Tessa Yellow Labrador Retriever Female 10 Years Old ID #3157

June 9, 2023

Tessa was spayed on June 1st but has had a bit of a tough recovery. Because of how loose her skin on her belly is from being overbred, her spay incision got infected.Yellow Labrador RetrieverThankfully, we caught it very early and we were able to get an immediate appointment with her veterinarian who prescribed antibiotics.Yellow Labrador RetrieverShe also has to keep the cone on for an additional two weeks so we got her an adorable comfy one, along with a post surgical recovery suit. She may not be super happy about it but she sure looks adorable in it! Yellow Labrador RetrieverTessa goes back for an incision check on June 19 and we are hoping she will be all set for adoption after that!

May 24, 2023Yellow Labrador Retriever

It’s truly amazing how social and sweet Tessa is, considering her history as a breeder momma. All she wants is to do is love and be loved!

Tessa is scheduled for her spay surgery on June 1st. Her appointment was slightly delayed because there was a delay in her blood work results, but they came back looking great and she is super healthy for her age! We are still battling Tessa’s ear issues but we are seeing improvement everyday. This will most likely be a chronic issue that we are controlling with a prescription diet and lots of ear maintenance. It’s going to be VERY hard for her foster family to say goodbye to her, but Tessa is just a few short weeks away from being ready for her forever home!

May 11, 2023

Tessa is clearly settling in to her foster pack well.

She is an absolute “Velcro Dog” with her foster mom and is gentle enough to be walked by her 8 year old foster sister!

Tessa has completely gotten used to the cats in the home and has even been a sweetheart with the new foster kitten additions! She will be seeing the vet this weekend for a checkup and to schedule her spay surgery.Labrador Retriever

April 26, 2023Yellow Labrador Retriever

Over her 5th week in her foster home, Tessa has shown more interest in chew toys and playing with her foster mom. She’s still not so sure about what her canine foster brother is doing when he tries to wrestle but she is learning that being a dog can be tons of fun! Of course, she is still snuggling everything and everyone in sight, even the laundry pile!

Tessa will have a vet appointment next month but her ears and skin are showing lots of improvement and her gorgeous, almost white coat is as soft as ever.

April 14, 2023Yellow Labrador Retriever

Tessa continues to be the most perfect girl ever. She has begun to find her bark (with the help of her foster brother) but uses it sparingly and appropriately.

She has gotten very used to the cats and no longer chases them and hasn’t had an accident in the house in weeks! Tessa went on a few outdoor adventures with the nice weather and got her feet wet in the neighborhood pond while leashed.

We suspect she would utilize those webbed toes to the fullest if given the chance. She will be heading to the vet soon for a checkup and to see when she can be spayed now that her heat is all finished!

April 1, 2023

Tessa is continuing to acclimate to her new surroundings.Yellow Labrador Retriever She has gone in to heat so this will delay her spay surgery but she is doing so great!Yellow Labrador Retriever Tessa has started her prescription food to help with her allergies and her ears are already looking so much better. She has definitely learned how to snuggle and has become an expert very quickly! Everyone in the house just loves her! Yellow Labrador RetrieverShe loves looking out the front door and watching the neighborhood but never barks at the people passing by, unlike her foster brother!  She is a very chill lady who has done a great job of adjusting to life in a Home!

March 23, 2023

It’s official, Tessa is just the sweetest girl ever. This is how I woke up this morning. Is there a better way to start your day?Yellow Labrador Retriever

March 20, 2023yellow Labrador

Tessa came into foster care with Brookline on St. Patrick’s day and it was most certainly her lucky day! After living the first ten years of her life as a breeding mom, she can now enjoy her retirement years as a beloved pet! Tessa’s foster family includes two other dogs, two cats, two children, and even two turtles! She has done very well with all of them. She does get a burst of energy at times and does a quick chase of the cats but is easily redirected away from them. She is an absolute love bug and follows her foster mom and dad all around the house. She gives kisses and is learning how to snuggle! In just a few days, Tessa has begun to settle into her new routine and fits right in with the pack. She walks well on the leash and knows a few basic commands.yellow Labrador We are looking forward to seeing more of Tessa’s personality shine through as she becomes more and more comfortable with her surroundings!

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