Tootsie #6 Black Labrador Retriever Mix Female 3 Months Old ID #3188

January 19, 2023

A short but sweet update on Tootsie:

We brought Tootsie to get microchipped and she was calm the entire time in the tractor supply store.Black Labrador Retrieve Mix Her eyes got wide when they put the microchip in her, but she was a tough cookie. She still only weighs 12 pounds despite her large appetite for treats and food at meal time. I know that means she’ll be on the smaller side even when full grown. We’ve been accident free in the house for a while now and have more of a routine down at night in the crate. She is starting to learn sit trying to mimic Lola when I pull out the bag of treats. She still loves to cuddle and play with Lola and is going to make a family really happy.

January 16, 2023

Tootsie has been with us for a week and she’s getting better and better every day.

She’s officially sleeping through the night in her crate. She’s been accident free in the house for the past couple of days and will give a little whimper/whine by the door if she needs to go outside. I think the most important part is being around her to gauge her signals to go outside. She loves to play with Lola as soon as we let her out of her crate in the morning. My boyfriend’s 7-year-old niece came over to play with the puppy and Tootsie loved her. They played with every single toy in Lola’s toy basket.

Tootsie loves to run outside and chase Lola while she plays fetch. She’s not interested in the frisbee, but she loves running alongside Lola in the backyard. She still loves to cuddle after a big play session with Lola. She’ll crawl right into your lap.Black Labrador Mix

January 10, 2023

Last night was another okay night in the crate. No accidents! She whined when she needed to be let out and then a bit when she’s locked in the crate. So far, it’s been good. She only got up 3 times last night. Another day of a play/nap/eat cycle.

Her and Lola will lay next to me and if I have to get up to go to get something, they’re ready to PLAY.

She is a feisty one because she’s almost holding her own with Lola.Chocolate and Black Labrador Retriever Once she grows a little bit, I’m sure the playing field will lean in her favor. We also did more training of leading her into her crate and now she’ll go into the crate whenever we’re in the room with the crate (my bedroom) automatically and wait patiently for a reward. I’m going to experiment with a lick mat to try and eliminate the whining after the bathroom breaks at night. I find it a lot easier to snap photos of her sleeping because when she’s up and playing she’s sprinting circles around Lola, but she’s adorable and I can tell she’s so smart.

January 9, 2023

The second night consisted of more potty breaks throughout the night. We let her out of her crate outside to go to the bathroom and she immediately wanted to go back inside to warmth (fair). Only one accident today and I actually blame myself for not originally knowing her poop schedule. So far, in the crate there’s been zero accidents. I had to work today, so she got her energy out in the morning and then ended up sleeping until lunch.Black Labrador Retriever We practiced going into her crate with kibble as treats. She’ll go in, but isn’t too fond of being in there yet. She loves food and was very interested to see what’s in my own bowl for lunch. Just salad – not for you, kiddo! She will hang by the kitchen if she knows we’re making food. She plays outside with her foster sister, Lola, but I actually have to keep her on a leash in my fenced-in backyard because she’s so small that she can fit through the pickets.

After playtime, she loved to snuggle with Lola.

January 8, 2023

Tootsie is the smallest puppy in her litter weighing in at 11.5 pounds. She’s a tiny female black lab around 13 weeks old. Tootsie came in hot with tons of energy and ready to play and explore after arriving home from her transport. She was eager to play with our resident Brookline alum, Lola, even though Lola is 5x her size.Chocolate and Black Labrador Retriever She’s a brave girl. So far she got a bath and immediately had the clean girl zoomies afterward.

She played with toys and then started to get tired and settled down.Black Labrador Retriever She slept in her crate with the door open as a nap until midnight, then got up to go pee and play for a little and went right back into her crate. She surprised my boyfriend and I by not making a peep until 7:00AM. She must have been exhausted! She woke us up to go outside and did her business both #1 & #2. She is still learning about asking for the door, but I know she’s adjusting to a new environment. Even by this afternoon, she whined by the door to be let outside to pee. We’re trying to redirect her if she finds shoes or something else she’s not supposed to get into. But overall she’s the sweetest girl who loves to snuggle. 

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