Tanner #4 Yellow Labrador Retriever Male 6 Years Old ID #3224

May 12, 2024

Tanner continues to be an easy foster. He’s getting more comfortable in the house and doesn’t follow me from room to room like he did initially. He has mastered the stairs, and goes up and down without fear.    He still has no interest in toys. His care package arrived and he was very happy to see the treats, but ignored the toys and tug rope. Much to my surprise he got very excited about the tennis balls.Yellow Labrador Retriever Tanner loves to chase the tennis balls around the house, and will engage in a game of fetch. Who knew! He brings the ball back and releases it.Yellow Labrador Retriever

He had his neuter surgery this week, so we have cut back on his walks until he recovers.  He’s seems disappointed and confused that he’s not getting his long walks the past few days.    All the walking, and the weight management food, has had an impact.  Tanner is down 6 lbs.  The bad news is he’s got another 35 to loose.  But now that we can add fetch to the routine that weight should come off a little faster.

May 2, 2024

Having Tanner in the house adds many smiles to our day.  He’s constantly underfoot, hoping for some pets and ear scratches. He’s great about letting us put ointment on his nose, and the irritation seems to be subsiding. He no longer smells like a skunk, so resident Lab Shamrock has decided he’s a good candidate for a game of chase, but Tanner has yet to grasp the concepts of play. He would rather just sit and be petted.  I expect this will change in the coming days, as Shamrock can be pretty persistent.

When we go for our neighborhood walks Tanner is on the lookout for anyone who might want to pet him.  Yesterday the mail carrier stopped us to let me know he had a package for me, and Tanner wanted to climb into the truck to help him find it.Yellow Labrador Retriever

Yesterday we also walked on the busier main street. Tanner was not phased by the traffic or trucks.  Noises don’t seem to bother him.  We also passed some dogs behind fences who were barking at him.  He just looked at them with interest, but didn’t return their barks.

Steps are a challenge, but Tanner does cautiously enter our elevator and seems to be more relaxed on each ride.  Yellow Labrador RetrieverWith this improvement he can spend the day in my office which is on the 3rd floor. He’s quiet except for some panting, which I think will improve as he drops some weight.Yellow Labrador Retriever

Speaking of weight loss, he doesn’t like the weight loss food at all. But if I add some chicken broth and mix in a little boiled chicken breast he does eat it. He is extremely interested in human food, but we are training him to lay dog away from the table when we eat.

April 29, 2024

Tanner is adjusting to his new life off the farm. He enjoys his walks around the neighborhood, but gets winded quickly due to his weight.  We walk a little further each time to help him build up his endurance.  He shows some interest in squirrels but has not tried to chase. Yesterday during one of our walks he decided to lay down and roll over in the grass. Then he continued to roll on his back like he was rolling on something. I couldn’t see anything, so I got him up and we went on our way. When we got home and into a closed room I realized he must have rolled on the scent of a skunk. Fortunately it was a warm day, so we immediately got a hose bath with Selson Blue. He was great for the bath, just stood still while we hosed him down. It helped somewhat, because he still has a faith skunk smell. Unfortunately, I think the smell is much stronger for resident dog Shamrock, who now backs away when Tanner approaches.  Shamrock got sprayed in the mouth and eyes by a Shunk last fall, and he still avoids that part of the yard.

April 28, 2024Yellow Labrador Retriever

Delightful is the first word that comes to mind when you meet Tanner.  The second word you think of is tank. This guy is huge. He weighed in at 131 lbs. during his initial vet visit yesterday. Let’s hope he likes the weight loss food and vegetables.

Tanner briefly meet the resident dogs yesterday, and they will spend more time together today. I always keep a gate between the foster  and the residents for the first few days until everyone gets to know one another.

Tanner seems to understand that business is to be done outdoors, and he has marked every potty spot in the yard that the residents favor.    He also marked many spots on our walks around the neighborhood.  But no marking in the house. So, I  guess I won’t be needing those belly bands I ordered.

Dinner was left untouched, and he also refused the baby carrot offered. But yesterday was a long and stressful day for him.  And it certainly won’t hurt him to miss a meal.

He slept on the first level of the house last night without a peep.  Every time I checked the baby monitor he was out cold.  Four hours of riding in the car was exhausting, but he was a wonderful passenger.  When I went downstairs this morning he was so happy to see me, he was wiggling and dancing around. He doesn’t jump up.  Given his size and build I don’t think he could jump if he wanted to.

Stay tuned as we learn more about the big, handsome, delightful boy.

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