Teddy Yellow Labrador Retriever Male 6-8 Years Old

November 5, 2018

Hi Everyone!
It’s me, big Teddy, checking in to let everyone know how I’m doing. I love the Fall weather and lounging in the sun is my favorite thing!

Well that and soaking up lots and lots of love. Oh and I’m an expert at helping with things around the house like getting the kids ready for school or painting some old chairs.

I just want to be a part of whatever everyone is doing. I’m an easy-going fellow.yellow and black labrador retriever and girl on floor I’m gaining weight and my fur is growing in and every day I’m getting more and more handsome if I do say so myself! I’m going back to the vet this week to check my thyroid levels but I think they’re probably good because I’m feeling great! I have a pep in my step and skin and fur are getting better and better!

Happy Monday, everyone!

October 21, 2018

Hi Everyone!
It’s big Teddy here checking in to let you know how I’m settling in. I’ve started to grow some new fur, my skin feels better, my cough is all gone and I’m gaining weight! I feel like a new pup with my thyroid medication! See the before and after picture? That’s in just 2 weeks!yellow Labrador Retriever growing in fur on back
I’m settling in and learning my place in the home. I love a big fluffy puppy bed in the sun where I love to fall asleep and snore away quietly. I also love to help out around the house! Thankfully the human kids and fur kids are showing me the ropes! I love helping with homework and being a lap desk or just a good listener at story time.yellow Labrador Retriever boy and girl doing homework on floor

I’ve also discovered toys and babies. I carry a baby with me almost all the time and have to decide when to put it down so that I can talk to my humans about what I’d like to do.

I can tell them when it’s time for breakfast and dinner or when I need to go outside. They know what I’m saying! They don’t think I can hear very well so they stay right by my side and give me hand signals or encourage me to follow along. I’m an excellent listener even though my hearing is fuzzy. I love fresh air and hanging out with my furry friends too. They like that I’m chill and just want to follow them around and do what they want to do. They say I’m agreeable. I say I’m happy to have friends who love me. Life in a family is great! I’ll update again soon!

Teddy (a.k.a. Big Head Ted)

October 10, 2018

yellow Labrador Retriever laying in grassTeddy is a lovable male labbie 7-8 years young who was picked up as a stray in Delaware. The volunteers at the Brandywine SPCA could see that with a little TLC, Teddy would blossom into the handsome fellow he is meant to be. At a mere 74lbs with ribs showing and scabby skin and missing fur, and a loud hoarse cough, they knew Teddy would be overlooked so the shelter reached out to Brookline and the rest is history. Denise came to his rescue on Saturday afternoon and met foster mom, Corrie, to transfer him to a semi-quiet home for some R&R. Of course the human kiddos had other plans which included trying to win him over with treats and sweet voices while trying to keep the resident fur kids from getting too jealous. Teddy as it turns out, was an easy sell to the fur kids who all gravitated toward his calm demeanor and happily settled on the other side of the gate to help get him acclimated while he gently sunk into the kids’ laps and soaked up the love. He made gentle snoring noises and fell asleep! The poor guy must have been simply exhausted.
He had his first vet visit on Monday and the results of his blood work showed an under-active thyroid. Phew! That’s an easy fix! He has the early signs of laryngeal paralysis but he is not in distress though his cough is uncomfortable and straining on his muscles right now. So with some nutritious meals and the addition of some cough medicine and thyroid medicine that will surely help his skin, fur, muscle tone and strengthen his muscles that have worn down in his throat, he on his way to healing and transforming into the grand labbie he is meant to be. We lovingly call him “big head Ted” because his body just does not match his big block head. We’re good at fattening up around here so Teddy is in good hands for sure with kiddos who love to give treats. Teddy’s transformation over the next several weeks will be a joy to watch…


October 6, 2018

Meet the new Brookline kid on the block, Teddy.  Teddy was a stray but he’s in great hands now.  Stay tuned for updates as he settles into his foster home!  Welcome to Brookline Teddy.

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