Tina Fox Red Labrador Retriever Female 5 Years Old ID #3063

July 3, 2022

The highlight of Tina’s week was playing in the baby pool with her (human and dog) foster brothers. It was a hot week, so the pups enjoyed splashing and running through the water. Tina definitely liked retrieving things out of the water, so we will try taking her down to the local creek soon. Tina is the one in the pool in the picture below.Labrador in the baby pool

We have had some fireworks and thunder this week. Tina does not react to either when she is inside the house, which is great news. She does run to the door and want inside when she hears fireworks and we are outside, however, she is fine once she is inside – no shaking or panting, she just asks to go in.

Tina continues to adjust to life off the farm. She is still my shadow, but growing more confident around the house every day. She likes to chew on bones and loves to fetch. We went in the car a few times this week and she rode very well. She hops right in and sleeps most of the trip. She has been fine with the run of the house when we are gone (no accidents or chewing anything that isn’t hers) and has been sleeping through the night in our bedroom.

June 25, 2022

Tina continues to do well and make progress in our home. She is a sweet, gentle cuddle bug.yellow Labrador Retriever

She went to the vet on Wednesday and is now utd on all shots and her bloodwork and stool samples came back looking good. Permanent foster Lucky needed some bloodwork done as well, so he came along. Thank goodness my daughter was able to go with me! Tina did surprisingly well at the vet – she was shy but not skittish. I think Lucky’s calming presence was reassuring to her. Tina’s spay is scheduled in 2 weeks.yellow Labrador Retriever

Tina has learned to chew on bones and occasionally lays on a dog mat. She also decided to play with our 2-year-old pup for just a little twice in the past 2 days! A short game of chase thanks to Tucker’s persistence and much to his delight! It was so fun to watch. 😊

Tina is now eating her food from a dog bowl and (with a little encouragement) she is finishing her whole meal. She is certainly not in a hurry, which has the other 2 dogs puzzled, but she is emptying her bowl!

When we are gone, Tina will sometimes sleep in our bedroom walk-in closet but she has also been known to share a mat with Lucky.yellow Labrador Retriever

June 18, 2022

Tina slowly continues to adjust to life off the farm and in a home. She is a very sweet girl, but is a little skittish of all the new sounds in our home and sudden movements from us. She is definitely moving forward, but a little slower pace than some dogs. We do notice her settling down a little quicker and even allowing us to leave the room without following (although not for long), but it is progress!yellow Labrador Retriever

She is doing great sleeping through the night on a mat in our daughter’s room. She does the stairs to the second floor and basement just fine. She has even started going upstairs by herself when no one is up there, which is a big step forward as she has been my shadow since we got her on Tuesday. She is not eating quite as well as I would like, but she is eating a little more each meal. I am still hand feeding her some of the kibble. We are working on sit and down and she is very happy to work for treats. 😊yellow Labrador Retriever

Tina likes to ride in the car and is a good car rider. She sits politely and quietly either front or back. She can jump in all by herself – which is another positive change as we had to pick her up and put her in the car on Tuesday. Fetch is still her favorite activity. She has picked up some nylabones and carried them around the house, but she has yet to chew on any bones. She is fine with the other dogs, but is not interested in playing with them. She is also walking well on leash and seems more comfortable outside than inside.yellow Labrador Retriever

Tina will visit the vet next week – we will update you again after her visit.

June 14, 2022

We were happy to welcome former breeder momma, Tina, into our home today. Tina is a sweet 5-years-old red fox lab who has stolen our hearts already.yellow Labrador Retriever

Tina rode quietly in the car with her tennis ball in her mouth. She was curious when we got home and checked out the backyard somewhat before being distracted by another tennis ball. This girl loves to fetch! The introductions to the other dogs went well. Tina was a little shy when meeting the kids (college age) and the husband, but she warmed up very quickly. She seems to slightly prefer me and my daughter over my husband and son, but she isn’t scared with them. She had a little trouble settling unless I sat down, then she would lay beside me. She is sound asleep at my feet now after a very busy day.

Tina was fine with the bath we gave her. Very agreeable and easy to handle. After she ate dinner, she enjoyed some time on the back porch relaxing. As you can see, it didn’t take her long to make herself at home!yellow Labrador Retriever

More to come as we get to know Miss Tina a little better in the coming days!

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