Taz #2 Black Labrador Retriever Mix Male 2 Months Old ID#3014

black labrador retrieverTaz is a two month old black labrador retriever mix who was in a shelter as a stray and has been staying with a temporary foster in MS.  Taz has now been moved up North and is getting settled in to his Brookline foster home.  Please read his blog from the bottom up.

Taz is now available: https://www.petfinder.com/dog/taz-54939089/pa/warrington/brookline-labrador-rescue-pa06/

March 7, 2022

black labrador retriever mixHi Everyone, Taz here!  I thought I would update you and give my FM a break!  I have really been having fun in my foster home!  I love playing with all the toys and sometimes I try to chew on things my FM says I can’t!  She gives me a toy that I can chew on and I usually chew on that instead.  I get to go on walks a couple times a day and it takes me a minute or two to get going but then I love going.  I get to see all the nice people and kids in my neighborhood and they give me all the belly rubs and pets I want!  There are 2 little girls across the street who I look for every time I go outside because they are so fun to play with!  There’s these things outside that sometimes walk on the ground but when I go to say hi they fly up into the trees!  I’m still trying to figure them out!
black labrador retriever mixThe other day I got to go on a play date with another pup about 2 months older than me and we played and played and played some more!  I had so much fun and loved it but I was so tired!  I also got to meet some cats and I wanted to play with them and they didn’t so I left them alone!  FM says I am a great sleeper at night and that I am a quick learner!  I learned how to sit, stay down and am working on not jumping up on people when I see them and FM says I almost have that down pat too!  I almost have potty training figured out too!  I still sometimes have an accident but doing great!  FM keeps telling me that I make someone a great dog and they will be lucky to have me! Well I think that’s it for now!  I better go tell FM it’s time for a potty break!black labrador retriever mix

March 1, 2022

Taz is starting to get very comfortable in the house and now trying to chew on things he shouldn’t, slippers, shoes, but is doing pretty good with being redirected to his toys that he can chew.  black labrador retriever mixHe had a couple accidents today in the house but he is doing pretty good overall.  He likes that FM works from home because he can nap on her feet while she works.  black labrador retriever mixHe loves meeting people and other dogs on our walks.  We are working on not jumping up on people when we meet them.  He has the sit command down pat!  He is walking well on his harness and learning to walk beside me.  He is a smart puppy that learns quickly!black labrador retriever mix

February 28, 2022

Day 2 with Taz and he is adjusting well!  We had a couple accidents today in the house but I think we are both figuring out his schedule!  He got to spend the first day as an office dog staying in FM’s home office.  He did great and pushed his limits by finding some slippers to chew on and a chair leg but learned they were not things he was allowed to chew on.  FM gave him a snuffle mat and he had fun finding treats in that!  black labrador retriever mixWe worked on being in the crate while FM wasn’t in the room.  That will be a work in progress as he wasn’t a fan and barked.  FM kept him in the crate as she was in the room and praised him for being quiet while in the crate.  He still sleeps great in the crate at night, just has some issues when he is in the crate alone but we will keep working on that! black labrador retriever mixTaz had a big day today as he went to the vet and weighs a healthy 20 pounds!  He had a great report and got a shot so he was tired when he came home.  He is as a wonderful car rider too! He got to meet some more neighbors on his walk tonight and was happy to get all the love!black labrador retriever mix

February 27, 2022

black labrador retriever mixWe picked up Foster Taz last evening from another volunteer, who graciously picked Taz up from transport on Friday and kept him till Saturday as I had to unexpectedly had to go out of town.  Taz got home and explored the house and met resident dog, Izzy.  They got along well but Izzy let Taz know this morning that too much ear biting on her won’t work!  Taz has respected her space since then.  Taz slept great in the crate all night with no issues.  black labrador retriever mixWe took a walk this morning and he needs to work on his leash manner some.  Taz has had zero accidents in the house!  He is your typical lab and is food motivated.  He had some hesitation with the stairs last night and this morning but watched resident lab a couple times and has now mastered them.  We used a harness for our evening walk and he did pretty well on it and loved getting treats for walking so good and beside Foster Mom and will keep working on that.  black labrador retriever mixHe has learned sit very quickly and seems to be easy to train commands to.  Taz has played with a lot of the toys in the house and loves them all.  We are starting to see your typical puppy biting and working on that too.  He got to meet some neighbors on our walks and some young neighborhood kids and loved them and the feelings were mutual.  Taz is also a cuddle bug and loves to lay with you on the couch.  black labrador retriever mixHe was in the crate for about an hour today while FM and FD ran to the store.  We checked him on camera a couple times and about half the time he was laying good and the other half barking!  We did give him a Kong filled with PB and he was a fan! He is such a sweet puppy though! Stay tuned for more as we get to know Taz more!

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