Tiny Black Labrador Retriever Mix Female 7 Years Old ID#2793

black labrador retriever mixTiny is a 7 year old black Labrador Retriever mix.  Tiny by no fault of her own was in a shelter in South Carolina.  Her owner’s home burned, and they had to move into a motel.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t keep her there, and had to bring her into a shelter.  A great volunteer who is currently in SC was able to pull her from the shelter, and arrange a foster home placement with Brookline.  Tiny is reported to be a mellow, sweet girl who exhibits positive energy, and is good with other dogs and kids.  Please read Tiny’s blog from the bottom up.

October 26, 2020

black labrador retriever mixDay 3 with Tiny, and she continues to be a joy and sweet as ever.

We are learning more about her each day.  She still isn’t eating her food well…unless you hand feed her, and I wonder if she just had a bowl out all day, and she just grazed?? Can’t do that here as we have one who will help her finish her meal lol. She happily eats the small bit of wet food on top so we also wonder if that’s what she was fed?

She’s learning to enjoy doggie ice cream for an evening snack.  She sits without being told for a treat, she responds to her name and listens extremely well.

She goes up and down steps fine but cautious and a bit uncertain making us wonder if she didn’t live with steps?

She often goes to our garage door and sits looking at it.  We ask often if she wants out, and we go to back door with her but she doesn’t want to go out.black labrador retriever mixShe is frisky and would like to play…but our pups haven’t really played yet with her.  She likes to lick our Emma’s face which resulted in a small growl of “I don’t like that”.  We provided a distraction, and all were happy.black labrador retriever mixShe happily slept in Jim’s office while he worked today.

She’s just such a love and will be an incredible addition to any family.

October 25, 2020

black labrador retriever mixTiny had a great night!! She slept in our bedroom on a dog bed along with our 2 resident dogs and stayed sleeping until we decided to get up…which was 8:30 am today.

She continues to be incredibly sweet and boy does she love belly rubs, and has the softest belly.black labrador retriever mixShe does occasionally whimper/cry at us or the front door and we wonder if she misses her family and is waiting for them?  She does literally settle and lay down after and I wish I knew what she was asking for.

She is NOT a champion eater, and in fact we’ve had to hand feed her some to try and get her started at meal time.  She does not beg but will happily take an offered treat.

She is happy to snuggle beside you on the chair or just sprawl on the ground nearby.black labrador retriever mixThis girl has been easy-peasy and steals everyone’s heart who meet her!!  She barks only when our two bark, and she’s gone running towards the fence where a squirrel was perched (along with our 2 pups).

This girl is an absolute delight and honestly just enjoys being with or near you but is not clingy.

October 24, 2020

black labrador retriever mixSweet Tiny arrived at our home early this morning and quite honestly settled right in.  She is a wonderful dog who is friendly, sweet, calm, well mannered and so far the perfect house guest!!  She has done amazingly well with our 2 dogs.  She sits without being told for a treat and is energetic but also happy to lay on the floor snoozing.

black labrador retriever mixWe had a house full of people today and she was friendly and calm with everyone.   Our 3 week old granddaughter was over and Tiny was perfect with her…even came running to her side when she cried.  We think she’s used to living with babies perhaps.

black labrador retriever mixAfter their dinner we went on a nice walk…she walks great on leash but is a zig-zagger.

black labrador retriever mixShe takes treats very gently and will put her paw on you when she wants attention.  She enjoys being outside but is happy to come in as well.  She is an all around great dog!!

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