Stay tuned as we learn more about Taffy!

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